“Jyoti Singh Pandey will become a standard bearer for women everywhere,” says father Badri Singh Pandey

Badri Singh Pandey

Rape Victim“We want the world to know her real name.”

Brave words from a brave man. And in saying them Badri Singh Pandey lit a beacon for women the world over.

Her name was Jyoti.

She was 23. She was Badri’s only daughter. And she wanted to be a doctor.

Her gang rape on a bus in Delhi shocked and horrified not just India, but the entire globe.

And now Jyoti’s family has decided to make her name public it will echo round the world.

In life Jyoti was known only to the family and friends around her who loved her so dearly.

But in death her name will become known far beyond the shores of her native India still in shock over so grotesque a crime.

It will become known in Western nations as a reminder of the inhumanity which lurks around us.

It will become known in the dark corners of the Third World where women can only hope for even basic human rights.

And it will become known to those who seek to demean and brutalise women as a warning they will not get away with it.

Jyoti will become a standard bearer for women everywhere. – Mirror, UK, 5 January 2013

Awindra Pandrey

The friend who tried to save Jyoti Singh Pandey has told how they were lured into an horrific trap on a bus.

Awindra Pandrey believes the attack had been carefully planned and the vehicle had tinted windows and curtains to hide the sickening two-and-a-half hour onslaught .

Awindra, 28, said: “The bus occupants had everything planned.

“Apart from the driver and helper, others behaved like they were passengers.

“We even paid 20 rupees as fare. Then they started teasing Jyoti.

“I beat three of them up but then the rest brought an iron rod and hit me.

“We were shouting, trying to make people hear us. But they switched off lights.

“We tried to resist them. Even Jyoti fought with them, she tried to save me.

“She tried to dial police control room number 100, but they snatched the mobile.

“Before throwing us off the bus, they tore off our clothes in order to destroy any evidence of the crime.

“After throwing us off they tried to mow us down but I saved Jyoti by pulling her away in the nick of time.

“We were without clothes. We tried to stop people passing by but no one stopped for about 25 minutes.

“People were probably afraid they would become a witness to the crime.” – Mirror, UK, 5 January 2013

NB: The image of Jyoti Singh Pandey has been removed as it could not be authenticated.

Swami Vivekananda

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  1. there was no execution so there was no fear, audacious demoniac girl-shaming! if an innocent is hit by a bus, should not the guilty party be hit by a train? winter sadness


  2. Delhi Gang-RapersNoose for hanging rapists.

    Delhi gangrape case: “… convicts be hanged by neck till they are dead” – FirstPost – New Delhi – 13 September 2013

    Calling it “hair rising beastly and unparalleled behaviour” by the convicts, additional sessions judge, Saket district court, Yogesh Khanna today awarded capital punishment to—Akshay Kumar Singh, Mukesh, Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta—who brutally raped a 23-old-girl in New Delhi on 16 December last year. The girl later succumbed to her injuries at a Singapore hospital on 29 December and murder charges were slapped on the convicts.

    The brutal act had sent shock waves across the country with crowds of people taking on to the streets at the National Capital demanding strict punishment for the perpetrators and better security for women.

    Due to this unprecedented pressure from citizens, Parliament was even forced to frame a stricter law to effectively tackle crime against women. The convicts were trialed in a fast track court in New Delhi and after nine months of legal procedure, the judgement was delivered today at 2.30 pm.

    Read the full judgement: Delhi gang rape judgement here

    Delhi gangrape: The drama inside and outside the Saket court – Danish Raza – FirstPost – New Delhi – Sept 13, 2013

    Three minutes was all it took for additional sessions judge Yogesh Khanna to read out the sentence in one of the most keenly observed criminal cases in Indian history.

    On Wednesday, the court had judged that the four were guilty of the crime. The way the 23-year-old girl was gangraped and brutally beaten, showed that the four convicts had no other intention but to kill her, the judge observed.

    During the arguments for sentencing, he also said that the crime has shaken the collective conscience of the nation.

    On Friday, there were a large number of media personnel present on the stretch of road outside the court complex, awaiting the announcement at 2:30 pm. By 2pm, a crowd of more than 100 people consisting of media personnel, policemen, lawyers and court staff gathered outside court no 304 on third floor of Saket court complex. Around 2:15 pm, all four convicts were taken inside the court room amidst tight security.

    At exactly 2.30 pm, the judge began reading out the fate of four convicts who were found guilty under 13 charges including rape and murder.

    What came as a surprise for those inside the court room was that the judge skipped his observation on other charges and came directly to the penalty under section 302 of Indian Penal Code.

    The judge said that the crime fell in the ‘rarest of the rare’ category and then awarded the death penalty to all four convicts.

    “The court cannot turn blind eye. There will be no tolerance in a crime of such nature,” ruled the judge.

    Before the judge could leave for his chamber, lawyer AP Singh, counsel for two of the convicts, got upset and registered his protest immediately.

    According to one of the reporters present in the court, he said, “This is not a fair verdict. You doing it under pressure.”

    One of the convicts, Vinay Sharma, buckled and burst into tears, another convict, Mukesh Singh, looked confused even as the chaos broke out in the courtroom.

    “We can heave a sigh of relief now. We thank the police. They did a good job,” the mother of the girl told reporters inside the court room.

    As news of the sentence was received outside the court room, many of those waiting burst into applause and flashing the victory sign. Lawyers present in the court shared the news with other on their phones.

    Among those outside the court compound were groups of people who were chanting slogans against the four convicts in the case. All of them cheered once they learnt of the verdict.

    “We are happy with the judgment. Our demand is that all the higher courts should also give death sentence whenever they hear this case,” Smita Sinha, a member of the All India Mahila Sanskriti Sangathan said.

    However, for some of them this isn’t closure just yet.

    “This is the beginning. We have to ensure safety for all women,” Manoj Yadav, who is with the All India Democratic Youth Organisation, said.


  3. Ram Singh

    Delhi gang-rape main accused Ram Singh allegedly used his own clothes to hang himself in Tihar Jail – Edited by Prasad Sanyal (with inputs from Agencies) – NDTV – March 11, 2013

    New Delhi: In a huge security lapse, Ram Singh, one of the six men accused of brutally gang-raping a medical student in a moving bus in Delhi last December, has allegedly committed suicide at Tihar Jail, where he was lodged. His body was found at around 5 this morning in Jail Number 3.

    Delhi Police sources say they discovered Ram Singh’s death through television reports. Tihar Jail officials did not inform them of the suicide for nearly three hours. Jail sources say he was rushed to hospital to see if he could be revived by doctors. (Read: 10 developments in the case)

    Prison officials said Ram Singh used a wooden stool to hang himself with his own clothes from a ceiling grille. A magisterial inquiry has been ordered into how the 35-year-old managed to kill himself despite being under a “suicide watch” that meant additional security round the clock.

    Latest reports say he was not lodged in isolation, but in a secure 12 feet by 12 feet cell with three to four other inmates, and a guard posted outside at all times. Yet, a senior official told PTI, “nobody came to know about it.”

    Ram Singh’s lawyer and family allege that he has been killed. His lawyer, AP Singh, said, “It is not a suicide case. It is a conspiracy and murder.” His family has sought a Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI inquiry. (Read)

    The body of the accused is still at Tihar Jail and the magistrate will decide which hospital it will be sent to for an autopsy. Right now, the Crime Branch and a forensic team are at Tihar and other convicts are being questioned. The home ministry has sought a detailed report. Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit met Home Minster Sushil Kumar Shinde. She refused to comment on the incident till the magisterial inquiry submitted its findings.

    The fast-track court trying Ram Singh and four other adults accused in the case had rejected a petition to shift their trial out of Delhi, but they had been given extra security after their lawyers pleaded that they were at risk from other prisoners in jail. They were also escorted to the Saket court across town for hearings by about 20 to 30 gun-wielding policemen. The lawyers had argued that other inmates were aware of reports of the savagery of the way in which the student was attacked, and regularly threatened and tried to assault the suspects.

    Ram Singh, described as a man prone to violence and mood swings, (read) was the driver of the bus in which six men inflicted a horrific assault on 23-year-old student [Jyoti Singh Pandey] on December 16 last year. She died in a Singapore hospital 13 days later. Like Ram Singh, his brother Mukesh and three other men were charged with rape, assault and murder and are being tried by the fast-track court. The sixth accused is a minor and is being tried separately by the Juvenile Justice Board.


  4. Rape cases double in Delhi this year despite campaigns – Times of India – PTI – March 6, 2013

    NEW DELHI: Delhi has witnessed around four rape cases a day this year, almost double the last year’s rate, in an indication that crime against women has not abated in the capital despite campaigns and stepped up police action.

    The city witnessed a total of 181 rapes between January one and February 15, Minister of State for Home Affairs Mullappally Ramachandran told Rajya Sabha in a written question.

    An analysis of figures shows that Delhi witnessed four rapes a day in the capital during this period while the average for 2012 was around two. In 2012, the Delhi Police Annual Report said that 706 rape cases were reported.

    Last year also saw a 23.43 per cent leap in the number of rape cases compared to 2011 when it registered 572 such incidents in the city.
    However, police say that the surge in number of rape cases could not be directly attributed to the law and order situation as more than 97 per cent of rape accused were known to the victims.

    Last year, in all the rape cases except 26 cases, the accused were known to the victim — 207 were family members and 200 friends. Of the 706 cases last year, police say 93.62 per cent of the cases have been solved.

    Only last week, the city had witnessed the rape of a seven-year-old girl in a municipal school in north-west Delhi’s Mongolpuri by an unidentified person. Nobody has been arrested in the case.
    The city had in December witnessed a series of protest after the December 16 gang rape of the girl, who died in Singapore on December 29.

    The government had then initiated several measures to ensure safety of women in the city.


  5. How about castration and that in public.This should be the lesson for every raper.


  6. Awindra Pandrey

    Delhi rape case: Defendants face first witness evidence – BBC – Sanjoy Majumder – 5 February 2013

    Five men accused of the abduction, rape and murder of a student in the Indian capital, Delhi, have been hearing the first witness evidence in their trial.

    The 23-year-old student’s male friend, [Awindra Pandrey,] who was also attacked, was the only witness at Tuesday’s hearing.

    The five accused deny the charges. If convicted, they could face the death penalty. A sixth suspect is to be tried by a juvenile court.

    No reporting was allowed of Tuesday’s proceedings, which have now ended.

    The assault has outraged India and sparked a debate about the treatment of women.

    Reporting restrictions

    The physiotherapy student’s male companion was the first of some 80 witnesses to be produced by the prosecution at Saket District Court, a specially convened fast-track court.

    All reporting of proceedings inside the courtroom has been banned and the judge has ordered lawyers not to speak to reporters.

    The male companion will be cross-examined by the defence on Wednesday.

    He was with the student when she was attacked on a bus and thrown from the vehicle.

    She died in a Singapore hospital on 29 December from her internal injuries.

    The woman and her 28-year-old companion cannot be named for legal reasons. He arrived at the courthouse in a wheelchair, still unable to walk properly due to injuries suffered in the attack.

    His father, who accompanied him into the court complex, told Agence France-Presse news agency: “My son will go to any lengths to ensure that the guilty are punished.”

    The bus believed to have been used in the attack was driven into the court complex on Tuesday.

    The five defendants facing trial in the Saket fast-track court are Ram Singh and his brother Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur.

    They face 13 charges, including murder, gang-rape, kidnapping and destruction of evidence.

    Prosecutors say they have extensive forensic evidence, supported by the suspects’ mobile-phone records and the testimony of the dying woman and her companion.

    Defence lawyers are expected to argue that the forensic evidence has been fabricated and that the rush to prosecute has led to an unsafe trial.

    The sixth suspect, who is 17, will face trial in a juvenile court.

    The maximum sentence he would face if convicted would be three years in a reform facility.

    The BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder in Delhi says the case is being closely followed in India, where it has led to massive protests about the treatment of women and how the police and legal system tackle sex crimes.

    On Sunday, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee signed a new anti-rape law which has increased the minimum sentence for those convicted of gang-rape and allows for the death penalty to be used in extreme cases.

    But women’s groups have come out against the new law, saying that marital rape and sexual assaults by Indian security forces in conflict zones should have been included.


  7. yeah vry well said..this will be a grt tribute to jyoti


  8. Bone test reveals sixth Delhi rape accused not juvenile – NitiCentral – Mumbai – January 22, 2013

    In an interesting revelation in the Delhi gang-rape case, a bone ossification test of Vinay Sharma, one of the six accused who had earlier claimed he was a minor, has proved that he was not a juvenile after all.

    Vinay Sharma would now be tried under the existing laws governing rape cases in the country.

    Law enforcement and forensic authorities said that as per the tests, Sharma is 19 and not below 18 as he had earlier claimed.

    If he had been found to be a juvenile, then the prospect of him walking free within months was very much a possibility.

    The details of the bone ossification tests have been submitted to a court in Delhi that is looking at the case.

    It may be recalled that the six persons gangraped, brutally assaulted and grievously injured a 23-year-old woman medical student on a running bus in outer Delhi on the night of December 16. The woman and her male companion were later thrown off the bus in half-naked state.

    She was initially treated in Delhi”s Safdarjung Hospital, but on the advice of reputed medical experts such as Dr Naresh Trehan, the government flew her out to Singapore”s Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, given the gravity of her injuries and her deteriorating health parameters.

    She struggled to survive for 13 days, but eventually succumbed.

    Her death led to nation-wide protests and forced the government to set up various committees to look at possibilities of reworking laws related to rape and women safety. It has also been decided to set up fast track courts to ensure quick settlement of such cases.

    (With inputs from PTI)


  9. She was bone of the bone of the family . She wanted to remove the pain of others . There were many projects in her mind for the welfare of the family . I salute the father of the brave daughter .The biggest tribute to her is revolution for the safety of the woman in our society.


  10. i am deeply shocked by the incident


  11. This is for her sake, please punish those bloody vultures in such a horrifying way dat, no other one wil even think off such terrible act, dnt kil those bastards jst by hanging, fst they shld go threw jyothi’s pain poke rods into their eyes, burn their hands and pour acid into their mouth so they could no the damage n pain of her wich these bastards has given her n cut their legs n then kil them after 13 days….. This wil b the great tribute 2 jyothi


  12. Give us a link so that we can check your claim.


  13. Jyoti Singh Pandey: These Are the 6 Men Accused of Gang Raping and Killing Jyoti – Alex Marinin

    The Wall Street Journal has unveiled new details about the six suspects of gang-raping and killing 23-year-old physiotherapy student Jyoti Singh Pandey last December 16 on a moving bus in Delhi, India:

    1) Vinay Sharma: A gym rat, Sharma earned about $54 a month in a gym that had been one of the venues for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The evening of the alleged attack he had borrowed 20 cents to add to his pre-paid cell phone.

    2) Akshay Kumar: The youngest of three sons of a small-time farmer, Kumar (24) moved to Delhi last summer where he befriended bus driver Ram Singh in the hopes to become a driver himself. His lawyer denied Kumar was on the bus at the time of the attack and said he was innocent.

    3) Ram Singh: 33-year-old Singh was a bus driver who previously worked as a construction woker. According to V.K. Anand, Ram’s lawyer, his client admitted “he had been drinking” the night of the attack.

    4) Mukesh Singh: Ram’s 22-year-old brother, also a driver and a previous construction worker. His lawyer also says he wasn’t on the bus and that he is innocent. The lawyer also claims that his client was tortured by police.

    5) Pawan Gupta: A fruit-seller and Sharma’s friend and neighbor, Gupta picked Sharma up the night of the attack and they boarded the bus together.

    6) Unidentified Minor: The one suspect who will face charges in a juvenile court was popular as a “helper” on buses because he was skillful at attracting fares in a “singsong way.”


  14. It would not have made a difference!! The act was inhuman.


  15. I absolutely agree!! The punishment that is meted out for this kind of an act has to be more horrible than the act itself, and that should be made public. That is when the punishment becomes a true deterrent. Sodomy for them once a week for their tenure in Jail by any Beast of Burdern would not be a bad idea. after which they would have to carry out what ever daily tasks in the Jail.


  16. Please do not post fake pictures of Jyoti Singh that were circulated via Facebook. It is a picture of a student in Kerala, India and Indian police were notified. You can check the news via Google News.


  17. I am deeply sorry for your lost and understand that nothing will ever replace your lovely daughter. I do hope you find a small solace in my comments.

    Please perpetrate the men whom commented this terrible crime.

    This is the reason that it pines me that the term “feminist” has such nasty connotations. To promote women’s issues, you have to believe in the power of women. So what is that term today? Do we even have a term for women united? No, for there are many men that I know who I would consider a feminists. How do you overturn the violence in the ideologies of patriarchy: gun culture, hunting, pornography, etc. that still prevails in many cultures in the world. It all ties into the culture of degradation of the earth. Degrade the earth, degrade, women, bigger penis!


  18. Please kill this six guy.Send them to Saudi there they will get good punishment.They should feel same pain what that girl gone throw, it is not enough if they will give just death penalty it is not enough!!!!!


  19. and what if [she] is an ugly one?!?!


  20. from an outsider’s point of view: I and the normal law-abiding citizens of the civilised world are shocked and absolutely horrified at the barbaric and sheer canibalistic brutalising, disemboweling and vaginal evisceration of an innocent and promising young woman from a poor, honest-to-God close-knit family unit. The six demonic and vampirical ghouls showed no mercy as they butchered the tender young Angelic child with not an ounce of compassion even upon hearing her heart-wrenching screams to stop the horrid pain and spare her life. We cannot help but think that these fiends are the products of their equally demonic mothers that have been burning alive their daughters-in-law for centuries.


  21. While it is true that unusually horrific killers sometimes meet with extraordinarily savage justice, it does not happen nearly enough to satisfy bloodlust for violent revenge. In this case hanging, burning, tearing apart by a thousand women, what have you, might seem suitably severe sentencing options, but in the crime itself is there not an apter one? Incarcerate all six together, naked, in a little dim-lit cell walled with tinted toughened glass. Add some rusty iron bars. In time, something rather like what happened on that bus will repeat itself, only this time it will be happening to people who deserve little, if anything, better. Internet pay per view of THAT would pay for lots of young Indian girls to go through college, surely.


  22. I am sorry for your loss and her loss of her promising future.


  23. The law is correct; the juvenile needs to be treated differently from others. …………………………………………………………………………………………………BURN HIM ALIVE.


  24. The real criminals are Manmohan Singh the MUTE, and Sonia Gandhi the corrput. Entire government needs to be thrown out. Sheila Dixit is a crook. Where is India’s revolution. Why are we people so passive?


  25. Yes, the court will have to provide legal council. And the suspects have acquired lawyers already according to the media. These lawyers too have now come under attack from the Saket District Bar Council.

    Delhi lawyers will defend anybody if the fee is right. They defend corrupt politicians who are also accused of intimidation, murder, and rape. So their sudden scruples in this case doesn’t ring true. They are playing to the gallery and shedding crocodile tears for the rape victim. They should show some professionalism and do their duty to the law and the public who are dependent on their legal expertise.


  26. But you can’t force the lawyers to represent the suspects if the former do not want to. The government must provide the suspects, though.


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    OM SHANTI OM – May you be blessed forever Sweet Jyoti


  28. You dont need to ask that question. Rape is unacceptable whether in heaven or on earth. There is no excuse for this. So please ‘avativarman’ please do not stoop so low to make comparisons on this topic between western and Indian. I am an Indian and an ashamed one at that. Looking at my country from outside it, it is simply shameful and disgraceful using the mildest words.


  29. Neither of the culprits should be spared from punishment including juvenile culprit as 17 years old is not kiddish to perform such outrageous crime. When 17 yrs old can have cricket icons and other such responsible representation then why only while subjecting to punishment should there age become restrictive…………. No relaxations are provided to 16 yrs old batsman appearing in international cricket or any other sportsperson for that matter…… then why discrimination is TRIALS……………….. ITS A DEAD MIND which is harmful for society……….


  30. Statistically, rape in the West is very much less than in India. In India it has reached epidemic proportions. There is something fundamentally wrong in the attitude of Indian men towards women. This is what has to radically change.

    Foreigners are regularly raped and robbed in India (even in my own pilgrim town). But this usually goes unreported as foreign tourists are afraid of getting involved with the police unless they have to report a stolen passport.

    Foreign tourists are extremely vulnerable in India because they must carry their identity papers and cash on their person at all times.


  31. May your soul rest in peace. You had such a full life ahead of you but these animals stole it from you. May God give Indian men like me to help, protect, respect and save the future girls and women of our great nation.


  32. what about rapes in western countries?

    how many western tourists have been killed in india as compared to indians in america ?


  33. We grieve for Jyoti, for her loved ones, for her country, and for all of us. Jyoti – you intended to become a healer. We will speak your name as a prayer of healing.


  34. Agreed! A thorough investigation, clear justice, and no mob rule. I’m furious with the people who committed this assault and murder, but stringing them up without a fair trial will only perpetuate these crimes.


  35. A tribute to “JYOTI SINGH PANDEY”, share your empathy


  36. cuts the hands and lags then leave it


  37. Yes, a speedy, but severe punishment is warranted here.


  38. You are absolutely right. I do not think I will be visiting this
    country in this lifetime anyway.


  39. This 17 year-old is not human. If set free, he will kill again.


  40. yesz u r ryt nikita m agree wid u yr………..


  41. I dont blame the government, I dont blame the police, i dont blame the society, i only blame me. As a average middle class educated person i always thought myself to be a person capable or achieving anything i put my minds and efforts on. Every Now-and-then due to my fear or unwillingness to engage the wrongsdoings, i had let this society n country become a place i am ashamed and scared of. No More – i have changed and so should you by declaring – imresponsible.org


  42. Those brutal people should be punished [deleted]


  43. please hung the rapers………..


  44. How terrifying and such a tragedy. People like that should be locked up and never released. If not executed! My heart goes out to everyone involved! ……..Paula xx


  45. If the under age teen was involved…he also should be punished for what did. What kind of example is he setting for all the people in New Delhi. Such a shame.


  46. So horrifying – I have no words.


  47. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I cannot believe that horrific crime against your daughter. All six men should be penalized for what they did to her. I could not imagine how she felt when all that happened to her. God Bless you and your family and especially Jyoti Singh Pandey.

    R.I.P You are with the angels


  48. hung? death penalty? no, they do not deserve a fast quick death. these guys deserve to suffer the way they made her suffer. they deserve more torture, pain, and tears then they caused this girl. [deleted]


  49. I Do not understand why this Government still giving life to the accused idiots. i really appreciate Saudi’s law in these type of cases.

    They should be punished very seriously immediately. i plead to the goverment on this. it is a real justice to Jyothi which anybody can give.

    please please please do justice to her family.

    i Wish god may shower mercy on her family at least now.


  50. It is my hope that justice will prevail and that this incident will bring great changes to all women of the world for the better.


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  52. My god! What a pretty fine woman! I will never understand why this can happen anyway!

    Please hang the rapers please!!!!!!!!


  53. The Delhi Bar Association (Saket District) is making a grave mistake by refusing to represent the five accused rapists. These men will go on appeal and claim they didn’t get a fair trial. And that will be true if they have been refused legal council. They may walk away free. The Delhi lawyers have a professional obligation to advise and defend the accused if justice is to prevail in this case.


  54. itz realy bad!! they shud be hanged or else fired infront of public. i dnt knw wy the governmnt relive them. they must be punished like anything.. itz like happen to sister.. i feel for her.. nd am proud for her ghats. hats off jyothi..


  55. she will be remembered not as a girl who was gangraped but as a fighter who fought against gangrape…. May god blesses her and she’ll have a good new birth god bless


  56. Why you need law for animals – just kill them like in middle east countries then and there. M. Singh should have the back bone to do that. India is filled with 95% males like animals. Where is the law to the women who get raped every 20 minutes in India ? First must hang the police. Ohh! what a country????? Their country is beautiful only in MOVIES.

    No matter the teenage is 17 or under age than that – he should be killed. His act was not under age.


  57. Rape Victim Clipart

    The image of Jyoti Singh Pandey has been removed as it has not been authenticated.


  58. We Now Know the Name of the India Gang Rape Victim – The Atlantic Wire – Connor Simpson – 5 January 2013 – Washington, DC

    We don’t know much about the personal life of the previously unidentified 23-year-old woman who was brutally gang raped on a bus in Dehli and later died of her injuries. We have now at least learned her name.

    Badri Singh Pandey, the father of the victim, revealed his daughter’s identity to the Sunday edition of The Daily Mirror. Her name is Jyoti Singh Pandey.

    “I am proud of her. Revealing her name will give courage to other women who have survived these attacks. They will find strength from my daughter,” Badri Pandey told the Mirror. The grieving father gives a heart breaking account of how he learned about his daughter’s situation, and the final days spent with family by her side in the hospital before her death. The incident united India in protest and ignited calls for some kind of government reform for the country’s out-of-control rape problem.

    Like the prosecutors in charge of the case, Badri Pandey hopes his daughter’s attackers will face the death penalty. “At first I wanted to see the men responsible face to face but I don’t want to any more. I just want to hear that the courts have punished them and they will be hanged. Death for all six of them,” he told the Mirror. Of course, they have to find lawyers willing to represent them first.

    Delhi horror: Sunday People reveals victim’s name – OneIndia – Sreekumar – 6 January 2013 – Bangalore

    A British newspaper has revealed the name of the 23-year-old paramedical student who was sexually assaulted by six men in a moving bus in Delhi on Dec 16, 2012. The Sunday People talked to Jyoti Singh Pandey’s grieving father at her native place, Ballia village in Uttar Pradesh, and published the interview today.

    The daily quoted Badri Singh Pandey as saying: “We want the world to know her real name. My daughter didn’t do anything wrong, she died while protecting herself. I am proud of her.” The 53-year-old felt that “Revealing her name will give courage to other women who have survived these attacks. They will find strength from my daughter.”

    Though Badri initially wished “to see the men responsible face to face”, he is no longer interested in meeting them. “I just want to hear that the courts have punished them and they will be hanged,” he said.
    As for the punishment that should be meted out to the accused, her father stressed: “Death for all six of them. These men are beasts. They should be made an example of and that society will not allow such things to happen.”

    Badri recounted how the family fretted over the delay in Jyoti returning to their residence in Delhi on that fateful night. She had gone to see a film with her friend. When Badri reached home around 10.30 p.m, he saw that his wife Asha was very concerned about Jyoti. “We started calling her mobile and her friend’s mobile but there was no answer. Then at 11.15 p.m, we got a call from the hospital in Delhi telling me my daughter had been in an accident.”

    Badri rushed to the Safdarjung Hospital and found Jyoti lying on a bed there. “I put my hand on her forehead and called her name. She slowly opened her eyes and started crying and said she was in pain. I held my tears. I told her not to worry, have strength and everything will be all right,” he recalled.

    A short while later, the police informed Badri that the men on the bus had brutally attacked his daughter and her male companion Awindra Pratap Pandey with rods before stripping them both of their clothes. Subsequently the brutes threw the badly injured duo out of the moving vehicle near the Mahipalpur flyover in the national capital.

    About Jyoti’s valiant battle for life, Badri narrated: “Doctors did their best to save her. She spoke a few times but mostly through gestures. She had a feeding pipe in her mouth making it difficult for her to speak. But she did write on some paper that she wanted to live, she wanted to survive and stay with us.”
    Unfortunately, medical complications arising out of her severe injuries meant that even the efforts of expert surgeons came to naught. On Dec 29, Jyoti breathed her last at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore where she had been shifted as a last resort.

    “We’re so devastated that she’s gone. There’s a huge void in our lives. She was the centre of our universe. Our lives revolved around her. Her absence is so painful, a future without her is unimaginable,” Badri told the newspaper.

    Since Jyoti’s father requested Sunday People to avoid giving her picture with the story, the daily only carried photos of Badri and some of his male relatives.

    Father Of Gang-Rape Victim Goes Public With Daughter’s Name – Radio Free Europe – Prague – 6 January 2013

    In India, the father of the young woman who died after a brutal gang rape has publicly announced his daughter’s name, in a gesture of support for other rape victims.

    Indian law prohibits naming rape victims in order to protect family privacy.

    But Badri Singh Pandey told Britain’s “Sunday People” newspaper he wanted the world to know the name of his daughter, Jyoti Singh Pandey.

    He expressed hope that revealing her name would give “courage” to other women who have survived rape attacks.

    An Indian education minister has already urged authorities to name new antirape legislation after Pandey.

    The 23-year-old medical student died on December 28 in a Singapore hospital, two weeks after being brutally beaten and raped on a bus in New Delhi.

    Five men have been charged with rape and murder and could face the death penalty if convicted.

    A sixth suspect is under 18 and will be tried as a juvenile.

    (Based on reporting by Reuters and Mirror.co.uk)


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