New Book: Jammu and Kashmir Dilemma of Accession: A Historical Analysis and Lesson – Radha Rajan

Jammu and Kashmir Dilemma of Accession: A historical analysis and lesson by Radha Rajan

Radha Rajan is the editor of Vigil OnlineJammu and Kashmir Dilemma of Accession: A Historical Analysis and Lesson authored by Radha Rajan analyses Prime Minister Pandit Ramchandra Kak‘s first-hand narrative of the tragic events which shook the Kingdom of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh and the Tibets in the critical years of 1946-47 when Pandit Ramchandra Kak was Prime Minister of the kingdom.

Prime Minister Kak describes the role played by the Indian National Congress in the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir from 1938 onwards and explains why the Kingdom could not accede to India in 1946 when the offer to accede was first made and again in 1947 when the Prime Minister came under pressure from several quarters to accede to Pakistan and to India. While V. P. Menon’s book for reasons unknown does not touch upon the critically important details which culminated in the tragedy of absolute power and total control over the entire kingdom being transferred to Sheikh Abdullah, it nevertheless provides critical insights and information which supplement Prime Minister Kak’s narrative; and read together, they provide all missing links in the official history of the tragedy.

Pandit Kak’s document is not available in India and while the original is with a family member, a copy of the original is housed in the India Office Library and Records, London. (A copy of the original is available on Radha Rajan’s website.)

Voice of India Publications through Radha Rajan’s book places this document for the first time since independence in the public domain in India.

ISBN 9789385485107, Voice of India, New Delhi,  Pages 140, Maps 2, Price Rs 300 

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  1. Congratulations! Radha Rajan ji for your incisive book that will act as the lethal weapon to decimate the propaganda unleashed by the forces who are hell bent to balkanise the Hindusthan. Her previous book “Eclipse of the Hindu Nation: Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle” blow into smithreens many myths and sets the record staright. And I see this new book”Jammu & Kashmir: Dilemma of Accession: A Historical Analysis and Lesson” in the same light of her esteemed scholarship.
    The enormous value of this book lies both in terms of content and also as a document for the policy makers and researchers to address the challenge and vicious discourse launched by the Islamic jihadis to unhinge Sanskrit Jammu and Kashmir from the Hindusthan.
    Accession of the J&K state to the Indian Union needs to be understood by keeping in mind the traits of the British and the separatist Muslim mindset of the Muslim League nurtured by the imperial policy makers to divide India to suit their strategic hold on the Sub continent.
    Radha ji has already done a tremendous research and her works are path breaking.She deserves praise for a very important feat that is bringing the Pt.Ram Chandra Kak papers into public domain.He was not an ordinary man,he was a scholar,visionary and administrator par excellence.
    Why he was removed unceremoniously as the PM of Maharaja Hari Singh ? Why he was subjected to a treatment that rendered him into the background when it was known that he understood the psyche of the separatist Sheikh Abdullah and and his ilk besides was clear about the conspiracy to render J and K into a Muslim sphere of influence? He is the most wronged historical figure.And research on him will reveal many untold truths about subjecting the Hindus of J and K as hostages to the jihadi Muslim separatism.That is now staring Hindushtan in the eye as Northern frontier in the Himalayas has been breached.


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