Birthday Greetings: Photoshopped world leaders salute Jayalalithaa – BBC News

Jayalalithaa Jayaram is 'saluted' on her 66 birthday by world leaders in this doctored roadside hoarding in Coimbatore

Tamil Nadu’s chief minister, Jayalalithaa Jayaram, known to her supporters simply as Amma – meaning “mother” in the local language Tamil – is seen being applauded by world leaders, including US President Barack Obama and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on a hoarding erected in the southern city of Coimbatore, the IBN Live news website reported.

A giant cake in the shape of India’s parliament building, tree plantings, an arts festival and a world record blood donation drive also featured in the festivities, the Indian Express noted. The politician, who was the star of around 140 films before she entered politics, has been cited as a possible prime-ministerial candidate, ahead of a general election in India in May.

Other tributes to Jayalalithaa included a poster showing her likeness tattooed on a man’s chest. On another billboard she coasted down a red carpet between American, Chinese and Japanese leaders under the slogan “East or West, Amma is best”.

Even the local chess federation paid tribute to the politician in a public hoarding, declaring, somewhat inaccurately, “You are the unbeaten King”.

But the image most likely to stir controversy is one of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa kneeling before her, captioned: “This is how our PM should be. Who can be so, other than our Amma?”

Jayalalithaa is reported to be the prime-ministerial candidate favoured by India’s left-leaning parties, should their alliance come to power in the general election, The Hindu reports. Voting will take place over several days beginning in the middle of April. – BBC News, 26 February 2014 


Jayalalithaa Jayaraman

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