Padmanabhaswamy Devaprasnam: Don’t open vault B! – Media Reports


Result of Devaprasnam: Strong warning against opening B vault

The four-day Devaprasnam at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, which concluded on Thursday, said that the B vault should not be opened under any circumstances. The Devaprasnam also warned of serious consequences, including total extinction of the family of the person who opens the vault, citing wrath of the God.

Madhur Narayana Rangabhattu, the chief astrologer, said that the B vault was located in a place with divine presence.

The Devaprasnam also revealed financial irregularities in the day-to-day affairs carried out by the temple administrations. The Lord is unhappy because there were lapses in carrying out many age-old traditional poojas by the temple priests.

The astrologers, in the morning session, also came down heavily on the temple administration and the Travancore Royal Family for the lackadaisical attitude shown in managing the affairs of the temple and failure to carry out the traditional poojas.

On Wednesday, the Thamboola Prasnam revealed that the idol of the Lord that is used in the ‘Aarat’ (procession) was broken and there was also a crack in the main idol of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy which had to be immediately rectified.

On the third day of the Devaprasnam, which was held under the supervision of temple thantri Tharananelloor Parameswaran Namboothiripad, it was also predicted that inauspicious signs related to the temple would seriously affect the Travancore Royal Family.

It said that if proper care was not given then it would even end the Travancore Royal dynasty, which will be left without a heir.

Moolam Thirunal Rama Varma

Prashnacharthu handed over

The team of astrologers who conducted the Devaprasnam handed over the prashnacharthu to the members of the Travancore royal family.

The remedial measures suggested include twelve-day consecutive Thrikala Bhagavathi seva, 24,000 Mahasudarshana homam, Laghu Sudarshana homam, veda recitals thrice in a year and Chakrabja pooja once in a year. – IBNLive, Thiruvananthapuram, August 12. 2011

Devaprasnam: Munchira Madom raises objection

The Munchira Madom, which is in charge of the pushpanjali ritual at Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, has come out in protest in the Devaprasnam episode. The Madom has alleged that the temple authorities had not sought the consent of the Pushpanjali Swamiyar, who is the head of the Munchira Madom, before the start of the Devaprasnam.

This is complete disrespect to the customs being followed by the temple for years, Munchira Madom manager advocate Kanyakulangara R. Subrahmanian has said in a statement here.

The Pushpanjali Swamiyar is the descendent of the family of Vilwamangalam Swamiyar and holds the position of administrative head in matters of spiritual concerns in the temple, the press statement says. However, the Swamiyar was not informed about the Devaprasnam, nor was he consulted.

The Munchira Madom and the Naduvil Madom have been neglected for too long by the temple authorities, due to which there have been circumstances when the pushpanjali ritual was affected. The assets and buildings of both the madoms have been encroached upon by private parties and the temple has been turning a blind eye towards it, the statement said. There has been no move to evict the encroachments so far, it said.

The statement said that there should be an effort from the part of the temple authorities and the state government to identify the encroachment that has taken place in Mitranandapuram buildings. The authorities must take action in the matter, Subrahmaniam said.

Meanwhile, the Hindu Aikyavedi has come out demanding the abandoning of the inventory preparation and assessment of its value by the expert committee appointed by the Supreme Court. A statement from the Hindu Aikyavedi said that the Devaprasnam has revealed that the Lord is not happy with the opening of the vaults and the assessment.

The way the assessment is being done, it could be termed nidhiprapeedanam (disturbing the sanctity of the treasure of the Lord). The undeserving sight (darshan), touch (sparsham), knocking of the treasure (losanam), picking it up (haranam) could all be seen under this nidhiprapeedanam.

Since the vault B, which is yet to be opened, is known to nurture strong link with the Lord’s aura, it should not be opened, the Aikyavedi said in the statement. The Devaprasnam had revealed that the Lord was against the opening of vault B. The apex court must be updated about the situation and the Devaprasnam and a favourable stand taken in the issue, it said. – IBNLive, Thiruvananthapuram, August 12, 2011


Earlier reports below

Opening the secret cellar B in the Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple would unleash calamity in the land, the Devaprasnam held in the temple has revealed.

The seers and astrologers who continued the Devaprasanam (ritual to gauge the will of the deity) for the second day surmised that the Lord did not want the wealth in the secret cellar to be unsettled.

According to them, the artefacts in the secret cellar had a strong link with the deity and unsettling them would affect the spiritual power of the shrine. Not only that, it would also create instability and turmoil in the land, they warned.

The Devaprasnam disclosed that the deity wants the wealth in the temple to be kept secret as before.

It is to be seen what bearing the Devaprasnam findings will have on the expert committee’s plan to assess the wealth of the temple on the instructions of the Supreme Court.

The committee has also been asked to take a decision on opening the cellar B. A panel deputed by the SC had opened five of the six cellars in the temple, revealing immense wealth in one of them.

The Travancore Royal family, the custodian of the temple, had taken the initiative to conduct the Devaprasnam ritual to find out what the deity feels about the recent happenings in the temple. – Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, August 10, 2011


Devaprasnam continues to reveal disturbing signs

Unpleasantness continued to cloud over the temple affairs on the second day of Devaprasnam at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple here on Tuesday. Lord’s displeasure poured out aplenty similar to the first day.

The Devaprasnam found out that the revelation of treasures has seriously discomfited the God since the treasures are inexorably linked to the preservation of chaitanya and hence they should have a secret nature.

Referring to the unopened B vault, the astrologers said that the chaitanya of the temple is closely associated with the B vault and disturbing certain rooted traditions could unleash the wrath of God.

Since the temple is of extreme national significance, any such inauspicious signs related to temple could also affect the nation and even the existence of administrative set-up. The curses of Brahmin society who once took care of the temple and who were later evicted still linger over the temple, indicated the astrologers.

The rituals and customs in the temple were found to have long lost the sanctity with which such rituals ought to be performed. “There is something called ‘Fear of the God’. All those who look after the temple affairs have unfortunately come to dispossess the fear of god,’’ said Madhur Narayana Rangabhattu, the chief astrologer.

It was also pointed out that the people on duty in the temple have profaned the ambience of the temple. The astrologers said that those associated with temple affairs have indulged in activities so unsuited to a temple including immoral activities and that too inside the temple.

Meanwhile, the Devaprasnam also listed out certain special poojas to be performed to cleanse the temple and to appease the Lord.

The final judgement will be taken on Wednesday. – INBLive, Tiruvananthapuram, August 10, 2011

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Vault B

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  2. Don’t open Kerala temple’s vault B for now: Supreme Court
    IANS | Sep 16, 2011, 02.22PM IST

    NEW DELHI: The Supreme court on Friday said the question of opening vault B of Kerala’s Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple will be considered only after steps have been taken for the protection and conservation of the artefacts that were taken out from other vaults

    An apex court bench of Justice RV Raveendran and Justice AK Patnaik gave the ruling while reserving its order on the recommendations of the expert committee on the security of the valuables from other vaults.

    The court will pass its directions on Wednesday. Justice Raveendran said that while the court will uphold the traditions and faith of the devotees, it will not let them come in the way of providing security to temple treasure.

    The court said: “Somewhere down the line, a compromise has to be hammered between tradition and faith, and the security of the temple treasure.”

    Rubies, diamonds, gold statues and coins found in the five vaults opened so far have been unofficially estimated to be valued at over Rs 1 lakh crore.


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