Ghazwa-e-Hind: The final battle for India – Abhishek Bhalla

Pakistan tribals for jihad in India

Abhishek Bhalla“The withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has already fuelled concerns in the Indian security establishment about its implications on Jammu and Kashmir. The volatile Afghanistan-Pakistan border is expected to explode into further chaos with jihadists expanding their reach to conflict spots such as J&K. The intelligence agencies have assessed that around 800 militants, mostly foreigners, are ready to cross over the Line of Control (LoC) to spread terror in J&K.” – Abhishek Bhalla

JihadiGhazwa-e-Hind refers to an indoctrinated view of a final apocalyptic war in which India will be conquered by a jihadi army. All soldiers of this army are guaranteed a place in heaven.

This term is freely used in jihadi circles and on the web, but is considered bizarre by others.

Sources say the security establishment has been on the trail of launch-pads being set up within the country, and is also in touch with its counterparts in West Asia in order to crack the growing network.

An intelligence report on India being used a hunting ground for global jihad reveals al-Qaeda‘s diabolic roadmap.

To begin with, the terror group that was created and led by Arab fighters now has recruits from Kashmir-centric groups.

“Not only Kashmiri groups but Taliban and al-Qaeda affiliates have stakes in the larger scheme of Ghazwa-e-Hind where India is regarded as next battleground in the ‘End of Times’ battle. This ideology is likely to be used to drive Taliban and al-Qaeda affiliates into Kashmir,” says an intelligence report.

The al-Qaeda nexus with Kashmir-centric groups indicates it has a ready-made jihadi framework in India.

There is other proof too of al-Qaeda using its nexus with Indian groups to spread its ideology.

An online English publication of al-Qaeda called Azan which is not available to the general public but is circulated through changing e-mails and encryption tools is being downloaded by Kashmiri groups.

Sources say this only underlines the trend of terror groups within India getting attracted to the al-Qaeda and global jihad ideology.

Agencies fear that the Azan tactic of spreading the terror group’s ideology could spawn anonymous and isolated modules that will be difficult to detect but potent enough to carry out big attacks.

Intelligence reports also state that groups like Tehreek-e-Taliban have declared they will open ‘offices’ in Kashmir.

It has been revealed that a Taliban flag was hoisted at a point overlooking Srinagar last year, and the walls of Hari Parbat fort were painted with slogans like ‘Welcome Taliban.’

Sources say there is an urgent need for the home ministry and intelligence agencies to understand the threat.

“Indicators need to be monitored to prevent the situation from worsening,” said one official.

Al-Qaeda’s propaganda arm, Al Sahab, released a video recently, titled ‘Why is there no storm in your ocean?‘ The report states that the video and transcripts were posted on several jihadi forums.

The videos have speeches asking youths from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and South India to join the global jihad. Incidentally, these are the areas where young men were recruited by the Indian Mujahideen (IM), India’s homegrown terror group that has become synonymous with bomb blasts in public places.

With the IM facing a major setback because of a series of arrests, including that of its top leader Yasin Bhatkal, sources say Indians fighting in Iraq for terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are part of larger scheme.

Many more recruits are getting attracted to the global jihad that can later be used to wage war against India.

There are also distinct inputs on al-Qaeda running a separate terror module in India as the homegrown terror outfit IM is making efforts to go global and establish strong links with groups like al-Qaeda, Taliban and Hizbut Tahrir.

There is also evidence of al-Qaeda keeping a close watch on activities in India. The charge-sheet filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) against Bhatkal says that organisations al-Qaeda and the Taliban are helping IM.

It also mentioned that the investigation revealed that some IM members are fighting on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border.

NIA has said in the charge-sheet that Riyaz Bhatkal, a top IM commander based in Pakistan, travelled to tribal belts on the Af-Pak border to establish contact with al-Qaeda.

“After the meeting, which was very fruitful, Al Qaeda gave specific tasks to the IM for execution and agreed to train their cadres in terrorist activities,” the charge-sheet says.

Ghazwa-e-Hind: The final battle for India.

Pakistan Taliban have a keen interest in J&K

The withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has already fuelled concerns in the Indian security establishment about its implications on Jammu and Kashmir.

The volatile Afghanistan-Pakistan border is expected to explode into further chaos with jihadists expanding their reach to conflict spots such as J&K.

The intelligence agencies have assessed that around 800 militants, mostly foreigners, are ready to cross over the Line of Control (LoC) to spread terror in J&K.

The Army says infiltration attempts have become bolder

With the coming Assembly election in the state, the militant activity is likely to increase. The LoC itself had remained volatile during much of last year, when frequent ceasefire violations were reported.

Even this year, the situation has not improved, though the two countries have initiated steps to normalise the ties.

Sources said the Pakistan Taliban have a keen interest in J&K.

Further, the Pakistan army has not subsided its efforts to push through militants across the LoC.

All the ceasefire violations are linked to the infiltration bids, said officials.

More than two dozen militant camps are still said to be active in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The army has noticed that infiltration attempts have become bolder and the terrorists showed high level of training and carry sophisticated communication equipment to stay in touch with their handlers.

The recent encounters with militants have indicated that their combat techniques have improved drastically.

Most of the camps are located around Muzaffarabad in Kashmir. Another cluster is located in Kotli facing Poonch and Rajouri. – Daily Mail, 16 July 2014

» Abhishek Bhalla lives in New Delhi and writes for the Daily Mail in London. 

Tamil Muslim youths in ISIS t-shirts: Is this the future for India?

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  1. Wat is this non sense ? What the hell islam wants? Nobody shud be allowed to think other then islam? This really disgusting ideology of supressing beliefs, Forcefull conversion will only lead to destruction of islam .
    They should see the pattern of Middle east from 500Ad till today assyrians,parthians , sassanids all perished evn if islam rules world (Which is never gng to happen till ‘Qayamat’) they will be conquered by some other ideology.
    I see why they massacare non islamic ppl ! Bcoz they dont want to repeat the cycle conquer Destroy Rule Conque Destroy Rule . But till humans are alive chritianity,Hinduism,Buddhism not evn islam is constant .


  2. Pakistan murdabad ।Hindustan jindabad


  3. We must destroy Islam! Long live USA and India!


  4. Pakistan murdabaad


  5. Saale pakistanio tummahre aise ke taise ek barr dikho to sahi saale haalal karr tunga mai future ka aane baala tumahra baap hoon dogs pig………………..jai hind jai bharat ……i m RSS sanvya sevak from jammu…..jai hind


  6. ISIS jihadi copulating with a donkey.

    Drone captures ISIS member having sex with a donkey? – Deccan Chronicle – Chennai – October 10, 2014

    Mumbai: One can get really lonely in the hills, which might compel them to try different things. Well, this man seems to have found company.

    An active coalition drone in Syria has reportedly captured images of an ISIS militant having sex with a donkey.

    The footage shows the man in a compromising position with the animal.

    Zakir Naik


  7. Winston Churchill on Islam


  8. Tamil Muslim youths in ISIS t-shirts: Is this the future for India?

    Imam held for supplying T-shirts with ISIS slogan – D.J. Walter Scott – The Hindu – Ramanathapuram – 6 August 2014

    In a significant breakthrough, the Ramanathapuram police have arrested a Tirupur-based Imam, who had procured T-shirts and printed slogans in support of the Islamic State in Iraq and al Shams (ISIS) before sending them to the Muslim youths in Thondi, who had posed for a group photograph sporting the T-shirts in front of a mosque recently. The Hindu was the first to report this development which has now gone beyond a flutter.

    After the arrest on Monday night of M. Abdul Rahman (24) and his accomplice Rilvan, who organised the photo session and had ordered the T-shirts, a special police team from the district visited the hosiery town of Tirupur and detained S.Faizur Rahman (27) who procured the T-shirts and supplied them to Rilvan after printing a modified ISIS emblem on them.

    “The special police team brought Faizur Rahman here on Wednesday and he was arrested for arranging the T-shirts for the youths,” the District Superintendent of Police N.M. Mylvahanan told The Hindu.

    As he had arranged the T-shirts with full knowledge after receiving the designs and money from Abdul Rahman and Rilvan, he was also arrested under section 7 (1) (a) of the Criminal law Amendment Act (doing illegal activities and induce others to engage in unlawful activities) read with section 120 (b) of Indian Penal Code (criminal conspiracy), the SP said. He was produced before a magistrate court and remanded in judicial custody.

    Faizur Rahman, who was working as an Imam in a local mosque in Tirupur, had despatched the T-shirts to Rilvan in Chennai, who, in turn, sent them to Thondi. After police launched a drive against those who posed for the photograph sporting the T-shirts, father of Abdul Rahman had destroyed about 50 T-shirts by burning them, while police seized 25 T-shirts. Two T-shirts were produced before the court, when the duo were produced for remand on Monday night, police said.

    Meanwhile, police have initiated steps to impound the passport of Abdul Rahman, who used to visit Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sri Lanka on tourist visa in connection with his textiles, leather and electronic goods business. As they could not seize the passport, police sent a copy of the passport to the Passport Officer and requested him to impound it, the SP said. The passport was being impounded to prevent Abdul Rahman from fleeing abroad in the event of his release on bail, the SP said.

    Mr. Mylvahanan said Faizur Rahman had some connections at Devipattinam, a Muslim-dominated coastal town in the district. The main accused was also well acquainted with the two others arrested in the case so far. The incident came to light last week after a group photograph of the youths went viral on social media when one of them posted the picture on Facebook on Id-ul-Fitr, the culmination of the holy month of Ramzan.

    Initially, it was believed that the Muslim youths wanted to only express their gratitude to the ISIS for releasing Indian nurses stranded in Iraq.

    However, a “deeper investigation” revealed that the main accused were active supporters of the ISIS and allegedly trying to brainwash Muslim youths for the cause that the ISIS was fighting for.


  9. IB Tells Karnataka to Watch out for ISIS Recruiters – Rajashekara S – The New Indian Express – Bangalore – 5th August 2014

    Foreign agents are out to lure poor Muslims to join the insurgents in Iraq, the Intelligence Bureau has alerted Karnataka.

    The agents, many in Karnataka disguised as students, want manpower to fight the government in Iraq to establish an Islamic Caliphate.

    Fighting under the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the insurgents are offering huge salaries, according to a source.

    Though the ISIS does not enjoy a presence in Karnataka, the IB fears youth in large numbers across the country are sympathising with the ISIS. Karnataka Home Minister K J George told Express that policemen were being sensitised to the problem after reports came in of the ISIS gaining ground in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

    “We are keeping an eye on all suspects,” he said. Some agents in Bangalore, masquerading as students, are tempting vulnerable Muslims to join the war… The recruits do not have to fight in the war zone. The ISIS needs back-end support. So, these agents trap poor families with annual pay packages of about `25-30 lakh,” a source said. According to the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Bangalore is home to 5,000 foreign students from countries across the globe, including Muslim-majority ones such as Bangladesh and North African nations such as Algeria, Sudan and Nigeria. Syed Tanveer Ahamed, an executive member of a Muslim organisation called Mahaz, told Express that no community leader would allow foreigners to lure their youth.

    However, he said, community elders had no means of keeping tabs on foreign citizens. “It is the duty of the police to watch out for extremist elements,” he said.

    In the south, the relatively new terror group has penetrated Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In fact, the first known Indian to have joined ISIS in Syria is Haza Fakruddin from Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu.


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