Why is Sonia Gandhi scared of Narendra Modi? – Francois Gautier

Francios GautierOne hopes that the people of India are not blind to the utter cynicism of some of its politicians. The way they are efficiently and ruthlessly killing the whole Lokpal movement with the help of deceit and slander is frightening. All the while, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, whose party is not only the main recipient of corruption but has actually institutionalised it, throw decoys at us with declarations of ‘zero tolerance of corruption’.

It is funny how this government is hell bent in preserving what is corrupt, untruthful, inefficient – as symbolised by the deal they have made with Karunanidhi that they will not touch his family – and fanatic about destroying what is free of corruption and is prosperous.

Teesta SetalvadSonia has been on a personal vendetta against Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi for a long time. She had a useful tool in Teesta Setalvad, who, it is now discovered, has bribed witnesses, filed false affidavits, and committed repeated perjuries in court. Teesta’s usefulness is nearing an end as she may soon land up in jail, so the Congress has now found another willing tool in Gujarat police officer Sanjiv Bhatt to implicate Modi in the post-Godhra riots.

The government has subverted its investigative instruments such that the CBI goes after Modi even as it closes its eyes to the wrongs that chief ministers of the Congress or its allies, such as the DMK, are openly doing.

For example, the CBI requested the judiciary to drop the case against Jagdish Tytler, who was seen by innumerable witnesses leading mobs to murder Sikhs, while it is going all guns blazing against Modi, who at best was caught off guard when the riots in Gujarat broke out in 2002, or at the worst, delayed in calling the army. But did not Rajiv Gandhi do the same thing (“When a big tree falls, the earth shakes,” he had said) after his mother was murdered by her own bodyguards? Rajiv also delayed calling in the security forces.

It is illogical that the legal instruments of Indian democracy are used to pin down the CM of India’s most lawful, and prosperous and least corrupt state, which impresses even non-BJP tycoons such Ratan Tata, when a Lalu Prasad was allowed to loot Bihar and keep it in the most desolate state because he was an ally.

Sabarmati ExpressIs it logical today that the Indian media only highlight the 2002 Gujarat riots, carefully omitting the fact that they were triggered by the horrifying murder of 57 Hindus, 36 of them innocent women and children, burnt in the Sabarmati Express? Riots of that intensity do not happen in a day; they are the result of long-term pent-up anger and a spark – like the killing of Hindus, whose only crime was that they believed that Ram was born in Ayodhya.

It is widely known that the dreaded Khalistan movement in Punjab was quelled in the ’80’s by supercop K.P.S. Gill in a ruthless manner by a number of ‘fake encounters’ that killed top Sikh separatists. This was done under a Congress government, both at the Centre and in Punjab. Rajiv was the PM then, but he was never indicted. This is so because terrorists have no law and they kill innocent people; and sometimes ruthless methods have to be used against them.

Why is Sonia going so single-mindedly against Modi? Because, he seems to be the only alternative to her son Rahul Gandhi becoming prime minister in the next general elections. We should give credit to Sonia for her cunning and ruthlessness.

Ottavio QuattrocchiIt is no good being a Hindu in Sonia Gandhi’s India. It is better to be a Quattrocchi, who was exonerated by the CBI. Or a terrorist like Sohrabuddin from whose house in Madhya Pradesh 40 AK-47 rifles, and a number of live hand grenades and bullets were confiscated, who was declared “Wanted” in five states with 40 cases registered against him. Then you stand a chance to be protected by the government of India, while those who have at heart their country’s integrity go to jail.

Sonia has achieved such terrifying power, a glance of her, a silence, just being there, is enough for her inner circle to act; she has subverted so much of the instruments of Indian democracy and she controls such huge amounts of unlisted money that sooner or later this ‘karma’ may come back to her under one form or the other. – Daily News & Analysis, Mumbai, May 6, 2011

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  1. why dont you guys who posted replies here understand that Gandhi did not do anything for India.
    visit this URL http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2011/04/02/famous-books-banned-in-india.html
    You will know how many books are banned and for what reasons.

    Muslims are trying to conquer our country from 800 years.And they could not.It is because of our strong courage and resistance and it is because of fools like you that muslims and christians are trying to rule us. Modi is a great Idealist and visionary.Respect that. most of you fools are here in India because you did not get a chance to go anywhere else.


  2. Rather than complain about valid criticism of the Dear Leader, get him to reverse the ban on the book. That would be the right thing to do and would gain him some respect from Hindus who are not his declared bottom-kissers.

    Politicians who ban books all have a little dictator inside them.

    The RSS has always been known for its anti-intellectualism. There was a time when the Sangh’s members were not even allowed to read newspapers. Probably this is the reason that an organisation with great potential has gone nowhere. As Prof. Koenraad Elst says, it makes motions but doesn’t take action. Being anti-intellectual and proud of its bumpkin-ism, the RSS doesn’t know the difference between motion and action!

    What a sad state of affairs for the Hindu Nation.


  3. take a look at this
    please spare some time to get idea from the below information





  4. another Modi basher speaks…instead of speaking against corruption in the country that is killing millions of Indians by starving them to death, we are posting about how MODI banned a stupid book….



  5. Mr. Modi should follow his own advice and not ban books. By banning Josheph Llelyveld’s book on Gandhi, Modi has lost a lot of educated sympathizers. He has shown himself to be another witless Indian politician!

    In his statement when banning the book, Modi said, “”The writing is perverse in nature. It has hurt the sentiments of those with capacity for sane and logical thinking. This attempt to defame Mahatma Gandhi by the publisher has come under severe criticism not only in Gujarat but from all corners of India. Mahatma Gandhi is an idol not only in India but in the entire world. While his life — dedicated to the welfare of the mankind — has been an inspiration, the author has hurt the sentiments of [millions] of people.”

    Of course the Dear Leader is lying through his teeth. He has not read the book and is playing to the ignorant rabble who keep him in his chair.

    As author Llelyveld says, “It should not be hard for anyone to determine what [the book] actually says. It’s a pious hope, but I’d say someone might take the trouble to look at it before it’s banned.”

    Mr. Modi would gain some respect if he reversed the ban and allowed us to get educated!

    Read comment at http://www.tnr.com/blog/jonathan-chait/86029/gandhi-book-banned-in-india


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