“Yoga and Harry Potter are evil,” says Vatican’s chief exorcist – ANI

Fr. Gabriele AmorthVatican’s chief exorcist has claimed that practicing yoga and reading ‘Harry Potter’ brings evil. Father Gabriel Amorth, who has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms in the past 25 years after being appointed by the late Pope John Paul II, surprised delegates at a conference by revealing his dislike for yoga and ‘Harry Potter’.

“Practising yoga brings evil as does reading Harry Potter. They may both seem innocuous but they both deal with magic and that leads to evil,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

Yoga is the Devil’s work. You thing you are doing it for stretching your mind and body but it leads to Hinduism. All these oriental religions are based on the false belief of reincarnation,” he said.

Speaking on the subject of ‘People And Religion’ at a fringe event at the Umbria Film Festival in Terni, Father Amorth spoke of his distaste for J.K. Rowling’s young wizard.

Harry Potter“People think it is an innocuous book for children but it’s about magic and that leads to evil. In ‘Harry Potter’ the Devil is at work in a cunning and crafty way, he is using his extraordinary powers of magic and evil,” he said.

“Satan is always hidden and the thing he desires more than anything is for people to believe he does not exist. He studies each and every one of us and our tendencies towards good and evil and then he tempts us.

“My advice to young people would be to watch out for nightclubs because the path is always the same: alcohol, sex, drugs and Satanic sects,” he added.

This is not the first time that the 85-year-old has raised eyebrows with his forthright views, as last year he had said that the ongoing child sex scandals rocking the Catholic Church were evidence that “the Devil was at work in the Vatican”. – Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 27 Nov. 2011

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  1. […] “Yoga and Harry Potter are evil,” says Vatican’s chief exorcist – ANI […]


  2. “No one is perfect, so is Hinduism and while it can be reformed” – I don’t agree with these comments. May be the Hindus aren’t perfect but Hinduism is not only perfect but an exact science. It was the Hindus who got degenerated in the past few thousand years and had to be reformed through invasions etc. Hinduism never undergoes any degeneration. On Christianity, I completely subscribe to P N Oak’s views – “that there was no Jesus”; “the scientific developments of the world are sinusoidal and it quite rubbish to say all these scientific developments never existed before.”


  3. This observer does have one reservation about the teaching of Yoga to all and sundry.

    Hindu sadhanas, whether they be Mantra or Tantra or Yoga, empower the individual. Why should Hindu gurus teach these sciences to persons who are, or may be, declared enemies of Hindu religion and culture?

    All Hindu sadhanas require a commitment to certain principles and to guru and deity. There are now Christian Yoga teachers in the West who ask their students to commit themselves to Jesus before beginning their practice.

    Our Neo-Advaitic swamijis say this is just fine. They do not care who does what with Hindu sciences and sadhanas as long as they get their pranams and dakshina.

    But why should we teach these empowering practices to those who have declared in so many words that they are out to destroy us.

    Christianity is a parasitical ideology that took everything of value within it from the Pagan Greeks and Romans (and maybe also the Hindu and Buddhist pundits at Alexandria). It put its own sectarian label on these Greek and Roman philosophies and practices, some, like Neo-Platonism, which were very similar to Hindu teachings, and has used them down the centuries to further its own wicked agenda. So Christians will do the same with Yoga and Advaita.

    Of course it is too late to stop the “theft”. Our international swamijis have already given the secrets away. Hindu society is full of quislings who will stab their own kind in the back for selfish reasons. But still we should consider what has happened and at least be sure Hindu religion and culture gets the credit for what was originally ours.


  4. Take back Yoga is a campaign started by HAF only a couple odd years ago when the Southern Baptists started open media public propagandas against Yogas and Hinduism. The caption may look a little at odds but their main intention was to enlighten the American people that Yoga originated in India and its roots lies in Ancient Vedic teachings which the modern world know it by the name of Hinduism. Unfortunately the human society always had Mir Jafars and Jaychands. One so called Advaitantist who pretends that he is not Hindu but an advait and Yoga are not Hindu related subject. This is how the controversy was built and several news media in West blew it up out of proportion to creat an anti Yoga movement.

    HAF then thought out a counter strategy and discovered this technique of Take Back Yoga into Hinduism fold to enlighten the American people of its Hindu roots. But they also categorically stated it that nobody owns Yoga and it is open to everybody to practice and benefit from. I think their statement is quite correct. It should be supported in its all right earnest. God bless

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania


  5. Pramod,

    While I admire your feelings about Yoga and Hinduism, I just add a word of caution to your observations. Let me start with some questions:
    (1) Had our mothers not persevered patiently, sometimes even smacking at our bottoms to feed us, (2) to dress us for schooling forcefully against our wishes because we were more interested in playing, (3) had our schools not introduced the examinations system, would we have been branded as qualified people to our grades (4) Let us say abolish all controls in the name of freedom of speech, freedom of personal expression and let people walk on the streets naked and having sex openly like the animals in Indian streets have and why not humans? (5) Let us stop wasting our money on policing and military establishments because their last resort is ‘kill’ in the name of law and order and it is not acceptable and so on and so forth.

    Now going back in a bit of historical facts, it is true that human being is the most dangerous animal, I repeat, the most dangerous animal our Nature Mother has created. You can tame every creator except a Human being. In such a grim scenario, the million dollar question is, “What should one do”?

    In our own land we know that the Somnath Temple was destroyed at least six times and had to be built again and again, I am sure you must be aware of it. Islam’s history is only 1400 odd years and yet it is a most barbaric and gory. Those were days when the world population must have been very scant compared to today. Christians grew only after the Emperor Constantine embraced it long after Jesus which might be somewhere 1700 or 1800 odd AD years. Bible’s New Testament was not started till almost after
    50-60 AD odd years after the death of Jesus even if we accept that some entity called Jesus did exist. But Vedas are acclaimed and accepted world wide as the oldest texts and Sanatan Culture as the oldest living, thriving vibrant social system on the globe despite the so much historical genocides and plunders.

    India is the only land where there are so many existing vibrant faiths. You look at any other country and compare it. You will be attacked in your house where you are not safe. What will you say and do then? Look at the India today. These western nations want to squeeze your economy in one name or the other. FDI’s controversy is another blatant example. Corruption to you is business to them, remember it. I cannot elaborate here more than this. I have written posts on these on net.

    Sonia Gandhi left India in the name of medical treatment leaving it at the height of a most difficult political turmoil against corruption. They fooled the country in the name of CWGs, levied extra tax on Delhiites even when there was a worst recession in India (you paid all those taxes even starving your children) only to be cheated in unspecified multi-crores of rupees because the nation’s son-in-law had his stakes and Ms Sonia had been payed in her foreign accounts including her sisters. This blog has just exposed the media nexus in India and their deliberate anti-Hindu propaganda industry, can you do or should you do anything about them or sit and just watch idly?

    Yoga is a $ 6 Billion Dollar strong industry in US and the people there love it.
    It is for this reason, I am writing the series on it to try to attempt to enlighten the people about its proper application because even in India, the people are not aware of its scientific education and values. It is our duty to educate the masses for its veracity. You learnt English because it was imposed on us 175 years ago and today the Indians feel proud as if the Indian elites are born talking in English. You have a fellow who even worships English Goddess in UP and established a Temple there. He is being promoted by the
    Catholic money. These are divisive forces being introduced by stealth.

    Nehru-Gandhi family rules you and me but their love for Hinduism is only a facade for vote bank. Today their interest lies in Vatican. Rahul aka Raul Vinci will not marry a Hindu girl. He has declared it in 2004 that he has a Colomian Spanish girl friend whose father is an international druglord.

    Indira Gandhi frowned upon Hindus when she was asked to marry a Hindu. Oohaaaa…. marry a Hindu….. ooh…? She had or is supposed to have aborted at her mid-fifties? Whose baby was it? Nehru’s PA Mr Mathai has written a book that is banned in India. It reveals a lot. That concerns our and affects our day to day life. How long will you sit and contain yourself?

    Time has come today that we must enlighten ourselves first and then enlighten the world as to what Hinduism stands for? What Hinduism has to offer to the rest of the world. This has to be promoted consciously and if need be, a little actively. I do not want to use hard words but the Human Society has to be humanised. The only way for it is promotion of Hinduism and Yoga more actively, actively and actively.

    No one is perfect, so is Hinduism and while it can be reformed, its 21st Century Version has to be worked out. That is why I started working on Yoga teachings. You can read them on net: Is Yoga Science or REligion? I have written already nine Parts in this series. It continues till I finish the entire Ashtanga Yoga Education in its entirety. It is a lovely science and my readers love it abroad. God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania


  6. Super comment. You have exposed the total depravity of Vatican functionaries.


  7. Yoga is a billion dollar industry in the West. It was taken to the West by our Neo-Advaitic, globe-trotting swamijis who presented it as a non-Hindu, non-religious spiritual exercise system that gave good health and peace of mind. The swamijis made a lot of money and got a lot of attention selling Yoga. It was one of modern India’s early exports. There is a move in California to return Yoga to its Hindu roots and recognise it as part of Hindu Dharma. This is good and just. There is no possibility of “containing” who practices yoga. And nobody pays much attention to the old Vatican blunderbuss: he is a clown and only good for entertainment and time-pass!


  8. The uncontrolled opening of Yoga to every TOM DICK and HARRY, especially to non-Hindus has to be contained. It is good that Christians and Moslems are blaming Yoga; this ensures that only the strong believers come to Hinduism fold; there is no point inviting suspecting fools to Hinduism.


  9. Exactly the same Fr I refered to last in my comment in your blog. Hinduism forgives such rogues. That is why they pry on Hinduism. All the major western media gave publicity to it because it was Hinduism on the recieving end. Same is about anti Satya Sai Baba industry promoted by Vatican. The western media are obsessed against Baba. I am their favourite because I like Baba.
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania


  10. Harry Potter

    Obviously Fr. Amorth is excited by Harry Potter! To save himself he is blaming the object of desire for his own deep desire! Isn’t this the way with the old goats at the Vatican!

    Harry Potter

    Oh, Fr. Amorth, see the naked ladies of yoga! Wicked! Wicked! At least Harry Potter still has his clothes on!

    Yoga posture

    Years ago there was in Rome a very posh restaurant that served only high officials of the Vatican. The very beautiful serving ladies were dressed in very skimpy costume. This didn’t trouble the Vatican officials as they were usually accompanied by their Ganymedes who demanded all their attention.

    Yoga pose

    See you “next time round,” Fr. Amorth!


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