JNU students plan pig-eating festival – Vijaya Rajiva

Nehru statue on the JNU Delhi campus“The Left’s ineptitude in understanding India, a predominantly religious and Hindu country, is well-known. They have flogged dead horses and continue to do so. Their internationalism prevents them from exercising the nationalism that they proclaim from the house tops.” – Dr. Vijaya Rajiva

Some students at Jawaharlal Nehru University who call themselves the New Materialists are calling for a beef and pork food festival. Their argument: if you can distribute bhang at Holi why not have a beef and pork food festival on the JNU campus?

These air heads don’t seem to know the difference between bhang (a vegetable product) and the senseless slaughter of animals for their insane celebrations/demonstrations of their new materialism. Let us hope that the JNU administration will resolutely put its foot down and prohibit this wanton cruelty. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) should actively intervene. Many students have protested and hopefully all this will settle the matter.

Predictably, the Left Students’ Federation of India is reported to have endorsed the New Materialists on the specious grounds that it has to do with food habits! They could not be more far from the truth with such an asinine statement!

While starving people may kill animals on sight for food, this is justified. There are examples in history, even recent ones where a stranded group of human survivors have cannibalised human corpses. These are exceptional events and have their own justification, but to indulge in an orgy of killing of animals to satisfy the perverted intellectual instincts of some humans is simply unacceptable. And if some Indians want to include animal protein in their daily diet that too is acceptable in a civilised society.

Materialism, the young students should be told, is as old as the beginnings of civilisation. The Bible, that reportedly ancient document of religion and spirituality has called on humans to view the earth and its creatures as legitimate targets for destruction. The ancient Greek sophist philosopher Protagoras famously said: “Man is the measure of all things”. In other words, man is supreme and his reign on earth can include indiscriminate slaughter of all non human creatures.

Karl MarxThe French philosopher Rene Descartes supported vivisection (the cutting up of animals while alive) because he believed that animals were automatons, they had no feelings! He also added for good measure: they have no souls.

So, there is nothing new about the New Materialist philosophy at JNU. And their Left supporters are also true to their own traditions. Readers must remember that Karl Marx inherited his so-called ‘humanism‘ from Protagoras. While it is doubtful whether he would have supported wanton cruelty and this particular initiative if he were alive, his followers have rigidly adhered to much of what he said which was not relevant. For instance, even though he strongly rebuked Britain for its capitalist exploitation of India he also said the following: on the whole Britain played a progressive role in India where Man who should be master of Nature falls down on his knees before Hanuman the monkey and Sabala the cow (British Rule in India, 1857).

The Left‘s ineptitude in understanding India, a predominantly religious and Hindu country, is well-known. They have flogged dead horses and continue to do so. Their internationalism prevents them from exercising the nationalism that they proclaim from the house tops. And now this.

Both their ineptitude as well as the New Materialists must be stopped in their wanton cruelty, for that is what this food festival will entail. Apart from the ethical questions, this festival will also encourage young Indians to not adopt a healthful life style which need not be a wholesale vegan diet, but will certainly not include regular consumption of red meats. Heaven alone knows what this orgy will end up as!

Stopping this New Materialist initiative will also alert Indians to the heart-rending story of animals led to slaughter so that red meat can be exported to foreign countries. The well-known political commentator and activist Srimathi Radha Rajan and her colleagues have produced a moving film called Their Last Journey [link to video not available – Ed]. It details the enormous suffering of these animals as they are taken to their final destination and destruction. – Haindava Keralam, 13 Sept. 2012

Kudos to all those students and faculty who oppose the beef and pork festival!

» Dr. Vijaya Rajiva is a Political Philosopher who taught at a Canadian university.

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  1. When cigarette consumption reduced in the West due to public health initiatives, it was actively encouraged in Asian, African and South American countries. The cigarette manufacturers tried every means to thwart these public health initiatives with multiple campaigns of misinformation to confuse the public. This was two decades ago. Now, it is widely accepted that cigarette smoking is harmful. Yet cigarette smoking remains high in many south American and Asian countries. It is tough to bring a population out of addiction.

    Likewise, as meat consumption in America and Europe decreases due to health concern, we are seeing the push by multinational corporations to influence Indians and other Asians to eat more meat. Again, we see the campaign of misinformation which tells us meat is required protein etc.

    Unfortunately in India, where every issue is seen through the eyes of secular vs. communal (meaning Hindu), the entire public discourse on meat eating and health has become distorted and perverted.

    Our Indian liberal “intellectuals” are unable to understand real issues and are at least 20 years behind of the discourse in the West. Since the left leaning liberal always uses the West to frame his arguments, this is really quite funny because, with the internet, he should at least be able to swallow and regurgitate current Western discourse which is overwhelmingly pro animal rights, and pro vegetarian lifestyle.


  2. These “intellectuals” at JNU are so unaware of the latest research on health and meat consumption , that one wonders how JNU is considered a premier education institute. Their primary focus is attacking what they see as Hindu values. They are completely ignorant that the latest health research supports those values, essentially that animal foods are harmful to human health.

    Maybe they should be informed that Bill Clinton, Al Gore have also become vegan.

    Incidentally, has anyone noticed that PETA is only concerned about animal welfare where Hindus are involved, especially with ritual sacrifices. They rarely come out against all meat as food. No lectures to Muslims on Bakrid.

    Irrespective of PETA, Hindus should encourage vegetarianism because it is truly an expression of ahimsa.


  3. Thank you very much for the update!


  4. New Delhi, Sep 19: The Delhi High Court Wednesday asked Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and city police to ensure that no “beef and pork” festival takes place in the campus on Sep 28th or in future. – IANS Live

    A student organisation of the university had announced plans to hold a beef-and-pork festival Sep 28.

    A division bench of Acting Chief Justice A.K. Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw said: “The JNU and police are directed to ensure that no such beef and pork festival take place on Sep 28 and in future.”

    The court’s direction came on a petition filed by Rashtriya Goraksha Sena seeking directions for JNU to initiate disciplinary action against organisations and not permit serving of beef and pork or anything that hurts religious sentiments.

    The plea also sought direction for the Ministry of Home Affairs and city police “to enforce agencies to forthwith initiate preventive measures against the anti-social elements who have planned and declared beef and pork festival on Sep 28”.

    With the proposed “beef-and-pork” food festival that sparked protests from right-wing groups, JNU authorities Sep 17 stepped in to prevent any further flaring of tempers, warning students against organising such an event.
    Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Rajeev Mehra, appearing for the central government, submitted in the court a circular issued by JNU that warned students against the possession, consumption or cooking of beef on campus, pointing to the law that prohibits cow slaughter.

    The notice cited the Delhi Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act of 1994, which specifies that a person found violating the law may land in jail for five years or have to pay a fine up to Rs.10,000 for storing or serving beef.

    The plea said that an organisation named ‘JNU Foremention Committee for Beef and Pork Festival’, “which is a group of Maoists and anti-national forces has decided to serve beef and pork on Sep 28 at JNU premises in the name of right to eat, which in fact is a nefarious design to disturb the peace and educational atmosphere of the institution”.


  5. Similar Beef-Festivals happened in Osmania University Campus at Hyderabad. Dalit-christian activists like Kanche Ilaya were actively involved in this festival. On a whole, it seems that the christian NGOs and left activists were actively involved in raking such issues and create further divisions in our society. Unfortunately, our pseudo-secular govts are only watching these activities as mute spectators. This is high time, Hindu society wakes up from its slumber and take up activities against cow-slaughter and beef-eating. There is nothing proud to feel that is becoming the number one country in beef exports, if such a trend continous it will not take much time that the cattle population will become extinct in India…Such a scenario will not only affect our Agriculture but also food security in the long run.


  6. If the SFI comrades at JNU Delhi need pigs to barbecue, they should look under their beds or in the dormitory bathrooms. That is where they will find them.


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