How to wipe out Islamic terror – Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy“Guru Gobind Singh showed us how just five fearless persons under spiritual guidance can transform a society. Even if half the Hindu voters are persuaded to collectively vote as Hindus, and for a party sincerely committed to a Hindu agenda, then we can forge an instrument for change. And that is the bottom line in the strategy to deter terrorism in a democratic Hindustan at this moment of truth.” – Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Taj Mahal HotelThe terrorist blast in Mumbai on July 13, 2011, requires decisive soul-searching by the Hindus of India. Hindus cannot accept to be killed in this halal fashion, continuously bleeding every day till the nation finally collapses. Terrorism I define here as the illegal use of force to overawe the civilian population to make it do or not do an act against its will and well-being.

Islamic terrorism is India’s number one problem of national security. About this there will be no doubt after 2012. By that year, I expect a Taliban takeover in Pakistan and the Americans to flee Afghanistan. Then, Islam will confront Hinduism to “complete unfinished business”. Already the successor to Osama bin Laden as al-Qaeda leader has declared that India is the priority target for that terrorist organisation and not the USA.

Fanatic Muslims consider Hindu-dominated India “an unfinished chapter of Islamic conquests”. All other countries conquered by Islam 100% converted to Islam within two decades of the Islamic invasion. Undivided India in 1947 was 75% Hindu even after 800 years of brutal Islamic rule. That is jarring for the fanatics.

In one sense, I do not blame the Muslim fanatics for targeting Hindus. I blame Hindus who have taken their individuality permitted in Sanatan Dharma to the extreme. Millions of Hindus can assemble without state patronage for the Kumbh Mela, completely self-organised, but they all leave for home oblivious of the targeting of Hindus in Kashmir, Mau, Melvisharam and Malappuram and do not lift their little finger to help organise Hindus. If half the Hindus voted together, rising above caste and language, a genuine Hindu party would have a two-thirds majority in Parliament and the assemblies.

The first lesson to be learnt from the recent history of Islamic terrorism against India and for tackling terrorism in India is that the Hindu is the target and that Muslims of India are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus. It is to undermine the Hindu psyche and create the fear of civil war that terror attacks are organised.

Hindus must collectively respond as Hindus against the terrorist and not feel individually isolated or, worse, be complacent because he or she is not personally affected. If one Hindu dies merely because he or she was a Hindu, then a bit of every Hindu also dies. This is an essential mental attitude, a necessary part of a virat (committed) Hindu.

We need a collective mindset as Hindus to stand against the Islamic terrorist. The Muslims of India can join us if they genuinely feel for the Hindu. That they do I will not believe unless they acknowledge with pride that though they may be Muslims, their ancestors were Hindus. If any Muslim acknowledges his or her Hindu legacy, then we Hindus can accept him or her as a part of the brihad Hindu samaj (greater Hindu society) which is Hindustan. India that is Bharat that is Hindustan is a nation of Hindus and others whose ancestors were Hindus. Others, who refuse to acknowledge this, or those foreigners who become Indian citizens by registration, can remain in India but should not have voting rights (which means they cannot be elected representatives).

Bharat MataAny policy to combat terrorism must begin with requiring each and every Hindu becoming a virat Hindu. For this, one must have a Hindu mindset that recognises that there is vyaktigat charitra (personal character) and rashtriya charitra (national character). For example, Manmohan Singh has high personal character, but by being a rubber stamp of a semi-literate Sonia Gandhi and waffling on all national issues, he has proved that he has no rashtriya charitra.

The second lesson for combating terrorism is that we must never capitulate or concede any demand, as we did in 1989 (freeing five terrorists in exchange for Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s daughter Rubaiya) and in 1999, freeing three terrorists after the hijack of Indian Airlines flight IC-814.

The third lesson is that whatever and however small the terrorist incident, the nation must retaliate massively. For example, when the Ayodhya temple was sought to be attacked, we should have retaliated by re-building the Ram temple at the site.

According to bleeding heart liberals, terrorists are born or bred because of illiteracy, poverty, oppression, and discrimination. They argue that instead of eliminating them, the root cause of these four disabilities in society should be removed. This is rubbish. Osama bin laden was a billionaire. In the failed Times Square episode, failed terrorist Shahzad was from a highly placed family in Pakistan and had an MBA from a reputed US university.

It is also a ridiculous idea that terrorists cannot be deterred because they are irrational and willing to die. Terrorist masterminds have political goals and a method in their madness. An effective strategy to deter terrorism is to defeat those political goals and to rubbish them by counter-terrorist action. Thus, I advocate the following strategy to negate the political goals of Islamic terrorism in India.

Goal 1: Overawe India on Kashmir.

Strategy: Remove Article 370 and resettle ex-servicemen in the valley. Create Panun Kashmir for the Hindu Pandit community. Look for or create an opportunity to take over PoK. If Pakistan continues to back terrorists, assist the Baluchis and Sindhis to get their independence.

Goal 2: Blast temples, kill Hindu devotees.

Strategy: Remove the masjid in Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the 300 masjids at other temple sites.

Goal 3: Turn India into Darul Islam.

Strategy: Implement the uniform civil code, make learning of Sanskrit and singing of Vande Mataram mandatory, and declare India a Hindu Rashtra in which non-Hindus can vote only if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus. Rename India Hindustan as a nation of Hindus and those whose ancestors were Hindus.

Goal 4: Change India’s demography by illegal immigration, conversion, and refusal to adopt family planning.

Strategy: Enact a national law prohibiting conversion from Hinduism to any other religion. Re-conversion will not be banned. Declare that caste is not based on birth but on code or discipline. Welcome non-Hindus to re-convert to the caste of their choice provided they adhere to the code of discipline. Annex land from Bangladesh in proportion to the illegal migrants from that country staying in India. At present, the northern third from Sylhet to Khulna can be annexed to re-settle illegal migrants.

Goal 5: Denigrate Hinduism through vulgar writings and preaching in mosques, madrassas, and churches to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and make them fit for capitulation.

Strategy: Propagate the development of a Hindu mindset.

Guru Gobind SinghIndia can solve its terrorist problem within five years by such a deterrent strategy, but for that we have to learn the four lessons outlined above, and have a Hindu mindset to take bold, risky, and hard decisions to defend the nation. If the Jews could be transformed from lambs walking meekly to the gas chambers to fiery lions in just 10 years, it should not be difficult for Hindus in much better circumstances (after all we are 83% of India), to do so in five years.

Guru Gobind Singh showed us how just five fearless persons under spiritual guidance can transform a society. Even if half the Hindu voters are persuaded to collectively vote as Hindus, and for a party sincerely committed to a Hindu agenda, then we can forge an instrument for change. And that is the bottom line in the strategy to deter terrorism in a democratic Hindustan at this moment of truth. – DNA, Mumbai, July 16, 2011

» Dr. Subramanian Swamy is a former Union minister and currently a BJP MP who sits in the Rajya Sabha.  

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  1. ‘Stan’ means in Samskrutam is ‘a place’. Hindustan means a place of Hindu. Most of the European languages and few Asian languages are still using Sanskrit words, for your information Gaya Spiga. Urdu adopted this Sanskrit word, so can we reject it from using it?


  2. reading the English doubt if this is SS, But, then Fact is No Indian Muslim or any foriegn or Indian Pastor/ Envanglist Christian is of any harm to the survival of us Hindus as free People with no compulsions, (those who have any migrate to cities) than the leftist Indians themselves, get rid of these toxic leftist and once the snake spreading their venom within our feet and the innocents souls are eliminated, we have no religion or nation to fear for.( PS- I can bet 60% are congress stooges, rest being piece of shit communists)


  3. There is a new bird on the window-Arushi Garg,a Rhodes scholar who while in an interview mouthed the same ‘INTOLERANCE IN INDIA,ISLAMOPHOBIA etc.”She was probably looking for a permanent tenure at Oxford.Shameful.I have tweeted her (since I don’t know how to manage the limit of letters-many tweets were necessary) my opinion and she probably has ignored these as troll.She appears a typical feminist+marxist hybrid and hails from Delhi.


  4. Oxford University buckles under leftist pressure, recalls invitation to Dr Swamy and Mr Malhotra to speak at the Oxford Union.

    “But my faith in Oxford as a supporter of free thought and speech received a rude jolt on 20 March 2015, when a decision was taken to cancel the lectures on ‘Economic development over the years and new reforms needed to take India forward’ and ‘Rethinking India History based on the book Breaking India: Western Intervention in Dravidian and Dalit faultlines’, by Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Rajiv Malhotra citing “logistical and internal issues”. The decision was supposed to have been taken after a series of meetings between prominent and influential members of Oxford University’s academic faculty and members of the Oxford India Society.” – POULASTA CHAKRABORTHY


  5. All above have poor history knowledge, As per Indiragandhi after creation Bangladesh, She was giving speech in Bodh Gaya city that Indian Muslims never ruled India, India colonized by Turks then Mughals then English by chance earlier two were Muslim by religion and last one was Christian, so if you want to change the history does-not matter actually matter is that what visiting professor of Harvard is talking, He talking totally to finish religion Islam from Indian soil, read his article above, we want he should read earlier resistance history of Islam in Arabian Peninsula, If all idol worshippers are Hindu then he should know that Kaaba was a Temple more than three hundred idols was installed in that building which is now the head quarter of whole world Muslims that is KAABA. Prophet Mohammad faced all atrocities of idol worshippers and at last he was about to kill by idol worshippers then God ordered him to migrate Yathrib (Medina) and from there Islam verses Idol worshippers war started from Medina Munawara, but we want remind our fellow countrymen Islam never did aggression over India. Never any Indian ruler received Quran or Sward from any Islamic army, those fortune maker invaders Turks and Mughal were also converted Muslims, and British has disappeared those families from the map and whatever Indians are now India are Indians only, it is not a matter that whatever religion they practice, and India is Semi Islamic nation this is a truth, DR. Swami should not throw this nation into the holy war. Keep it secular and far from Middle Eastern and European confrontations. Already India is surrounded by Muslim countries and inside every vain of Indian nation has Muslim hidden, hence to make it a Muslim free nation is not possible, tell Mr. Swami to kill his desire and help Modi in economical development. of India.


  6. Very bloody political divide, isn’t it!


  7. It should be better to rename India BHARAT because Hindustan with that suffix “stan” still smells Muslim.


  8. There is a political divide between sunni and shia muslims.. And the hatred is a political play.. unfortunately.. But All are equal before Allah in Islam. A person can be superior to another only if he or she is more pious or chaste or God fearing than others..


  9. Very informative.. Thanks..You have made me wiser..


  10. I find it quite amusing that when you talk about Hinduism you are tagged as ‘communal’ and when you talk about Muslims you become ‘secular’. And not just that, Islam sympathizers call Islam a peaceful religion, despite all the bombings and terror attacks happening in the world.


  11. You have spoken well and majority of Indians would agree that all religions are equal. However there is a flaw in your viewpoint. One guy says we are all equal. Another says my viewpoint is superior to yours and you must convert to my viewpoint or face death. What will the outcome be if the first guy is killed off ? One must realize that Islam is not the same as Sufism. There is an underlying political aspect to it which puts it in competition with democracy. See www politicalislam com. Saudis have been busy converting moderates into more radicals with their petrodollars for last many decades. Sufis and moderate muslims are considered heretics. We’ve seen destruction of our major universities like Nalanda by radicals before that destroyed centuries of accumulated knowledge. Did the invaders replace them with any new universities ? We’ve seen the deaths in Punjab, Bangladesh, Kashmir, South Thailand (6000 buddhists). Were the moderates able to stop them ? What will the outcome be of humanity if this happens again ? Is there any plan whatsoever to prevent this ?


  12. Totally incorrect. But let’s discuss discrimination in Islam. Slavery has been there in Islam from the beginning. It was legal to kill slaves. It was there in Saudi Arabia until modern times until foreign pressure lead to stopping it as late as 1962. Foreign workers still live in the most wretched conditions there. A Jew/Christian gets half the justice of a muslim, a Hindu one sixteenth. There is severe discrimination against Shias, Ahmeddiyas, Bahaiis, Baloch, Jews, Christians … not to mention Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs in muslim societies. Now the caste system in Islam. There is such a thing and Arabs are at the top of the hierarchy. There are divisions of wahhabi, deobandi, barelvi, each of which is in competition with the other. Because of the doctrinal nature of Islam, these divisions are more severe.

    They do know Hinduism. I wish you really knew Islam.


  13. You dont have the basic understanding of sanata dharma………According to Vedas every one is born Shudra and rises up in the hierarcy based on his/her actions…..but the problem is that Hindus dont even have the basic understanding of their histiry and scriptures and as a result they start fighting among themselves………We have already lost 70% aof our land and may losse some in coming future……..People in North-east have almost fallen pray to Christianity and now they dont even consider themselves even a part of India…….Swami ji is just telling that we Hindus must unite together and rise above our personal intersets and should abandon every thing which is evil….and that the true meaning of Sanatan Dharma…….Shri Krishna himself had said in Geeta – “Vidya vinay sampanne,Brahmane gavi hastini,Shuni chaiv swa pake cha, Panditah sam darshinah”…..after this there should not be any question on caste system as it was never a part of our culture………it was rater a class system based on profession…….Also Mr. Swami didnot say that Guru Gobind Singh was anti- muslim……he just said that under spiritual guidance even a small bunch of people can perform miracles.


  14. mr p kumar very pitty that you are weak at indian history …please do not come up with comments unless you know at least the basics of what u you say ….Hinduism is the worlds oldest religion or culture … once buddhism was here all over india … but befor that they were hindus …


  15. @true indian
    You are 100% right.
    These days people are not aware of these facts. they are engaged in fighting.
    Thanks for creating awareness.
    Hari bol
    Hare krishna


  16. Read again he is not anti Muslim but Islam His son in law is Muslim

    Some Facts Check Them

    India culture,religion tells us to respect females thats why we call them devi (Goddess) [ladies] but to gentleman we dont call devta [God]. But nowdays our society have distorted mindset.

    Namaste means I bow to the God/Goddess in you shows no untouchability

    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan,Muslim Rashtrya Manch follows RSS ideology agree there Hindu ancestry

    Subramanian Swamy of India,Rajiv Malhotra NRI USA,David Frawley An American Agreed that there ancestors are Hindus.

    Francious Gautier of France,Koernard Elst of Belgium

    Pakistanis like Hassan Nisar,Fouzia Saeed,Tarek Fateh agrees that there ancestors were Hindus.Please see there articles and videos with open and impartial mindset

    Syed Asif Ibrahim[Head of India’s Intelligence Bureau] similar to head of FBI or CIA Cheif but it cant happen in western world even now,Idris Lateef former IAF Cheif,3 Muslim Presidents in India,Altamas Kabir Cheif Justice of India

    NonMuslims are not against Muslim but Islam as political tool,conversion & AlTaqqya[lie] & thinking they are Arab which they are not as per DNA studies u have Hindu ancestry and son & daughter of soil

    Sing Vande Mataram don’t say Anti Islam Music is Haram yet u listen & Photography is Haram but u use Facebook,Passport why AlTaqqya debate with Ali Sina of Faith Freedom.

    Indonesia,Muslim majority country are proud of there Hindu ancestry has Lord Ganesh on 20,000 rupiah, Garuda Airlines, Indonesia Embassy gave Saraswati statue to USA if India does it than its communal.

    Hindutva is related more to the way of life of the people in the sub- continent a Supreme Court of India judgement in 95.

    AryanDravidian theory is fake as per DNA.Colour of skin is due to melanin.Recent studies on DNA of Indians by CCMB Lab of India,NCBI Lab of USA,Harvard proved that

    All Indians whether they are so called Brahmin,Tribal,SC,ST,Muslims, Christians of India have same genetic lineage

    Namaste means I bow to the God/Goddess in you shows no untouchability

    Present dowry system is European yes Bombay was used as Dowry by European invaders based. In Hindu it was called streedhan which was property of daughter cannot be used by groom,his family & it was generally used in emergency like when she was widow.

    Purdah system,Female Infanticide came when arab invaders captured our females converted them,enslaved them,raped them & to escape the brutality they jumped in fire/killed themselves to save their honour this is Jauhar & this horrible situation resulted in parents wanting men to fight.

    But its fault of Hindu society who practices & believe these distorted things Hindu caste system is not birth based as it was classification of job [Knowledge,Weapon,Land,Wealth not in one hand to be misused] not based on birth but ability,skills in Hindu it was called varna based on one’s quality not birth. The present Hindu caste system was followed by Portuguese,Spanish invaders called casta check these facts.

    Aryan Dravidian theory is fake see TOI,The Hindu,DNA,Deccan Herald,BBC Hinduism section Newspaper online


  17. rightly remarked.


  18. mr singh,you are good in history. pl work for ailments of india with prescriptions of strong dosages medicines. mr swamy gave five basic issues and also suggested remedial steps. more better solutions could be their.will you not like to come out with solutions.

    for me, consolidation of hindus is prime need.we are now apt to differ with ourselves instead of going for union and association.we always prefer to differ to show our wisdom which defeats our power.

    we should aim to fight our enemy and not with ourselves.


  19. I appreciate Mr. Rajagopalan, he says the truth; There is no untouchability in TN as any dalit can visit the temples, can sit and travel in public trains, buses, restaurents, shopping malls, even they are in high office positions, where the brahmins are working under them. brahmins are denied promotions, even they are eligible after a long service, both the state and central governments are treating brahmins as social enemies, and they are supporting dalits in education and job reservations and relaxation for dalits in marks, age, and so many concessions are enjoyed by dalits. What else still dalit want??? do they want to kill brahmins?? the present day india is fully against brahmins and as well as Hindus- helping Muslims and Christians – to dominate in the future?? Stop blaming brahmins- they are already vexed- those who blame brahmins they are really lazies- and not try their own and not believing their skills. I can say that there are no castes-but there are quality difference among – all are not the same and cannot be treated equal- now the new castes are- Doctors, Engineers, Politicians, Industrialists, Poor and Rich- and so many, including illiterate and educated. – all are not same and equal- there is ego and superior -inferior complex- in the society. The final attempt is to pull out the brahmin-priests from temples – and want to see them begging on the roads, isn’t it??? The truth and dharma will triuph in the end.


  20. Between 1328-1515 muslim rulers were dominating only in north India.Only under Mughal era of 170 years they were in the control of majority India. We need to preserve our culture and swami ji is 100% correct with this article. Islamic terrorism is a big threat to the world.


  21. Come on Mr. Arjun Singh, this is not the topic, but if you would want to get exact data, statistically, you should multiply % area of undivided india under muslim rulers by number of years and check against the total period.
    All this is available even in wikipedia!!
    Most period of the Independent India was ruled by a congress governament, do you think all the representatives were and at all times from congress?


  22. Islamic invaders divided us in two communities by converting some of us to Islam. This way they tried to weaken us. We should try to bring Muslim Rajput, Jatt and Gujjar brothers back to Sanatan Dharma.


  23. Why??? What after establishing a hinduvta or Islam society? The common man suffes in the end. No matter what. We should unite as a nation instead of bickering and spreading hate.

    This is precisely the reason why China is now a genuine superpower and India is relatively imploding.

    Just pitiful.


  24. India is a big country. Predominantly the cultural lineage is hindu, but there are some who dont have any connection. They may make 5% of the population but in today’s world we cannot take away voting rights and make fellow citizens feel less important.

    Yes, any nation needs a personality and the personality should not be a confused one. USA still is an active member of NATO and has no confusion in calling itself a white western christsian country – though there are minorities there too.

    India should also not have confusion in calling itself a Hindu country but where everyone else is an equal citizen and has equal voting rights.

    As far as preserving Hindu cultural heritage is concerned, that can be done without these extreme steps which will increase enemity within the population.


  25. True Indian .. You just spoke what i had been feeling about caste-system , after reading the ‘GITA’ myself… you gave perfect examples and it exists [ based on Guna and karma] as long as there are people/society anywhere on this earth … So true … So very true…. Caste by Birth is so absurd …and non sense. dont know why people have to blindly beleive & follow what others say … even it is our parents … we can find the truth for ourselves and educate others.


  26. Mr Amit your knowledge of history is very weak.Let me tell the viewers about the myths of islamic rule in India.In 712 AD Mohammed bin qasem an arab invader captured Sindh very easily which is now in Pakistan.Their aim was to capture India in the next decade.But all further invasions were thwarted by Hindu Kings for a period of 300 years. In 1028 AD the invaders were able to capture majority Punjab and North west frontier province.They were again not successful for another 180 years until Mohd Ghauri after failing for 17 times against Prithviraj Chauhan captured Delhi and were able to capture North India by 1206 AD. But they failed to move forward for another 100 years and eventually 80% India fell in the hands of muslims in 1328 AD. Marathas eventually toppled them in 1707 Ad and ruled maximum India till 1820 AD. So these are all myths that India was ruled for 800 years or 1000 years by muslims. From 712 AD-1820 AD it is actually the Hindus who dominated muslims for majority period.


  27. Whether india was ruled by one or whether ruled by a 100 such invaders, whether they succeeded or failed, the fact is india was ruled for 800 years by Muslims. One, for the fact that Delhi raajdhaani was monopolized with their rules during better part of the period. And two, the policy should have been clearing the indian soil of the last invader the chanakya way – had this been done 1 aurangzeb road would have been non existent. A united Hindu india would have easily countered the threat that time, which unfortunately in 21st century is not feasible. All we as Hindus can do, and Thanks to congressional govt and an ineffective oppositional rhetoric that it is for hindutva agenda, is to get ready to be decimated and apply for minority status in the court of world opinion. By then we’ll have become dinasaurs.


  28. I completly agree with Mr. Swamy.But Mr Swamy has got the history wrong.India was never ruled for 800 years by Islamic invaders.The muslim conquest started in 8 th century and continued till 14th century till the majority India came under their control.It took them 600 years to capture majority India,712 AD-1328 AD.Their rule came to end in 1707 AD with the victory of Marathas over the Mughals.So effectively muslim rule in India was around 350 years and not 800 years and that too was established after continuous beating for 600 years of invaders by Hindus.


  29. Dr. Swamy’s reference to Guru Gobind Singh is a very positive reference. It is not against Muslims per se. You have not understood it. Read the article again and put the reference to the Guru in its proper context!


  30. guru gobind singh was neither against hindus nor against muslims
    in fact many of us know that his father guru teg bahadur got martyred to protect kashmiri pundits from conversion
    also guru gobind singh was never against muslims
    he just fought against the authoritative and religiously intolerant mughals who arm-twisted and prosecuted hindu subjects to embrace islam forcefully

    in the same way he fought against 22 hill rajwadas because they attacked him when he declared all men to be equal

    so he was never against any religion’s followers
    infact he fought lifelong to protect the weaker sections as aforementioned by author


  31. i am a sikh.
    And i strongly object to this hate-speech fanatic article and it’s portrayal of guru gobind singh as an anti-muslim force

    guru gobind singh always stood against tyranny and injustice
    he did fought against the mughals due to their barbaric atrocities on hindu populace not because they were muslims
    he fought them because they were tyrants and torturers
    many of the RSS brainwashed brothers fail to mention that 22 hindu rajput kings joined mughals in attacking guru gobing singh
    but for me that does not translate that all hindus are like them so for the sake of god plz stop refering sikhism’s fight against tyranyy and injustice as a fight against muslims or hindus
    we all are creation of god

    “awal allah noor upayiya
    kudrat ke sabh bande
    ek noor te sabh jag upjeya
    kaun bhale kau mande”

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  32. @ pkumar: Get out of my country u idiot!!!


  33. sir if you have interest to propogate hindutva agenda ,if you have guts try to eradicate brahminism first. These are the people who polluted hinduism with they idiotic laws for their selfishness without having any fear to god. and one more question for that matter hidutva should be applied even in afganistan,pakistan,bangladesh,srilanka etc even they also have same DNA.


  34. lol swamiji . go and ask the teachers to allow dalits into vedic schools.they will finish you. your words may be sweet to hindus now,but the day they find they are against hardcore sanatan dharma they will kill you just like gandhiji(who is believed to be the saviour of hinduism by opposing seperate electorates for untouchables, and responsible for dividing muslims into two different nations).


  35. Too much of Gandhi’s values have made hindus Coward only. and what that cowardinace gave us (Pakistaan,Bangaldesh). if hindus did’t learn get ready for other partion in coming year’s..


  36. High time all Hindus support Dr. Subramanian Swamy.


  37. Swamy’s solutions are most fascist and fanatic. The strategies he has mentioned under Goals one, 2 and three would be considered racist and fascist in any developed country of the world. He is an example of what I call ‘pseudo-Hindu’ someone who has departed from the real principles of liberal, tolerant Hinduism and wants to create a taliban style of Hinduism which is more like Islam or Christianity (in the previous centuries). All right-thinking genuine Hindus must shun him.


  38. Swamys speech in Sri Lanka


  39. Dr. Swamy is not a fanatic. He tells the truth for both Hindus and Muslims in India.

    What was the Buddha before he became the Buddha? He was a Hindu kshatriya!

    India is the Hindu homeland. Don’t you know it yet?


  40. mr.swamy is a hindu fanatic…i as an indian do not support his viewpoint. he is no better dan a hate preaching mullah, indians were buddhist before hindus, so i dont understand wats wid tis ancestor thing. india is 4 evry1 not jus hindus, if hindus dont agree to tis den dey should leave India.


  41. There were caste divisions within Muslim society from the founding of Islam. Read the Muslim sources.

    In India higher caste Muslims were those with less Indian blood. So the Prince of Arcot can very proudly say that he is ethnic Persian with no Indian blood at all.

    If caste divisions exist within Islam and Christianity today it is the fault of these two religious systems not being able to implement their own so-called casteless ideology.

    First Hinduism is blamed for having a caste system, then Hinduism is blamed again when caste identity continues within the new Christian or Muslim community!


  42. i watched amir khan satyamev jayte last episode about caste system untouchability in india. in islam there is no such untouchability but actually it exist in muslim society of india as these muslims are not the real muslims whose forefathers came from arab or iran or turkey. its the same brahmins who converted to islam and the same schedule caste people who converted to islam and it is these converted brahmin muslims who are discriminating against lower caste converted muslims. i really pity on these people who converted to islam to get rid of this untouchability. now i must say an indian proverb “dhobi ka Kutta na ghar ka na Ghat ka”

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  43. Hi True Indian,

    Thank you for this wonderful write up on the caste systems, it’s very informative and an eye opener indeed. Thanks to the author for publishing this news as well.



  44. What are u are saying is a big lie… Come to TN or any city…stand in the middle of the road or visit any temple…let me see who considers you as untouchable…there will be none absolutely…Dont spread lies…to spread terrorism… infact in muslims shia-shunii hatred is so much open….there is none in hindu system today..


  45. Islam creates a monster out of a man so that he can loot, rape and plunder. It is shameful that barbarians call Islam a religion!


  46. Very nice and informative (sorry my vocab is poor and I could come up with only those two adjectives). Never knew the 4 varnas(i.e brahmins, kshatriyas, vaisyas and shudras) are based on karma(work) and guna(quality) of a person, and not on the birth.


  47. Islam is a cancerous blot on mankind. Yes it has reached all parts of the world and is dragging the world down to its nadir.


  48. Although many Hindus subscribe to the belief that one is born into a certain caste this belief is not supported by their scriptures. The caste system in India has degenerated into a system falsely recognizing men born in Brahmin families as Brahmins, even though they don’t exhibit the qualities of Brahmins. This has caused so many problems.
    What is currently known in India as the caste system is totally corrupt and totally against the actual Varnasram system as it is described by Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita. Lord Krishna clearly says in Bhagavat Gita 4.13 that the four varna & four ashrams has been made by Him according to one’s Guna (qualities) & Karma (work). But unfortunately today caste system has become based on Janma (Birth). But this is against Hindu scriptures. The verse goes:-
    catur varnam mayam sristam guna-karma vibhagasah
    tasya kartaram api mam viddhy akartaram avyayam (B.G 4.13)
    (cätur-varnam—the four divisions of human society; mayäm—by Me; sristam—created; guna—of quality; karma—and work; vibhagasah—in terms of division; tasya—of that; kartäram—the father; api—although; mäm—Me; viddhi—you may know; akartäram—as the nondoer; avyayam—unchangeable.)
    (TRANSLATION: According to the three modes of material nature and the work associated with them, the four divisions of human society are created by Me. And although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the non doer, being unchangeable.)
    So Lord Krishna and all the Hindu scriptures are very clear on that the Four varna are based on Guna (quality & nature of a person) and its absolutely not the Janma (birth). So if a person is born in a Brahmin family, but has the qualities of a sudra, he is to be considered as a sudra. Merely becoming a son of a Brahmin father will not make you a Brahmin.
    So the Vedas recognize different people have different skills and qualifications, but it is not by birth, it is by guna [qualification] and karma [work]. So if someone born of a sudra [worker] father becomes qualified [guna] and works as [karma] a brahmana he should be accepted as a brahmana… In the same way if the son of a brahmana doesn’t have the qualifications of a brahmana or work as a brahmana then he is not a brahmana. There are so many examples of this in the Vedic scriptures.
    The current Indian system is something like accepting the sons of Supreme Court judges as supreme court judges… It’s nonsense. They have to be qualified, they have to attend the university and pass the course, then they have to work under a qualified judge and get the practical experience, then they may be able to become Supreme Court judges…
    So there is actually nothing stopping anyone from bettering his position in the Indian system in the scriptures… But also there is no need for everyone to strive to be Supreme Court judges. Anyone, from any social position can be liberated by performing his own work…
    You have the same system in America. You have intellectuals [brahmanas], you have administrators and military men [ksatriyas], you have businessmen and farmers [vaisyas] and you have workers. The Vedic system just recognizes these groups, that’s all. It’s quite natural.
    What you know as the “caste system” is case-by-birth. But what Krishna describes as the caste system is caste by guna and karma. Guna means qualities and karma means work. So a person’s caste has nothing at all to do with the family he is born in. Although it may happen that someone born in a particular family will have the opportunity to develop the qualities of his father and also work in the same way as his father. So in this case the son may have the same caste as the father. But it is not because he is the son of a father of a particular caste, but it is because his father has trained him and the son now has the qualities and is working as a particular caste.
    Krishna clearly describes that this Varnasrama system is eternal. Krishna has created four types of men and four types work. And he has clearly described the qualities of the men who fit into these for different categories. So the caste system is eternal. It does not change over time. It is not just in India, it is everywhere.
    You will find these four types of men and the four types of work in every society. All over the world. There are Brahmanas, Ksatriyas, Vaishas and Sudras. The brahmanas are the saintly intellectuals who have studied the Vedas and whose position in society is to perform worship in the temple, study the scriptures, perform yajna and give advice — to everyone, but particularly to the ksatriyas. The Ksatriyas are the administrators and leaders and military men. They are the actual leaders, like the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the countries. But they do not work independently, they take advice from the Brahmanas. The Vaisyas are the productive caste. They are the farmers and the businessmen.
    The three higher casts are all independent in making their livelihood. Brahmanas do not accept a salary but they do accept some contributions from the people they are giving advice to. They can receive charity and they also distribute charity. For themselves they live a very simple life. Ksatriyas have some land and they are the king or proprietor of that land and they protect the people and in return the people who occupy the land give them some taxes. So that is the income of the ksatriya. The Vaisyas are farmers or businessmen. So they produce things and sell them and that is the source of their income.
    Sudras, however, have no independent source of income. They must find a “boss” or a “master” and work for them and take a salary from them.
    Now in India you see these puffed-up so-called Brahmanas who work for Microsoft or IBM… They are actually sudras. Because a brahmana will never accept service like this. This is why the social system in India has been destroyed and why there is such a strong movement to eradicate the caste system. Because what is going on in India now as the “caste system” is completely corrupt and has absolutely nothing to do with the system described by Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita.
    The bottom line is the caste system can never be eliminated. It is eternal. These four types of men will continue to exist and the four types of work will also continue to exist.
    But the problem in society is that the men are not being correctly identified or correctly employed. That is creating havoc everywhere. We have men who have no qualification at all for the higher two castes particularly, brahmanas and ksatriyas, working in these positions, and that is causing unlimited problems.
    We have some sudras [workers] and we have some vaisyas [administrators, military], but nowadays it is very difficult to find any qualified brahmanas or ksatriyas.
    varnasramacaravata purusena parah puman
    visnur aradhyate pantha nanyat tat-tosa-karanam
    “The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Visnu, is worshipped by the propper execution of prescribed duties in the system of varna and asrama. There is no other way to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One must be situated in the institution of the four varnas and asramas.” (Visnu Purana 3.8.9)
    But one also has to consider:
    dharmah svanusthitah pumsam visvaksena-kathasu yah
    notpadayed yadi ratim srama eva he kevalam
    “The occupational activities a man performs according to his own position are only so much useless labour if they do not provoke attraction for the message of the Personality of Godhead.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.8)
    All things considered, Kali-yuga is a very difficult time for spiritual life and there are many faults. If despite all the faults we chant the holy names of the Lord.
    “In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy, the only means of deliverance is the chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord. There is no other way. There is no other way. There is no other way.”
    So accodingly its nature & qualities of a particular person which will define if he is either Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya or Sudra. Generally Yadavs are a martial class or Kshatriya Clan. But we see many examples in our scriptures that people from one varna become other varna by developing those qualities. The most famous one is of King Viswamitra, who was a Kshatriya king and who took it as a challenge to become a brahmin. Although he failed 2 times miserably (First time by Menoka-lust & second time by anger), eventually he became a bramha rishi.
    Also there is a story mentioned in Jabala Upanishad about a young boy who approached Gautama Muni and begged to become his student. It was customary that only respectable brahmanas would be accepted for such spiritual training. Gautama therefore asked, “Who is your father?” “That I do not know,” the boy replied. “So, please ask your mother.” The boy went to his mother and asked his mother and the mother subsequently admitted, “My dear son, I have known many men. I do not know who is your father.” The boy returned to Gautama Muni and relayed the embarrassing message, “Sir, my mother also does not know who my father is. My mother say’s that she has sex with many people” Gautama Muni concluded, “Yes, you are a brahmana. I accept you because you are thoroughly honest.”
    The father of Krishna, Vasudev Maharaj was a Kshatriya king. But the cousin brother of Vasudev Maharaj, Nanda baba was a vaisya (cowheard & a farmer). So although they have same grandfather one was a Royal Kshatriya and other was a Vaisya. So those yadavs who are engaged in cow hearding and farming are considered Vaisya according to Varna ashram system.
    whereas Nanda Baba (cousin brother of Vasudev Maharaj) was a Vaisya by varna since he was engaged in farming and he was a cowheard man & a Grihastha by ashram (since he was married).
    Also we see many Yada’v were great rishis & yogis. So they were Brahmins.
    Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita Say’s:-
    “Brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras are distinguished by the qualities born of their own natures in accordance with the material modes, O chastiser of the enemy.
    “Peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, knowledge, wisdom and religiousness–these are the natural qualities by which the brahmanas work.
    “Heroism, power, determination, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity and leadership are the natural qualities of work for the ksatriyas.
    “Farming, cow protection and business are the natural work for the vaisyas, and for the sudras there is labor and service to others.
    “By following his qualities of work, every man can become perfect. Now please hear from Me how this can be done.
    “By worship of the Lord, who is the source of all beings and who is all-pervading, a man can attain perfection through performing his own work.
    “It is better to engage in one’s own occupation, even though one may perform it imperfectly, than to accept another’s occupation and perform it perfectly. Duties prescribed according to one’s nature are never affected by sinful reactions.” (From Bhagavad-gita 18th chapter)
    The purpose of the Varnasrama social system is to provide a structure which allows people to work according to their natural tendencies and to organize society so that everyone, regardless of their position, makes spiritual advancement.

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  49. That is what every semetic religion, evil state, dictator, hitler, mussolini, Japan red army & other tyrants think….. every dog has his day.


  50. Hello DR Sanket Beswas
    whatever you have written in your comment is true upto to some extent. i agree with you that they donot treat dalits with dignity and respect. but the point of confusion in my mind is why we people are expecting such kind of thing from our opponents. and it very strange to know that we people(dalit) give respect to these upper castes hindus the prople is in our old and age long thinking why donot we stop respecting to these people. why we people dont stop going in temple where the god which were high biased toward them are sitting. we gives respect to them and their gods very much and even donate money which they use aganist them. we feel proud when brahmin came to our homes and eat with us why we dont get happy when a dalit came to our homes gives respect to us. we are expecting respect from them because we are still living with the mind set of age long tradration. lets stop expecting anything from them and let do pledge not to give the same to them. Lets start thinking our self above than all like Britishers they called them dogs. and you must know that they people still accept them as superior and fell happy when they came to their homes and temples in the same as we are doing in the case of Brahmins. in addition to this i also want to say that we should not hate to brahmins but we should hate to the system of brahminism which is highly based on unequlity and unjustis. you may find some prople from upper caste who donot believe in this system so they are not our enemies at the same time you may find some people we are from the lower community but believe in the system of brahimnism therefore we should hate to those peole also. now it is time to change thinking…………

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  51. Islam reach all part of the world, never cant stop islam


  52. I am an untouchable, though highly educated with a Ph. D degree; nevertheless I am hated and discriminated by the very Hindus who have created their codes for hatred.
    I do not believe the hateful and discriminatory Hindu will ever treat me with dignity and respect. They will continue to treat millions of untouchables like me as their slaves. I have bitterest experiences of maltreatment and discrimination from Brahmans. How do I forget it? Hindu raj to me is a slaughter house and the same for millions of untouchables. You do not open you schools and colleges for us. I hate to go to temples. I am against temples and the priests who, in my view, spring head of all vices.


  53. Very good article


  54. Chidambaram behind ‘inflammatory’ article case, says Swamy – Times of India, New Delhi, Jan. 17, 2012

    NEW DELHI: The crime branch of Delhi Police on Monday questioned 2G petitioner and Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy in connection with a case of writing an ‘inflammatory article’. The leader, officials say, during the questioning claimed that his writings were edited by the newspaper before publication. After the questioning, Swamy alleged that the case was registered against him at the behest of home minister P Chidambaram.

    Swamy, accompanied by lawyers, reached the inter-state cell of crime branch in Chanakya Puri around 10.50 am and the questioning lasted for about two hours. The Janata Party chief, who has been granted interim protection till January 30 by the Delhi high court against his arrest, claimed that he was called as a witness in the case. Swamy was called by crime branch with his raw article, which he had written. Crime Branch has also reportedly questioned two editors of the publishing organization in connection with the case.

    “I was asked about the meaning of certain words. I told police that my original article was about 4,000 words and the published one was about 1,100 words. I told police that all passages were deleted,” he told reporters. He claimed he wrote the article and emailed it to the newspaper when he was in the United States. “If you read the whole article, no case can made out of it,” he said.


  55. Delhi High Court rules Dr. Swamy can’t be arrested until Jan. 30th – Times of India, New Delhi, Jan. 13, 2012

    NEW DELHI: Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy, accused of writing an inflammatory article, can’t be arrested till Jan 30, the Delhi High Court ruled Friday even as it asked him to refrain from penning such pieces.

    “Seek undertaking from your client that he will not write any such article (which can spread enmity between communities) in future,” Justice M.L. Mehta told senior counsel K.T.S Tulsi appearing for Swamy.

    Tulsi assured the court that Swamy would not do so in future.

    The court also issued notice to Delhi Police and directed it not to take any action against Swamy till the next date of hearing.

    Swamy moved the Delhi High Court seeking anticipatory bail in the case registered by Delhi Police against him Oct 3, 2011.

    Swamy is facing a criminal case for writing an anti-Muslim article in DNA newspaper in which he suggested that voting rights of Indian Muslims be revoked.

    The Harvard-educated economics scholar, in the article ‘How to wipe out Islamic terror’, published July 17, 2011 had suggested Indian Hindus collectively respond to terror acts.


  56. […] Indian Law Minister Dr. Subramanian Swamy published an op-ed in a mainstream Indian daily called ‘How To Wipe Out Islamic Terror’. Dr. Swamy is not much loved by the current Indian government as it was through his anti-corruption […]


  57. Harvard’s decision to rusticate Swamy a breach of free speech – Vivek Gumaste – The New Indian Express, Chennai, Dec 18, 2011

    The unsavoury campaign spearheaded by a Harvard don and her Indian water boys lugging a baggage of bigotry from their native land that pushed the Harvard faculty to rusticate Dr Subramanian Swamy from teaching a summer economics course at the university can’t be categorised as a task with a higher moral mission. It is basically a vicious unprincipled assault on free speech; a devious charade to silence one’s ideological adversaries or to put it more bluntly, a vindictive hatchet job.

    Dr Swamy’s teachings at Harvard were confined to the intricacies of economics, a topic far removed from the complexities of political polemics. There is no proof he deviated from his brief. Attestations by his supervisors at the university point not only to his academic excellence but also to his ethical probity: he strictly refrained from abusing his economic platform to further his political views. To dock his privileges to teach economics as a penalty for his supposed political vagrancy (Op-ed, DNA July 16) is nothing short of rank absurdity; it does not subscribe to common sense and cannot be justified by any rational tenet.

    Moreover, the whole episode smacks of a blow beneath the belt; a ploy that has chicanery written all over it. His opponents would have earned more laurels had they invited him to an open debate on the topic, stridently confronted his views and demolished his arguments in a logical manner. Instead they chose to adopt devious under-arm tactics that abrogated his right to respond. Paradoxically, in this process they exposed their own inherent intellectual bankruptcy; an inability to counter his views coherently.

    Free speech comes with the caveat that it cannot incite violence. While some may find Dr Swamy’s suggestion to disenfranchise a select group articulated in his op-ed article reprehensible, it would be a stretch to deem it as incendiary. When we allow such exaggerated and self-serving extrapolations, we are setting a dangerous precedent that may be used arbitrarily and recklessly to censure the scope of free speech: a death knell for democratic tradition. Extremely disappointing is the role of the Harvard faculty in exercising its intellectual acumen. Not only did they exhibit a deep ignorance of the topic but made no effort to scrutinise the article in question or the context in which it was written in an effort to gauge the validity of the allegations. In short, they were content to be taken for a ride.

    For instance, the charge that Dr Swamy’s proposal to remove (not destroy) the masjid alongside the Kashi Vishwanath temple, one of Hinduism’s holiest shrine, was tantamount to “calling for violence against their (Muslim) sacred places” went unchallenged. Completely overlooked was the fact that the mosque had been forcibly erected at that site after the destruction of the original Kashi Vishwanath temple at the hands of the Muslim fanatic Aurangzeb.

    The two students who initiated this petition against Dr Swamy make no bones about their motive: “Swamy draws a lot of prestige and legitimacy from his position at Harvard… If the Hindu Right were to come into power in India, he could very well be someone who takes up a position in government, so I think it’s important for members of this community to play a part in discrediting him…” So their motive was neither altruistic nor intellectual, but a narrow political one in which Harvard became an inadvertent accessory, suffering a serious loss of face in the process. Earlier in July, Harvard had defended Dr Swamy’s right to free speech by saying: “We are ultimately stronger as a university when we maintain our commitment to the most basic freedoms that enable the robust exchange of ideas.”

    In order to regain its credibility and status as a beacon of free speech, it is imperative that Harvard restores this ‘commitment’ by reversing its decision.



    President, Harvard University, honour Dr. Swamy’s right to free speech! Don’t give in to Islamist professors like Diana Eck and Sugata Bose!


    The World Hindu Council of America [ VHPA – ] expresses its deep disappointment at the regressive step by Harvard University, in choosing to drop Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s courses this summer; apparently under pressure from a few faculty members, ideologically opposed to Dr. Swamy.

    In the year 2011, it was heartening to see Harvard University, uphold its finest tradition of intellectual rigor and freedom of expression, (, when they refused to capitulate to calls for the dismissal of Dr. Swamy, for publicly castigating Islamic extremism.

    But the recent flip-flop by the University, and its decision to remove Dr. Swamy from its faculty, causes concern on the following account –

    1) It does not appear, that the University approached Dr. Swamy for his response to the allegations levelled against him. Is such a gesture, too much to expect that from a premier institution standing for freedom of speech?
    2) In the Crimson article, fellow faculty members charge Dr Swamy of ‘racism’ and justify his dismissal. The article ( mentions, “Swamy’s position [on disenfranchisement] is like saying Jewish Americans and African Americans should not be allowed to vote unless they acknowledge the supremacy of white Anglo Saxon Protestants,” said History Professor Sugata Bose.

    Albeit, Dr. Swamy wrote in his article ( analysis/analysis_how-to-wipe- out-islamic-terror_1566203-all):“India, ie, Bharat, ie, Hindustan, is a nation of Hindus and others whose ancestors were Hindus. Others, who refuse to acknowledge this, or those foreigners who become Indian citizens by registration, can remain in India but should not have voting rights (which means they cannot be elected representatives)”.

    Based on the content of the article, how is Dr. Swamy’s call to uphold the supremacy of the Indian Constitution, over the Quran or any other Pan-Islamic super-identity, comparable to racism or amount to racial discrimination?

    If anything, Dr Swamy’s article highlights the historical fact, that both Hindu and Muslim ethnicities of the Indian subcontinent, have a common Hindu ancestry (and Hindu religion is a set of Universal philosophies, with no connotation to any individual “race”). His op-ed in DNA actually does not advocate anything extra-judicial, that has not been discussed before, in the political discourse of India. If anything, his op-ed echoes the frustration of the average Indian, who is subjected to relentless attacks by Islamic terrorists, and who is treated as a second-class citizen in Kashmir, under the provisions of Article 370, that Dr Swamy is critical of.

    Thus, the opinion expressed by Diana Eck, Sugata Bose, among others, only offers one particular perspective in favor of the Islamists, on this issue.

    We the undersigned, join the World Hindu Council (VHPA) in registering that, this latest decision by Harvard University is only going to strengthen the extremists and their apologists, especially in the Indian sub-continent. More importantly, Dr. Swamy has the right to freedom of speech, on political issues. We hope that the University will re-evaluate its decision and re-instate Dr. Swamy in keeping with its time honored tradition of intellectual probity.

    [Your name] Click here to go to petition


  59. May be Swamy should have gone to Yale, A light article

    Prof Carl Bankston III again

    He has refered to Hashimpura case, the link does not work. Here is the pucl link on that and excerpts

    Subramanian Swamy went for fast unto death for this incident.


  60. Super! The song has been sent to Dr. Swamy.


  61. Finally, an intelligent rebuttal of Diana Eck’s very stupid complaint against Swamy.

    Harvard is going to pay dearly for this unjust dismissal in the long run.


  62. Harvard Cosmopolitans Gone Wild – Carl L. Bankston III, Sociology Editor, The Moral Liberal, 13 Dec. 2011

    Harvard economics Professor Subramanian Swamy has become the center of controversy at the university. Professor Swamy left teaching at Harvard during the regular academic year to enter politics in his home country, but continued to return to Cambridge to teach summer courses. Earlier this year, Professor Swamy published in the Indian newspaper Daily News & Analysis. In reaction to the Mumbai bombing by Muslim terrorists, Professor Swamy advocated declaring India an officially Hindu country and taking steps to enforce its Hindu identity.

    Although Swamy did not identify himself as a Harvard Professor or link his ideas in any way to that institution, the ever-vigilant and concerned Harvard community soon learned of his publication of objectionable views. Students and parents petitioned the university to end its connection with the wayward academic, professing their adherence to the free expression of ideas, but asserting that Swamy had gone beyond the limits of acceptability. I have often noted that advocates of censorship in this country generally proclaim loudly their belief in the principle of free expression and then exclude whatever they don’t like from this principle because it “goes too far.” The petitioners also raised questions about Swamy’s ability to treat all students equally (another common strategy by enforcers of conformity), even though there is no evidence at all of his ever discriminating against non-Hindu students at Harvard.

    This past week, Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences responded to the controversy by cancelling Professor Swamy’s two summer courses. Diana L. Eck, the Harvard professor who made the proposal to cancel the classes reiterated the view that the university had to cut its ties to Swamy because his ideas involved limiting human rights and denying freedom of religion. The admirable Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has asserted Professor Swamy’s right to advocate radical social change, a right that he shares with Communists or adherents of other ideas that many might see as “going too far.”

    Summer courses are assigned at the pleasure of the university and the university does have the right to cancel courses it does not want to offer. Nevertheless, Harvard’s faculty body clearly made a very bad decision here. At the most basic level, an employer is making a decision about the continuation of an employee on the basis of political activities completely unrelated to the job, there being no support whatsoever for the claim that Swamy “might” be unfair to some students. Beyond that, FIRE is correct that the university is a special kind of employer, one that has a moral obligation to protect and promote intellectual pluralism. In a university, ideas that someone finds objectionable should be rebutted, not silenced or excluded. But this case actually goes beyond the open expression of views on campus. Harvard’s Arts & Sciences faculty, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, is taking action to officially repudiate an article published in a newspaper in India about politics in India by an Indian citizen.

    Anyone aware of my own paper trail should expect me to uphold the right of individuals in Massachusetts or anywhere else to hold informed, semi-informed, and utterly uninformed opinions and judgments about everything under and beyond the stars. While we cannot extend the protections of the U.S. Constitution to people outside the U.S., as human beings we can certainly be certainly be concerned about how our fellow human beings treat other humans everywhere and at all times. But I cannot see why the organization of the faculty at Harvard, as an institutional entity, should have any business taking positions on what are acceptable or unacceptable opinions for Indians on political and social questions in India.


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  64. Harvard Drops Subramanian Swamy – Tripti Lahiri, Wall Street Journal, New York, Dec. 8, 2011

    Harvard University faculty voted on Tuesday to drop two summer economics courses taught by Subramanian Swamy in response to a July piece by the Janata Party politician that made sweeping remarks against Muslims and proposed depriving them of the vote unless they declared their families were converts from Hinduism.

    Harvard University has decided to drop summer courses taught by Subramanian Swamy. Above, the university’s main campus.
    In an e-mail to a research group informing them about the vote, Michael Witzel, director of graduate studies in the Department of South Asian Studies, described Mr. Swamy as “insidious” and the head of the “miniscule” Janata Party.

    The Crimson, the university’s student newspaper, reported Wednesday that the proposal to drop Mr. Swamy’s courses had come from Comparative Religion Professor Diana L. Eck.

    “Swamy’s op-ed clearly crosses the line by demonizing an entire religious community,” said Ms. Eck, according to the Crimson.

    Mr. Swamy could not immediately be reached for comment but on Thursday he tweeted that, “IIT/D sacked me in 1973. Four years later, I became a member of the IIT Board Governors–the very body which had sacked me!”

    Mr. Swamy’s official biography says he was sacked from his position as a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1972 for “crusading for academic freedom” and for supporting union rights for non-teaching employees.

    In response to a query from a Twitter follower on what was happening, he said, “Nothing serious. Non economists at Harvard don’t like my views on how to protect India.”

    He didn’t seem very bothered about the vote, devoting several tweets instead to his efforts to see Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram personally investigated in connection with the corruption scandal over how telecom spectrum was allotted to companies in 2008. A court on Thursday ruled that Mr. Swamy can question two witnesses that he says will help him prove there is actually case to be made against Mr. Chidambaram, who has so far refrained from commenting on this development.

    Mr. Swamy’s July 16 piece, called “How to Wipe Out Islamic Terror” was published in the Mumbai-based DNA paper but the text of the story is no longer available on DNA’s website.

    However, several right-wing Hindu websites have posted the text of the article with admiring phrases, in one case calling it “nice and staunch.”

    Students and faculty at Harvard would describe it another way – as hate speech. Soon after Mr. Swamy published his piece in July, the Coalition Against Bigotry at Harvard circulated a petition calling on the university to “end its association with religious extremist Subramanian Swamy.” Initially, the university appeared to be standing by him. A group for freedom in academia also urged the university not to undertake an investigation against Mr. Swamy, the Crimson reported in July.

    This week, Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted almost unanimously to oust Mr. Swamy, according to Mr. Witzel’s e-mail, with even those who had previously supported retaining him changing their minds.

    “I was persuaded … that the views expressed in Dr. Swamy’s op-ed piece amounted to incitement of violence instead of protected political speech,” Sean D. Kelly, chair of the Philosophy Department, told the Crimson via e-mail.

    Yet in India, with the exception of comment on niche blogs and websites, Mr. Swamy’s words did not provoke an outcry similar to the one at Harvard.

    The majority of comments on the Wall Street Journal’s previous blog on Mr. Swamy’s op-ed defended the politician. One reader, “Uma S,” said Mr. Swamy was “standing up and addressing the problems in India” and claimed “Muslim terrorists and Christian missionaries are destroying the country.”



    Gist of Alan Dershowitzs article .

    Israel should announce an immediate unilateral cessation in retaliation against terrorist attacks. This moratorium would be in effect for a short period, say four or five days, to give the Palestinian leadership an opportunity to respond to the new policy. It would also make it clear to the world that Israel is taking an important step in ending what has become a cycle of violence. Following the end of the moratorium, Israel would institute the following new policy if Palestinian terrorism were to resume. It will announce precisely what it will do in response to the next act of terrorism. For example, it could announce the first act of terrorism following the moratorium will result in the destruction of a small village which has been used as a base for terrorist operations. The residents would be given 24 hours to leave, and then troops will come in and bulldoze all of the buildings. The response will be automatic. The order will have been given in advance of the terrorist attacks and there will be no discretion. The point is to make the automatic destruction of the village the fault of the Palestinian terrorists who had advance warnings of the specific consequences of their action. The soldiers would simply be acting as the means for carrying out a previously announced policy of retaliation against a designated target.

    Compared to Alan D’s write up , Swamys article was very very mild. Alan D is still a Felix Professor at Harvard Law School.from 1993. They could not dismiss Swamy, but they removed the course. They will surely rename the course and appoint someone.


  66. Sugata Bose Prof of History at Harvard married to Ayesha Jalal
    Diana Eck and Witzel


    Coauthored with her husband Sugata Bose, Modern South Asia is the first exploration of modern South Asian history by an Indian and Pakistani in collaboration.

    Jalal taught at Columbia University for several years during which period the number of students taking her course on Modern South Asia doubled. However, she was denied tenure in 1995 amidst great controversy. This occurred just after Jalal vociferously opposed Columbia accepting a large grant from the powerful Indian business Hinduja Group to establish a research institute for Indic studies (which has since been closed by the university). Jalal alleged that Indian and India-centric faculty “were uncomfortable with a Pakistani woman teaching Indian history” and sued Columbia claiming religious and ethnic discrimination.



    A reply to the crimson red article. Now google Alan Dershowitz

    As long as we at Harvard are cutting courses of professors that advocate retaliation against certain groups in response to terrorist attacks, why don’t more students pressure Harvard to cut Alan Dershowitz’s courses? In 2002, he wrote an op-ed on terrorism in Israel and how to respond to it. He essentially said the same thing as Swamy did regarding a tit-for-tat response against terrorism, only on a much worse scale; Dershowitz literally called for Israel to destroy a Palestinian village every time a terrorist attack was carried out on Israeli soil. If Harvard is so anti-hate speech, why aren’t more students trying to oust him from his position? My bet is that it is because he is a prominent figure in America, which sounds pretty hypocritical to me… If Harvard University is going to try to curb what it perceives to be hate speech, it should at least be consistent with its policies. Likewise, all of the students here that have expressed outrage at Swamy’s comments should express an equal amount of outrage, if not more, toward Dershowitz for his explicit call to kill Palestinians in response to terrorist attacks.

    For those that are interested, the quote to which I am referring comes from an article in the Jerusalem Post titled, “New response to Palestinian terrorism.” The quote is as follows: “It will announce precisely what it will do in response to the next act of terrorism. For example, it could announce the first act of terrorism following the moratorium will result in the destruction of a small village which has been used as a base for terrorist operations.”



    by Irfan Hussein

    One irony, of course, is that contrary to their wishful thinking, the vast majority of Muslims in the subcontinent have more Hindu blood in their veins than there is Arab, Afghan, Turkish or Persian blood. Many of the invaders took Hindu wives and concubines. And many Hindus converted to Islam to further their military or civil service careers. As a result of this intermingling, despite proud boasts of pure bloodlines, most Pakistanis have many Hindu ancestors.

    Has Witzel and Diane Eck read this


    Given that most Muslims in South Asia are converts from Hinduism, it is interesting to note that there are hardly any references in their names pointing to their immediate religious past. Most have somehow leapfrogged to remote geographies to serve as their ideological and spiritual geocodes.

    by Murtaza Haider


  69. Witzels mischief in removing S Swamy . They could not do it directly , they did it by divisive divinity. All divinity schools in USA must be closed as they have clowns like Clooney and Wicked Witzel. None of them know Sanskrit or Arabic and as you have said, all is done for money and survival.


  70. Harvard has made a mistake. It has set a precedent it will regret later. What Swamy says and does within the Indian context really has nothing to do with his courses on economics.

    Prof. Diana Eck, Hinduism’s great friend, has shown her true colours!

    History Professor Sugata Bose’s statement “Swamy’s position on disenfranchisement is like saying Jewish Americans and African Americans should not be allowed to vote unless they acknowledge the supremacy of white Anglo Saxon Protestants,” is absurd. There is no parallel between the white Anglo-Saxon colonizers of the US, who destroyed the native aboriginal culture of the Americas, and Hindu civilization which is the root civilization on India.

    If truth be known, Harvard is playing to its Arab Muslim donor gallery. They are afraid their funds will get cut off if they don’t expel Swamy.

    So much for intellectual integrity and free speech in America’s premier university!


  71. Harvard University has decided to dissociate itself from Dr Subramanian Swamy’s controversial article in Mumbai’s DNA newspaper. George Joseph reports from New York.

    A meeting of the faculty of arts and sciences at Harvard University in the United States has voted to remove the summer economic courses taught by Janata Party leader Dr Subramanian Swamy.

    The decision was taken after a heated debate, according to The Harvard Crimson, the campus newspaper.

    Comparative Religion Professor Diana L Eck brought the amendment to exclude Dr Swamy’s Economics S-110 (Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business and Economics) and S-1316 (Economic Development in India [ Images ] and East Asia) from the Summer School catalogue.

    Dr Swamy got his PhD in economics in 1965 from Harvard and served as an assistant and associate professor.

    Ever since Dr Swamy wrote an op-ed article in the Mumbai newspaper DNA in July, calling for the disfranchisement of non-Hindus who do not acknowledge Hindu ancestry and a ban on conversion among other contentious demands, he has been in the eye of a storm. Dr Swamy’s article came days after the serial bombings in Mumbai on July 13.

    Two PhD students, Umang Kumar and Sanjay Pinto, started an online petition asking for the removal of courses taught by Dr Swamy, which received more than 450 signatures from students and faculty. However, Harvard sided with Dr Swamy on the principle of free speech.

    ‘Swamy’s op-ed clearly crosses the line by demonising an entire religious community and calling for violence against their sacred places,’ Eck said, adding that Harvard has a moral responsibility not to affiliate itself with anyone who expresses hatred towards a minority group.

    According to the Crimson, ‘There is a distinction between unpopular and unwelcome political views.’

    Many faculty members felt the article was not free speech, but hate speech. “Swamy’s position on disenfranchisement is like saying Jewish Americans and African Americans should not be allowed to vote unless they acknowledge the supremacy of white Anglo Saxon Protestants,” said History Professor Sugata Bose, a grandnephew of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

    Dean of the Summer School Donald H Pfister explained that courses included in the catalog are chosen by individual departments. ‘I find (Dr Swamy’s) position reprehensible, but on the other hand, it is our duty to support departments and their offerings,’ he said.

    ‘I was persuaded… that the views expressed in Dr Swamy’s op-ed piece amounted to incitement of violence instead of protected political speech,’ Philosophy Department Chair Sean D Kelly wrote in an e-mail to the Crimson.

    Umang Kumar and Sanjay Pinto’s petition was launched under the banner of Coalition Against Bigotry at Harvard.

    It said ‘Swamy’s views are deeply offensive; they are also dangerous. The measures he proposes — far out of step with the everyday secularism and tolerance embodied by most Indians — would threaten to tear apart the basic fabric of India’s pluralist democracy. And, as Indians know too well, the brand of rhetoric that he employs has fueled violence against religious minorities in the past.’

    According to Kumar and Pinto, Swamy’s comments crossed a line. “They stereotype an entire population of people. How can this man who expresses these views, who’s basically saying that India should only be for Hindus and not for other people, and denigrating all Muslims, how can he teach students at Harvard?” asked Pinto.

    “Both of us decided we really needed to take action. His comments are wrong on many levels. They put forth a vision of Indian society in which not all religious groups are welcome, which is very different from the India that both of us know,” Pinto said after the petition was launched.

    Dr Swamy told the Crimson that he was a religiously tolerant person. ‘I can’t condemn all Muslims. I’m not against them. I never said Muslims as a whole are terrorists.’

    He claimed that the response in India to his op-ed was positive. ‘I don’t think anyone in India, except the left wing, has been upset by my article. There has been wholesale support,’ he said.

    Ultimately, Harvard university said it was distressed by his statements, but stood by Dr Swamy on the principle of free speech.

    In a statement, Division of Continuing Education spokesperson Linda A Cross said, ‘It is central to the mission of a university to protect free speech, including that of Dr Swamy and of those who disagree with him. We are ultimately stronger as a university when we maintain our commitment to the most basic freedoms that enable the robust exchange of ideas.’

    The petitioners later said they were not aiming to silencing Dr Swamy. ‘Rather, it calls on Harvard to dissociate itself from someone who engages in hate speech… Dr Swamy’s comments stand in opposition to the goal of fostering reasoned civil discourse at Harvard,’ they said in a statement.

    ‘In short, we the undersigned condemn Subramanian Swamy and the views that he has expressed in the strongest terms,’ they added. ‘Someone who voices such ideas while continuing to teach at Harvard seriously compromises the university’s integrity, undermining its commitment to diversity and tolerance.’


  72. I totally agree with u.There is an urgent need to mobilize hindu masses against pseudo secularists and muslim fanatics alike. Hindus have taken enough of atrocities since historical times and its time we retaliate back to show these scoundrel hatemongers that when we strike back we strike back hard. As they say that offence is the best defence, we must retaliate economically, socially and politically to ensure a safe and secure future for our generations to come. I salute u Dr Swami for being so straightforward and pinpoint in your observations. We need more people like you.


  73. Swamy threatens to move court against Delhi Police – ZeeNews, Oct. 8, 2011

    New Delhi: Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Saturday threatened to move court against Delhi Police if it does not provide to him by tomorrow a copy of the FIR registered against him for spreading enmity between communities.

    In a letter to Police Commissioner BK Gupta, Swamy said he had already sought a copy of the FIR but has not been provided with it.

    “The courts have now come to recognise that law of torts provides for a suit against misfeasance in performance of duty and therefore the police failure to act according to the provisions of Articles 21 and 22 of the Constitution will invite a suit of damages against Delhi Police,” Swamy said.

    He also said the FIR was registered on September 26 or 27 according to media reports and it was more than two months after a controversial article written by him was published.

    “Hence you are required to give a satisfactory explanation for the delay and if the said explanation is not satisfactory in court, it will vitiate the FIR itself, and liable to be quashed,” he said.
    Delhi Police had recently registered a case of spreading enmity between communities against Swamy for his certain suggestions made by him.

    The Crime Branch registered a case under Section 153A (spreading enmity between communities) of Indian Penal Code for his newspaper article in July this year.


  74. In a sense he is right. India is the birthplace of Hinduism, our culture and traditions speak of Hinduism, we are the Hindustanis. Why is it dificult to accept that? Why is it difficult for a Hindu to propagate Hinduism, but all the Muslims and Christians can stick banners and recruit mercilessly at their own convenience. Its a little stupid, if you ask me. All in the name of Minority…..
    Although I do not agree with Swami on the point of mixing religion with politics. These concepts are poles apart and bringing them together is chaos!


  75. FIR against me has been registered under Chidambaram’s pressure, says Swamy | By ANI

    Chennai/New Delhi, Oct 3 (ANI): Terming the FIR registered against him to be a political vendetta, Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy accusing Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram today said the motive seems to have been his stand on the 2G spectrum scam.

    Swamy, who is the chief petitioner in the 2G spectrum case, said: “I don’t know anything about it. It has not been told to me. I learnt it from the newspaper people. I was told that police stations refused to register the FIR. This article was written in July. One Tilak Nagar Police Station refused to register the FIR and then Nizamuddin Police Station refused to register the FIR.”

    ” So, I was told that under the pressure of Mr. Chidambaram (Home Minister P. Chidambaram), the Delhi Crime Brach has registered it. This must have something to do with 2G naturally. They want to prevent me from going to court,” he added.

    Swamy further said the FIR has been filed against him on baseless charges.

    “But there cannot be any charge, once I get the FIR I will go to the High Court and get it quashed because you cannot file an FIR on baseless charges. Whatever I have said is within the Constitution of India. But I have not been informed about it (FIR),” he added.

    Delhi Police has filed an FIR against Swamy in connection with an editorial he wrote on Islamic terrorism in an Indian newspaper in July this year.

    Swamy had earlier last month submitted to the Supreme Court documents indicating that Chidambaram, as the then finance minister, was along with jailed former Telecom Minister A. Raja, involved in deciding the price of 2G spectrum.

    Former Telecom Minister Raja was forced to resign from the Union Cabinet last year after the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) faulted him for undervaluing spectrum to favour companies who were largely ineligible for 2G spectrum, and added that the government had probably lost Rs.1.76 lakh crore in estimated revenue. (ANI) – Yahoo News, Oct. 3, 2011


  76. “Mr. Swamy is just trying to create separations and poison in human mind and this is an absolute inhuman act.” This your observation is simply wrong. Salamji you separate two things when you find them to be united.Tell me at what point of time in the long and eventful history of Hindu-Muslim relationship both the Hindu and Muslim communities lived in harmony? I am sure you cannot give any such instance. Because the fact is that right from the first Islamic assault on India till date Hindu-Muslim unity has been a mirage.The reason is that the differences between the Hindu thought system and the Muslim one are fundamental and unbridgeable.The Ideology of Islam is exclusive and intolerant. Hence there can not be any friendship between Hinduim and Islam.


  77. This is absolute cruelty. If you speak of ancestory and religion , lets date back to the olden ages when people never knew culture and tradition. So there is no hardcore evidence on whether ancestory is hindutva or muslim or christianity. Why do people create such barriers of religion . Lets have harmony , love our fellow beings be it a hindu , christian , muslim … we are humans and for God sake , Humans need to love each other and think of goodness. Mr. Swamy is just trying to create separations and poison in human mind and this is absolute inhuman act . We have enough of terrorism and hardships seen all through out the world and people like Swamy should understand that he should be a cause of love and kindness and history should place him in the good books of kindness and forgiveness. Lets not fight for religion and power and have the best in life with good ness and kindness. I kindly request Mr. Swamy to think twice about this and he will understand the real history . I consider you as a fellow humanbeing and we all need each others kindness for a peaceful existence in this world .


  78. Its a shame that such a soul-stirring article by Dr. Swami has been lambasted by the “Pseudo-secularists” in our country. The single biggest failure of Islamic Aggression has been that 800 years of tyranny has not helped them to convert Bharatvarsha into an Islamic nation.The Muslims tried all sorts of “below the belt” tricks, yet disastrously failed

    1. Killing lakhs of Sanatana Dharma people (for the sake of simplicity we shall refer to them by their present name “Hindus”) by leaving them to rot in the cold climes of Paariyatra Parvatmaalaa. If you all are wondering what am I referring to, let me clarify – I am referring to the Hindu Kush Mountains. Paariyatra Parvatmala was its Vedic name, meaning the mountain range signified the western boundaries of Jambudwipa (Rose Apple Continent). Going past them meant one had crossed the borders of Jambudwipa. Paar (beyond) Yatra (travel) is self explanatory. Hindu Kush means eradication of Hindus. Just goes to show how much pleasure the Muslims got in killing our ancestors.

    2. Marrying Hindu Princesses: A common practice in the Mughal era. This was based on the philosophy of “If we cant drive out Hinuds, Lets breed them out genetically”

    3. Financially breaking the backs of Hindus: Imposition of Jaziya Tax is the most notorious example.

    One could go on.

    Also the very fact that the History taught to us is so biased in favor of Muslims, lends further strength to Dr. Swami’s already true / genuine article. 1 page is devoted to Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj or Rana Pratap or Prithviraj Chauhan. Whereas 2-3 pages are devoted to a tyrant like Aurangzeb or a homosexual like Humayun. If this is not bias then what else is.

    We are all with Dr. Swami. As on date he along with Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi are the pride of Hindus.


  79. Hindus need to compliment Sri Swamy for the unflinching courage he has displayed in baring the criminal face of Islam. In a nation, where the multitude of pseudo-intellectuals never get tired of lecturing us Hindus about the virtues of Nehruvian secularism, about the danger lies in the rise of Hindu fundamentalism, about India being multi-national in character and not Hindu, and about how Islam is the religion of peace and the terrorists who engineer bomb blasts do not understand the true meaning of Islam, Sri Swamy’s article is both path breaking and trend setting.
    The best way to deal with Islamic terrorism is to expose the predatory character of Islam. That is to say, to show that the set of dogmas that constitute Islam is meant only to capture the lands of the infidels by converting them to Islam by the use of every conceivable violent method and that Islam has nothing to do with religion as it is understood by the Hindus. The terror attacks against India are nothing but attempts to islamize India, to complete the unfinished agenda of turning India into Darul Islam, the land of Islam. It is nonsense to say that Islamic terrorism will automatically end once Kashmir problem is solved that is once Kashmir is annexed to Pakistan. Because, Islam never permits its followers to rest in peace till the last infidel is converted to Islam. So, as long as India is a Hindu land Islamic terrorism will continue to ravage her.
    In the fight against Islam Hindus must remember that whenever an opportunity arrives before the Indian Muslims to choose between India and Islam they invariably side with Islam. That is how Pakistan came into being .Similarly; in the midst of the Pakistani invasion of Kashmir in 1947 October all the Muslim soldiers in King Hari Singh’s army deserted the Maharaja to either join the invading Pakistani army or remain mute spectators. Well aware of this traitorous quality of a majority of India Muslims Sardar Patel the first Home Minister of India and the unifier of India “told the Mahatma that Muslims not loyal to India should leave, and he could not help adding that he suspected a majority of disloyalty.” (Patel A Life by Raj Mohan Gandhi page 431).


  80. I can proudly and happily say that whatever Mr. Subramanya Swami wrote about “eradication of Islamic terror” is praiseworthy. We belongs to Hindustan and deserve to live our entire life as a Hindustani and not an Islamic nation. We Indian people and specially Hindus are suffering everyday in our life because of Islamic terrorism and it must be our duty to do something for the nation. I am not saying that leave your job and join or form a Hindu political party but atleast we can try to be united Hindus so that nobody can raise their fingers on us. In India most of the Hindus forgot their culture and trying to follow western culture which is very negative. Adopting English is not bad but avoiding our own culture, tradition and language is not worth. We were the best amongst the entire world if you check our history, its only because of foreign invaders who destroyed our educational system, looted our entire wealth and converted most of the Hindus to Christians and Muslims. Even Mohd. Ali Jinnah commented at the time of Independence that “90% Indian muslim population were Hindus”. I request to every Hindus to be united and fight for our country, culture, tradition and specially for our rights in this country which we are depriving because of congress govt. rule in this country. We Hindus must help to get the glory of this country back. Thanks to Mr. Subramanya Swamis article which might help to create some attention among Hindus about the growing problem in this country “HINDUSTAN”.


  81. On How to wipe out Islamic terror by Subramanian Swamy

    A former student of mine brought this article to my notice and wanted my reaction. Subsequently I found a number of email friends forwarding the web link. The following is my reflection and response on Dr Swamy’s analysis on how to wiope out Islamic terror

    My immediate reaction is that it was brilliant. That the HM-P Chidambaram must be thankful to him and pick up this blueprint and implement these if he really wants to counter terrorism. Instead of creating a mirage of saffron terror and picking on that as an extension of the appeasement policy the GOI is betraying Indians and India’s security. It has defaulted all these years and we have watched this betrayal with hollow promises-we will fight terrorism’ but allowed the Hindus to be led to the slaughter house with their hands tied behind and with absolutely no defensive action .The GOI-has made the Hindus immobile so to say and a soft target with their minority appeasement policy.

    Instead of being thankful to Dr Swamy they are raising all sorts of doubts and accusing him of spreading hatred. Where is the hatred in ‘Analysis: How to wipe out Islamic terror”? That Islamic terror is a fact-a reality cannot be denied because it has cost the nation dearly with lives and blood. The recent Mumbai blast on July 13th 2011 after 31 month this terror attack has shaken us to the reality that we have to live and die with Islamic terror-otherwise some soul searching much be done and strategies to defend ourselves must be envisaged and implemented. It is in this context that one would think that P.Chidambaram and the GOI should be grateful to Dr Swamy. Otherwise it is proof that they really are not keen on countering terror but using it against the Hindus and furthering the vote bank by the appeasement policy. It seems to remind us of the tragic situation Hindus are.

    The response/reaction of the GOI is not only hollow but hypocritical. The lame duck excuses from a lame duck government are-human error, systems failure, intelligence failure, intelligence gap and finally no intelligence failure because it never picked up the intelligence. Yet we have five Intelligence agencies and with what audacity does the GOI give such excuses for the loss of lives, loss of limbs, pieces of flesh strewn on the roads, streets bathed in blood, families orphaned and untold misery and pain and suffering? Candle lights and flowers to sedate the bruised psyche and the battered bodies?

    So Dr Swamy proposes this brilliant defense strategy. Mind you it is defense and not an offence strategy and yet those in the power echelons are trying to spread canards about him and his strategy. They bring in caste-as usual a strategy by which they have divided and ghettoed the nation. The caste of Dr Swamy is not the issue but the issue is terrorism and countering Islamic terror.

    P.Chidambaram,Rahul Gandhi,Digvijaya Singh et al are only bothered of ‘Saffron’ terror while more virulent,more blasting more terrifying,more numerically and more real is the Islamic terror not only in the Indian context but also globally.In the Indian context it is abetted or backed by cross terror from Pakistan.This is a well know fact.Yet these Congressmen want to shadow box the ‘saffron’ terror.What is ridiculous is that while the Mumbai blast of July 13th is being investigated PC is cautioning of ‘saffron’ terror’-which according to him is more dangerous. How has he arrived at such a theory? Facts and figures do not prove his theory.

    I have nothing more to add to Dr Swamy’s five goals except that I would shuffle the five goals and prioritize them in the following order

    Creating of a Hindu mind set-an essential mental attitude as is put- it is a necessary part of a virat(committed) Hindu.This is what will call for the whole Hindu community becoming one .Nothing strange and new because the Catholic Church has this as a belief. It is called the paschal mystery of Christ. Right from the Pope down to the small lay catholic are all united as one body in Christ. Hence if one part is affected the whole body reacts and is affected. This is exactly why the Kandhamal incident made the Pope sit up-it made the European Union pull up the Prime Minister. This kind of evolving as one is not there in the Hindu community. Each seeks salvation through adhering to Sanatana Dharma. So Dr Swamy is not calling for anything that does not exist in other religions but only inserting it in the Hindu context and giving the call to be united and be sensitize because everyone must feel this Oneness and there must be a collective response to anything that affect one/a few Hindus.I would put this as priority one

    The rest can follow if this is acquired. His goal 3 must become second because this can be easily achieved. A common civil code is something that has been demanded by women’s groups and for the empowerment of women. .Wonder why the NAC is silent on this instead of adopting all patronizing programmes and making the women more bonded.

    Goal number 4 becomes three because the migration policy and the Family Planning are changing drastically the demographic pattern of India.Goal number one becomes goal four and Goal 3 becomes five. Except for the changes in priorities I find the proposal of Dr Swamy not only brilliant but enforceable, achievable and relevant and above all Hindus must start changing the mindset and becoming one. Unless politically too there is a vote bank nothing can be achieved. We are seeing this and politicians understand only this-Why not then form a vote bank on the above mentioned premises?

    Dr. Mrs. Hilda Raja


  82. Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s article might have sounded harsh, but has, surprisingly, struck a positive chord with many Indian Muslims, proportionately more than it has with Hindus. The reason being, one point made in the article talks of Indian Muslims re-affirming the fact that their forefathers were Hindus. Incidentally, about 99% of India’s Muslim population strongly affirm that their forefathers were indeed Hindus, who were converted to Islam by force. Very few had converted voluntarily. But after being converted, they were not allowed to re-convert, even from amongst members of their family. This caused a degree of alienation. But, though they are now staunch Muslims insofar as religion is concerned, they still value their ancestry. Many a Muslim in the sub-continent, goes out of the way to assert his cultural roots, when he is in the Middle-East. This is as much true of Indian Muslims as it is of Pakistani Muslims. In fact, as everyone is aware, Pakistan had been since its inception, divided against itself on various fronts. One of the “invisible” area of demarcation, is the sidelining of those sections of Muslims, who are not considered as originating from the sub-continent. Even though more than 90% of the Pakistanis are of Indian origin, there are sections whose forefathers had been from Central/ West Asia. The Pakistani State’s approach had been from its inception, to isolate these communities. In fact, these communities feel safer when they are in India. The Lashkar, a notorious jihadi terror group of Pakistan does not allow people of “non-Indian”origin, to join its ranks. Such fault-lines are there in Afghanistan also. The notorious Taliban for example, has made it clear that its membership is only for Pashtuns in Afghanistan, who are the majority and of Indian origin. The Taliban is out of bounds for those Afghans who are of Uzbek, Tajik, Persian or Turkmen ethnicity, even though these people have also been in Afghanistan for generations.


  83. Petition Calls Op-Ed by Harvard Summer School Instructor Offensive to Muslims by Leanna Ehrlich

    A group of Harvard students have started a petition calling on the University to sever ties with Subramanian Swamy, a Harvard Summer School economics instructor who wrote an op-ed against Islamic terrorism that many have called offensive and inflammatory.

    In an article published July 16 in the Indian newspaper Daily News and Analysis, Swamy recommended demolishing hundreds of mosques, disenfranchising non-Hindus who do not acknowledge their alleged Hindu ancestry, and banning conversion from Hinduism.

    The op-ed came in response to a series of bombings in Mumbai that killed 23 on July 13.

    “The first lesson to be learnt from the recent history of Islamic terrorism against India and for tackling terrorism in India is that the Hindu is the target and that Muslims of India are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus,” Swamy wrote.

    His op-ed spurred over 200 people to sign a petition condemning Swamy and calling on Harvard to end its relationship with him.

    “These are statements you’d expect a demagogue on the extreme right to say,” Umang Kumar, a student at Harvard Divinity School, said, “but a professor who comes here, who got his Ph.D. from Harvard?”

    Kumar and Sanjay J. Pinto, a Ph.D. candidate in sociology and social policy, organized the petition with a small group of peers and then emailed it out to an initial group of 80 students.

    “Both of us decided we really needed to take action,” Pinto said. “His comments are wrong on many levels. They put forth a vision of Indian society in which not all religious groups are welcome, which is very different from the India that both of us know.”

    In an interview with The Crimson, Swamy said that he is a religiously tolerant person.

    “I can’t condemn all Muslims. I’m not against them,” Swamy said. “I never said Muslims as a whole are terrorists.”

    However, the petition accuses Swamy of using the July 13 bombings to write a piece that is inflammatory towards Muslims.

    “Swamy has exploited this event not only to promote a vision of Indian society based on Hindu supremacy, but to disparage and cast suspicion on the entire Muslim community in India,” the petition states.

    At the Summer School, Swamy teaches Economics S-110: “Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business” and Economics S-1316: “Economic Development in India and East Asia.”

    In a statement sent by a spokesperson, Donald H. Pfister, the dean of Harvard Summer School, said that the school will examine the issue.

    “At this point we have only a basic awareness of the situation and have not been contacted by the organizations involved,” Pfister said. “Professor Swamy is a long-time member of the Harvard Summer School faculty who previously was a member of the Department of Economics here. We will give this matter our serious attention.”

    Pinto and Kumar plan to deliver their petition to the Harvard administration early next week.

    “Swamy draws a lot of prestige and legitimacy from his position at Harvard,” Pinto said. “If the Hindu right were to come into power in India, he could very well be someone who takes up a position in government, so I think it’s important for members of this community to play a part in discrediting him and saying, ‘No, he does not represent us.’”

    In India, Swamy leads the Janata party, a political party that held the majority of India’s Parliament decades ago but has since fragmented. At Harvard, he earned his Ph.D. in economics in 1965 and has served as an assistant and associate professor.

    Swamy said that the Indian response to his op-ed has been positive.

    “I don’t think anyone in India, except the left wing, has been upset by my article,” he said. “There has been wholesale support.”

    But the backers of the petition were hardly supportive of the piece.

    “Not allowing Hindus to convert to any other religion, not allowing other groups to vote unless they proudly declare their Hindu ancestry—it’s honestly kind of absurd,” Pinto said.

    Kumar and Pinto both said that while freedom of speech is an integral part of a thriving academic community like Harvard, Swamy’s comments crossed a line.

    “They stereotype an entire population of people,” Pinto said. “How can this man who expresses these views, who’s basically saying that India should only be for Hindus and not for other people, and denigrating all Muslims, how can he teach students at Harvard?”

    — Staff writer Leanna B. Ehrlich can be reached at


  84. Swamy Op-Ed Stokes Furor at Harvard by Paul Beckett

    The idea of a clash of civilizations – a phrase typically used to denote what some see as a winner-takes-all battle between “western values” and fundamentalist Islam – is now a topic of debate here and in the U.S. thanks to an extraordinary op-ed by political gadfly and Harvard Summer School teacher Subramanian Swamy.

    Prakash Singh/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
    Subramanian Swamy penned down a controversial op-ed, soon after the Mumbai bombings. Above, police officers at one of the blast sites in the city.
    His controversial piece, published in DNA, a Mumbai newspaper, July 16, followed the most recent deadly bombings in Mumbai. Police have no suspects but are focusing their attention on an Indian Islamist group called Indian Mujahideen.

    Mr. Swamy, however, doesn’t note that, so far, there is no one to blame or any apprehended suspects. His column includes such inflammatory statements as “Muslims of India are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus.” He suggests that only Muslims in India who “acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus” should be allowed to vote. We might pause here to note that India, under its Constitution, is established as a pluralistic society.

    Mr. Swamy, in a telephone interview from Harvard, said that he didn’t have a process in mind whereby Muslims could profess to their Hindu ancestry but he wanted to know that, if asked, they would say “yes.”

    For good measure, he accuses Sonia Gandhi, president of the ruling Congress party, of being “semi-literate.” When asked to define semi-literate, he said it was somebody who “can just read and write.” That would appear to define literacy, but he termed her semi-literate because to be fully literate she “would have read some books, read some philosophy, have a world view.”

    He also suggests in the op-ed that the Kashmir Valley be settled with ex-servicemen to demonstrate a sort of civilian shock-and-awe campaign that would establish it as Hindu and Indian once and for all.

    Oh yes, he also wants to make it illegal to convert from Hinduism. If that sounds unconstitutional, he clarified in the interview that this would only apply to induced conversion.

    In the piece, he also brings in the Jews, noting: “If the Jews could be transformed from lambs walking meekly to the gas chambers to fiery lions in just 10 years,” then India can solve its “terrorist problem” in five years.

    When asked if that might be offensive to Jews, he said in the interview that he is a “great supporter of Israel.” He also noted that his brother-in-law is Jewish, his son-in-law Muslim, his sister-in-law Christian and his wife Parsi.

    Mr. Swamy’s views have stoked several protests, including a petition circulating at Harvard seeking that the storied university repudiate his remarks and terminate Mr. Swamy’s employment as a summer Economics teacher. The petition accuses him of being a “bigoted promoter of communalism in India.”

    It adds: “The highly insulting and stereotypical nature of his comments suggest that he cannot be trusted to regard Muslims — and no doubt other groups–with anything but a jaundiced eye.”

    The Harvard Crimson, the university’s newspaper, said in an article dated today that 200 signatories had signed the petition. The article said that the dean of Harvard Summer School will examine the issue.

    “Professor Swamy is a long-time member of the Harvard Summer School faculty who previously was a member of the Department of Economics here,” a spokesman for the Dean was quoted as saying. “We will give this matter our serious attention.”

    When asked if he planned to continue teaching at Harvard, Mr. Swamy said: “Let others decide and tell me.” In the interview. he characterized his critics and those who signed the petition as “Communists; they are all pro-Soviet.”


  85. This article is reposted in support of Dr. Swamy’s right to free speech and because his views are of paramount interest to Hindus in India.


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