Why the brown sahibs in the English-language media hate Narendra Modi – Arindam Chaudhuri

Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri“It is a fight between India and Bharat. Modi for me represents Bharat while the English media represents India. I am convinced that the English media is now a voice of the old feudal India where just a few claim to know what is best for both India and Indians. On the other hand, Modi represents the other India—Bharat—which is deeply frustrated by the monopoly that the English media and its secular warriors exercise over information.” – Arindam Chaudhuri

Narendra ModiWhen the Gujarat election results were being declared, while I was surfing news channels, I could not but help a Bangla expletive escape my mouth when I heard what some experts were saying. One said Narendra Modi and his victory was against the Constitution. Another said how the verdict goes against the spirit of India and how the Idea of India is in danger. I always thought free and fair elections were a celebration of the Constitution, democracy and the Idea of India. The more I watched, the more I realised that these people hate him in a very irrational manner.

So I asked my colleagues to note down the reasons why the English journalists hate Modi. The results were interesting. The first reason: Modi is anti-Muslim and communal. The second: he is interested only in projecting himself. The third: he is supposedly a dictator and a fascist. And the fourth: his claims of a developed Gujarat are, the journalists claim, hollow.

Look at the irony of it. If Modi campaigns on the basis of identity, he is branded a fascist-cum-communal monster. If he campaigns on the basis of his track record of development, a mountain of data is immediately forwarded that says other states are better performers than Gujarat.

The fact is: it is a fight between India and Bharat. Modi for me represents Bharat while the English media represents India. I am convinced that the English media is now a voice of the old feudal India where just a few claim to know what is best for both India and Indians. On the other hand, Modi represents the other India—Bharat, if you will—which is deeply frustrated by the monopoly that the English media and its secular warriors exercise over information.

India vs BharatWhat is India? If you go by the definition of English media, it is an artificial country that should not have happened, an ungovernable country where religion, caste and ethnic identity matter more than humanity. Besides, most people who subscribe to the English media world-view have a 67-year-old Nehruvian Network to fall back upon, if required. What do I mean by the Nehruvian Network? This is something that has been working in India since before 1947. It is a set of ideas and people who, deep down, think that the system set up by the British was the best. They are the ultimate Brown Sahebs, convinced that Indians need a bit of civilisation. They snort, snigger when a politician like Uma Bharti, Mayawati or Modi rises up from nowhere, proudly displays his or her lack of English communication skills and yet manages to persuade voters to do the right thing. You see, things were much better when only children of politicians and bureaucrats who spoke impeccable English were there to dictate the agenda for the nation.

That is because the gulf between India and Bharat will never cease. But the problem is, people like Modi are actually threatening this feudal cartel of the privileged. You see, not even Atal Bihari Vajpayee threatened this cozy equation. No wonder, the English media hates Modi.

Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra ModiThis battle between India and Bharat started in the 1980s. It has thrown up many heroes and heroines who fight for India. Modi is the first person who is fighting aggressively on behalf of Bharat and he seems to be winning. Imagine an India where Congress chamchas, JNU intellectuals and their fellow travellers won’t have access to power in Delhi. No wonder, the secular English media hates Namo.

I think this will be the most interesting political battle in India since the days of Mahatma Gandhi. He settled that one in favour of Nehru; and Vallabhbhai Patel, a Gujarati, died a second fiddle. There is no Mahatma now; only voters. So Rahul Gandhi or Modi? We were the first to do a survey between the Rahul versus Modi possibility and Modi came out to be the sure-shot winner. If you have doubts, keep watching the big fight. Bharat is destined to win this time. – The New India Express, 30 December 2012

 » Arindam Chaudhuri is a management guru and honorary director of IIPM think tank can be contacted at arindamchaudhuri.blogspot.com

10 Responses

  1. The biggest enemy of Bharat is language,English and Urdu.
    Language has it’s own mindset,which bent on distorting Bharat
    and it’s past glorious history to be proud off,and that they wanted to delete from the face of the earth.conspiracy by western and medalist


  2. Why Mr Atalbiharee Wajapyee duse see himself as India and not Bharati,Duse hi thinks that no one will be better than him ever?
    Duse think that he is bigger than Party BJP ?
    He should help Mr Narendra Modi to up lift All Bharati to bring back the culture,human values and to prosperity to all Bharati as one’s was.
    That is before the the invaders started to destroyed the golden Bharat
    And started our knowledge,our shelf confidens,our shel pride to be a Bharati.

    Jai hind,Jai Bharat.



  3. I can not believe that Arindam Chaudhary is supporting Modi.

    he is among those who believe we need to build parks at Ayodhya.


  4. The true distinction is made out between Nehruvian Network desperately jumping to to hold on to its hegemony and the rest of the country which identifies with timeless BHARAT. Nehru Network subscribes to communist discourse on everything that is their India because that is tha path to Nehruvian dominance.


  5. @g kapuria, well said! It is indeed a fight for the heart of India and the sooner the Hindus realise this the better for Bharat!


  6. It was Sagarika Ghosh who first talked about engish-speaking India vs. Hindi-speaking Bharat. And I do not like that distinction one bit.

    The reality is, secularists are fighting Hinduism. They think their secularist ideals are superior to Hindu ideals. That is what they are trying to prove. Every time the secularist politicians get caught in scams and in making horrendous remarks, the secularists are deflated a tiny bit. When the see Modi shining with Hindu ideals, they fight it tooth and nail. The secularist dominance is a fight for the heart of India. The sooner Hindus recognize this, the better it will be for India. We cannot afford this secularist nonsense any longer.


  7. The distinction that the author makes between India and Bharat is an important one.


  8. How can a Mayawati be a Bharat’s soldier? Con party’s Amul baby smacked her bottom and kicked her out of UP only to hand over UP to another dwarf, but sure congi type party. What did this slave do? She not only refrained for voting, she actually voted to save Congi ass at very critical time. What was more important? getting rid of an anti national party or rethinking an economic strategy? Or was it not right time for final blow?


  9. Excellent article Arindham. I never knew you were a supporter of such ideas. We need intellects like you to carry forward the idea of Bharath. The English media is constantly persuaded by alien forces (in the name of investments) to propagate the idea of British India. They want to completely demolish everything that’s Hindu/Bharath. Let’s junk the idea of British India, and form the glorious Bharath once again. If BJP/Modi can carry forward that idea, there is nothing like that.


  10. It was Sankarshan Thakur, formerly of Tehelka who said that Modi’s win was against the Constitution. And Aam Aadmi intruder and ‘psephologist’ Yogendra Yadav who said that it goes against the spirit of India. These chaps were like wailing kids who had been deprived of their stolen lollipops.


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