VIDEO: The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake

Reputed biochemist Rupert Sheldrake has intelligently and with a clear mind completely debunked the ten dogmas of science which aggressive materialists like Richard Dawkins put their faith in.  He says, “The difference between people with scientific beliefs and those with religious beliefs is that most religious believers are aware that their position is based on faith [while] people who put their faith in scientific materialism are often unaware that their beliefs are beliefs at all.” So not only are some scientific materialists superstitious, they are pretty dumb too! — IS 

Rupert Sheldrake

3 Responses

  1. Strange is the theory of the universe originating from a seed or egg more like the hindu conception of Hiranyagharba or golden egg?. Sorry for such a late response. Is the original idea not a vedic concept?


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