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  1. This made me trow up all together. American thiefing at it´s best.
    Watch Out : Rajiv Malhotra though is a chela of Nithyananda Sw.
    I can´t stand him.


  2. Sita Ram Goel & Ram Swarup

    Rajiv Malhotra on Sita Ram Goel & Ram Swarup
    By Mr 108 in The Hindu Perspective, June 24, 2014

    If anybody had wondered, like I have done, about whether the works of Rajiv Malhotra (a highly influential Hindu thinker and writer of today) took inspiration or influence from the illustrious Sita Ram Goel (1921 – 2003) and Ram Swarup (1920 – 1998), I recently mailed him this question and the following was the response (which is quoted with permission):

    I did not know either of them, but today in hindsight I hold them in high regard. Had I known them I would have liked to collaborate.

    But my journey through westernization in outer lifestyle alongside my Hindu interior was very different than most Hindu thinkers. This is both a handicap as well as asset – I know the west far deeper and better than most Hindus do.


  3. Given the western world’s natural tendency, it’s likely that they will easily be able to take whatever from wherever and make claims. And God and the truly god-inspired will freely share in all knowledge—flying in stark contrast with the west’s attachment to ownership.

    But the essence of yoga is detached of ownership mentality. Its purpose is to usher-in un-limitedness, the keys to which do not turn well with heady identities. When, however, exclusivists fancy and begin to piggy-ride on un-limitedness because they think that it sounds great or that it can be employed to advance grandstanding, they will soon be buffeted with the reality that they are having to give-up exclusivity in exchange for the infinite to shine through them. That’s when the exclusivist will for the first time come face to face with the daunting liability of haughtiness that has grown from massive investments made in identity. That’s also when the previously flaunting and super smart exclusivist will for the first time find the idea of giving-up—let alone actually giving-up—unsettling; indeed so agitating that tell tales of hell, viewed previously as appalling, will hereafter seem like safe sanctuaries. From the bearing-out of this experience, the very rare of the persons will give-up out of abominable shame for his enterprise (which by itself is certainly good for that person, although such a person will soon be dumped by their tribe as a deserter and bear neither the ‘will’ nor ‘stamina’ to pull-up the rest). But too many, when they reach this pass, will simply become disoriented and lost. Because the ego investment is far too high to give-up in surrender and yet the charm of Infinite power irresistible, a mad rush will ensue to incorporate inclusivity in order to make exclusivity somehow work and look respectable. That is the inevitable outcome that those who pollute, not only yoga but any good sadana, will end-up with.*

    In reality, however, there is nothing to bring-in or force-out, for if you are inclusive there is nothing to rebuild or change, whereas if you continued along exclusivity whatever you say or do (including incorporating a new trick in order to ramp-up in a different continent) can’t render you inclusive. When the bulk of a certain civilization arrives at this point, they have gotten to the highest peak of binding that can hold their flock together, for the terrain beyond that point is too scattered and confusing for expansion along identity. That’s when their enterprise—which worked wonders in the past by peddling crass ideology as divine diktat—suddenly shrink, shrivel and pass into oblivion.


    * Those who admired of Shakespeare from the other side of the world didn’t seek to usurp the English origins of Shakespeare but rather showed that one could be moved by his insight without claiming ownership of or siphoning-off the original. Such was the view of even mediocre people, let alone pundits in the East. If you verified that will likely be the views of many easterners even today. Whereas from the West, with its typical tendencies to own everything, we hear about harvesting yogic- flourish by disacknowledging Lord Shiva, who is the very quintessence of all yoga. In the academic world perjury is punishable, but in the business of divine it doesn’t seem to matter because regressing, much like progressing, is one’s own choice, by which you convene the fall or rise of your consciousness depending upon what you value. That is Maya at its best! But such people and those who follow them have indeed a very long painful way to go before they get even the simplest of things right, let alone meeting with god. One might ask whether this experience has any significance. Of course it does! Many other jokers who seek to emulate that jinxed route will then know that it doesn’t work just as even a man with tiny understanding will nowadays confidently say that communism is incapable of delivering.

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  4. Holy yoga is basically theft of the intellectual property of Hindus. The problem is that Christians always have to steal ideas from other cultures and religions because there really isn’t much in the New Testament. The four gospels are accounts of Jesus’s birth story with many contradictory accounts. There is no Christian philosophy akin to the Upanishads. Why aren’t Hindus in the US fighting this legally.

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  5. In his analysis of Pastor Joe Suozzo’s confession, Rajiv Malhotra says that missionary visas are not available.

    This is not true. The Congress government created special missionary visas some years ago and they continue to be available to missionaries today.

    However, as Christian missionaries prefer to work under cover, not easily identifiable to the people in the society they wish to subvert, they do not apply for missionary visas which have some restrictions attached. Instead they enter India as tourists, students, or business persons (as Suozzo admits in the confession) and carry on their nefarious inculturaltion and conversion activities by deceiving the people they are living among.

    As the Jesuits teach—how many Hindu children study in Jesuit colleges?—morality is always relative to Church interests and the means always serves the end when it comes to Church business.

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  6. Well initiative by Rajiv Malhotra ji. One point I want to express. The term ‘holy’ is being prefixed with the word’ yoga’ cannot be accepted, at least in India. As Rajiv ji said, this is their part of strategy to christinise Indian symbols, terminology, cultural activities and may be few Hindu rites in future. We have to be watchful henceforth.


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