A Hindu Calamity – Gautam Sen

Academic IconHindu leaders, both religious and political, are failing signally to respond decisively to the most grievous historic danger to the very existence of Hinduism, which the mortal threat of further territorial losses and religious conversion of Hindus represents. The desire for the loaves and fishes of political office, upper middle class creature comforts and status concerns preoccupy them dishonourably. In many cases, fear of the exposure of personal misconduct and financial malfeasance hang over them, curtailing their freedom to speak and act fearlessly.” – Dr. Gautam Sen

Sri Ravi Shankar & Syed Ali Shah GeelaniHindus of the Indian subcontinent are facing an unprecedented calamity that recalls the depredations of Tamerlane and Nadir Shah except that it now stretches across it, virtually in entirety and threatens to seal their fate for good. They have been ethnically cleansed from Pakistan and Bangladesh, where their women are routinely abducted and forced into sexual slavery, in a familiar tradition of scripturally-sanctioned criminality. Within India itself, Hindus have been ethnically cleansed from Kashmir while the country sat back and watched mutely, most apparently regarding it as a perfectly normal occurrence. And virtually India’s entire political class, including important elements of its ostensible nationalists, are providing political succour to make the expulsion and exile of Kashmir’s Hindus to atrocious refugee camps permanent.

Nor is political India and its officials moved by on-going Islamic demographic conquest, resulting in political subjugation and the ethnic cleansing of Indians in their own country in Muslim-majority areas of West Bengal, including Kolkata, as well as Assam. On the contrary, even India’s supposedly nationalist political constituency exhibits intense hostility towards grassroots Hindu organisations attempting to combat it though they themselves completely fail to organise any meaningful resistance.

M.A. JinnahThe worst villain of the subcontinent since the Emperor Aurangzeb, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who, in a pique of personal resentment and vacuous self-regard, perpetrated one of the worst bloodbaths of history has found admirers among Hindu nationalist politicians. Their motives must surely be regarded as deeply suspect. These politicians seem oblivious to the fact that it was Jinnah, who, on the eve of Indian independence, proposed to the British that they reach a political settlement that would cut Hindus out completely and prolong British rule over India conjointly with its Muslims. And it was his Muslim League that threatened in 1946, on record, to unleash the horrors of Tamerlane and Nadir Shah on India’s Hindus (Cf. Official Muslim League resolution).

And now Hindu nationalist leaders are inexplicably advocating Jinnah’s sainthood, casting vulgar aspersions instead on the role of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in the partition of India. This vicious assault on the foundational basis of India’s sense of national identity was first sponsored by British officialdom and racially motivated academics, who had blamed Hindu nationalists for their expulsion from India. And this belief subsequently found willing co-conspirators in the US, unremittingly hostile to India in the aftermath of the Cold War, although it remains the most brutal and venal political dispensation since Nazi Germany itself. These homicidal imperialists have always considered India a huge potential source of fighting men for their major wars (as one senior Canadian diplomat, Escort Reid, highlights, in his memoirs; Envoy to Nehru, pp. 103-4) just as Islamic regimes sought idolatrous, Hindu women to fill their private brothels, i.e. harems.

Allahudeen KhiljiThe Anglo-Americans today are still motivated by the late nineteenth century British official fixation that the Hindu upper castes were the main hindrance to India remaining a British colonial possession and Western neo-colony subsequently. Hence, their obsessive preoccupation to portray Hinduism as the religion of upper caste exploiters alone and the supposed need of India’s downtrodden for white Christian imperial rule for their own welfare. Their treasonous surrogates in the Indian media and Leftist, Indian academics, who somehow always end up supporting Anglo-American imperial goals in the Indian subcontinent (e.g. Yahya Khan in 1971) are a critical vehicle for the unrelenting spread of a whole portfolio of canards against Hinduism. One of these academics, from Columbia University, privately queried how Alauddin Khilji tolerated Brahmins, implying their mass butchery has been long overdue.

The cynical Leftist academics of India find US financial blandishments irresistible and many have found suitably handsome rewards in Anglo-American academia. Their principal preoccupations are adverse deconstruction of the history of pre-Islamic India, bitter animus towards any trivial Hindu attempt at self-affirmation and, most shockingly, support for Pakistani war aims in the region. Their daily bread is the unremitting denigration of Indian state authorities, with accusations of fabricated human rights violations. They have enthusiastically joined intelligence agents within the US media and academia, who unfailingly fine tune their hostile portrayal of all things Indian for official purposes. Some of these American academics, tenured in the hallowed portals of major institutions, are also clearly in the direct employ of US intelligence services. One well-known Chicago economist once named Chilean colleagues he considered critics of Milton Friedman’s monetarism, who might be eliminated and they were duly tortured and executed by General Pinochet.

Gen. V.K. Singh (L), Defence Minister Antony & Lt-Gen. Bikram Singh (R)And now the Congress party has precipitated a swingeing political imbroglio in India that threatens to accelerate the coup de grace being administered to Hindus. Its suspect President, Sonia Gandhi has joined hands with Manmohan Singh, a privately-owned prime minister all of her own, to facilitate a nefarious alliance of Islamic Jihadis and Christian evangelists for a final assault against Hindu India. Sonia Gandhi’s zealous Catholic sensibilities and brazen evangelical instincts are no secret, but it is the prime minister, whose home was unfortunately threatened during Delhi’s anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984, who is revealing a distressing ethnic sectarianism. His disgracefully partisan behaviour is primarily responsible for the severe blow against the Indian army in recent months over the trumped issue of the Chief of Staff’s age. The Union Cabinet, including the deified Finance Minister, a public servant of claimed boundless dedication, who personally performs Hindu Puja rituals, will only be remembered for allowing personal ambition to dictate his loyalties to a government that will be unceremoniously consigned to ignominy in the historical record.

The fig leaf of secularism is the denuded ideological justification endlessly paraded by the beneficiaries of India’s bankrupt political dispensation, seeking to fatally injure India and its Hindus. It has no intellectual substance and never has had in India and has now become a pathetic weapon, bandied about by utterly corrupt and illiterate thugs like Lalo Prasad Yadav and the vicious Islamist, harridan Teesta Setalvad. The Indian Anglo intelligentsia, and media which constantly mull and regurgitate its alleged profound merits, are pure vomit. In reality, the secularism espoused by India’s anti-national, comprador class and foreign-owned media has become a blatant code for facilitating militant Islamic resurgence and unconstrained Christian evangelism in India.

India Crossed-OutThe demand of India’s fraudulent secularism is cessation of investigations into Islamic terror assaults and discreet facilitation of a massive Christian evangelical onslaught, already in process courtesy the Congress party’s imported madam and her worthless crew of local collaborators. It has even instigated abeyance of prosecution for abduction and rape of Hindu girls and women, which have become common in West Bengal. One Bengali, Brahmin Calcutta High Court judge pronounced that such Muslim assailants can be granted bail because abduction of Kaffir females is not a crime under the shariah, which alone should guide courts in judging them; this low creature will surely end up with a sinecure at a third tier US faculty. But there is the Trinamul’s West Bengal, led by a woman, that is legitimating the worst excesses against Hindu co-religionists of her own gender, even as young as eight, the age of one Hindu victim of communal rape. Co-religionists are not raped because Hindu girls and women are easy prey, denied police protection and even the ability to register FIRs.

The diverse group of international terrorists, enjoying Saudi-Pakistani and Anglo-American patronage, have, in turn, allied with local armed gangs, calling themselves Maoists, who praised the Pakistani terrorists for 26/11, only regretting that any Muslims were killed in the Mumbai terror slaughter. All of them share the common goal of sustaining chaos to neutralise Indian State authority structures, in order to further their aims. The UPA itself is fully complicit in this assault and responsibility lies with the Union Cabinet of collaborators and bureaucrats. Many of the latter themselves are much too preoccupied with plundering India and the status of their green card applications to the US to be troubled by the mere destruction of the country they are supposedly under oath to preserve.

Maoist SymbolAlas, Hindu leaders, both religious and political, are failing signally to respond decisively to the most grievous historic danger to the very existence of Hinduism, which the mortal threat of further territorial losses and religious conversion of Hindus represents. The desire for the loaves and fishes of political office, upper middle class creature comforts and status concerns preoccupy them dishonourably. In many cases, fear of the exposure of personal misconduct and financial malfeasance hang over them, curtailing their freedom to speak and act fearlessly. The determination of Hindu religious leaders to engage in interfaith dialogue with criminal syndicates and murderous cults is another egregious whimsy that has more to do with insufferably doltish Gandhian reveries than the injunctions of the Bhagavad-Gita to combat evil without respite. The contemporary Vatican has been exposed thoroughly in the world media as a noxious crime syndicate, with its priesthood committing murder and rape of the young, on a truly gigantic scale, laundering money for the Mafia and embalming its top leaders within Vatican burial chambers for a fee. As for Islamists, only the wilfully blind ignore their historical record of devastating imperial depredations and mass enslavements, apparently only waiting for an opportune moment to resume in the contemporary world, according to its militant adherents across the Islamic universe.

» Dr. Gautem Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians, London.