Bangaru Adigalar caught in IT raid – Media Reports

Bangaru Adigalar

Income Tax Dept IndiaThe Income Tax Investigation department seized Rs 13 crore from the premises of the politically well-connected Bangaru Adigala running educational institutions in the state. – Media Reports

Sixteen IT teams raided the Adhiparasakthi group of educational institutions bel onging to Bangaru Adigalar, his four residences and trust offices in Melmaruvathur, as part of a state-wide operation. The searches that started at 11.30 am on Friday lasted till 4 am on Saturday.

Cash totalling Rs 9 crore was seized from Adigalar’s house alone. “We found the cash in his bedroom,” said a top IT official, who was part of the team. A search of the trust offices yielded a further Rs 3 crore and Rs 40 lakh was seized from his son Anbazhagan’s house. Gold jewellery was also found in the premises. He and his family were grilled for hours.

“The institutions in Melmaruvathur were under surveillance for the last two to three months,” the official said. The raids were prompted by allegations of exorbitant capitation fees: “between Rs 20-30 lakh”.

The sleuths secured receipts for the capitation fees and also found evidence of unaccounted expenditure. “The faculty were paid in cash, which was not being accounted,” the IT official said, adding that the searches had been temporarily halted.

SBI sleuths also conducted searches in the offices and seized some documents.

At Melmaruvathur, temple inmates assaulted members of the media and destroyed their equipment. The Tamil Nadu Union of Journalists, Chennai Union of Journalists and Chennai Press Club condemned the attack. – The New Indian Express, Chennai

In the raids of professional colleges across the state, I-T sleuths have exposed several bigwigs making a killing out of education

It is perhaps the biggest swoop by taxmen on the best-known universities and professional colleges across Tamil Nadu.

That the whip has been cracked against some of the big politicians in the state, who have been making millions peddling education as well, makes things more intriguing.

“With the state elections barely a year away, this action seems strange as the ruling party and its ally Congress could earn the displeasure of some segments of the electorate. But it could send positive signals among the public that the governments at the Centre and in the state are acting dispassionately to book the corrupt,” said a former vice-chancellor, requesting anonymity.

Heading the list of high-profile institutions that have come under I-T scanner is Adhiparasakthi Charitable Medical Educational and Cultural Trust headed by famous godman Bangaru Adigalar. The former schoolteacher has been reigning as the almighty Shakthi to thousands of followers, mostly BCs and the MBCs in the state. Amma, as he is reverentially referred to by devotees, has many influential followers in political and business circles, so it was surprising that the sleuths managed to grill him till the early hours of Saturday.

As of now, 102 kg of gold and `incriminating’ documents relating to acquisition of properties in many places have been seized from the Adigalar family.

“The family is in control of the trust. There is clear circumvention of the trust rules that 85 per cent of the donations should be spent on charities and the rest used for buying properties but only in the name of the trust. In this case, purchases were in the names of trust members,” said an I-T official.

Another bigwig who under the scanner is former MP and MLA A.C. Shanmugam, whose MGR Deemed University at Maduravoyal was raided.

Taxmen knocked on the doors of M. Jothiprakasam aka Leo Muthu, who is the sambandi of DMK heavyweight T.R. Baalu. – Deccan Chronicle, Chennai

Subramanian Swamy condemns raid on Melmaruvathur Adigalar

CHENNAI: Janata party president Subramanian Swamy has condemned the recent Income Tax raids carried out on the residences and institutions of Melmaruvathur Adigalar and demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh issue a public apology to Adigalar and return the seized items along with a compensation of Rs 10 crore for the anguish caused to his followers.

“If it is not done, all MPs from TN should tender their resignation from the parliament in protest,” he said in a statement here and added that he would move the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha to take this matter to the level of an agitation throughout the country.

Swamy said that the wealth found on Adigalar’s premises during the ‘illegal raid’ constituted donations from the public and that it did not qualify for a criminal offence for which I-T raids could be conducted according to the I-T Act. – The New Indian Express, Chennai, July 13, 2010




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  1. Bangaru Adigalar

    Padma Shri 2018: Sri Bangaru Adigalar is a spiritual guru focussed on breaking social barriers, say devotees – S Kumaresan – Express News Service – 27 January 2019

    Devotees of Sri Bangaru Adigalar of Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam have expressed their happiness over the conferment of Padma Shri on the spiritual guru.

    A temple for Adiparasakthi was established at Melmaruvathur, nearly 100 km from Chennai, in 1977. Before the temple was established, a swayambu [termite mound] was established near the neem tree, it was called Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam. Bangaru Adigalar (78), or ‘Amma’, as he is called by devotees, established the temple and became a spiritual guru.

    Today, the peetam runs various educational institutions for the benefit of devotees and the poor, including the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Institute of Medical Science and Research. Besides, the peetam conducts various social service programmes such as free medical camps and free marriages.

    A.K. Moorthy, a former Union minister, told Express: “I have been visiting the temple for the last three decades. In this temple, all women are allowed to perform poojas in the sanctum sanctorum. It is a spiritual revolution. Sri Bangaru Adigalar practises what he preaches. Here, all devotees are being treated equally without caste and religious barriers. The swamigal has been serving poor and weaker sections. Many social service programs have been carried out by temple authorities under the guidance of Adigalar.”

    C. Vasantha (56), a devotee from Tenkasi, said, “I feel my problems have slowly disappeared after I started worshipping in the temple. He is a great spiritual guru.”


  2. Don’t believe In adigalar…Once I was also he has made me a mad man..


  3. how can u call some one, who has had sex as god pls explain


  4. Why amma filtering their childs by money ?????? 😛


  5. If Adigalar is having power, why so many security people in his premises ( i won’t call it as temple, it is a private property only). With his power he cannot control the people.


  6. Fortune tellers like horoscope (or numerology) may tell the past and future life. So can we tell these tellers or readers are god? These people have some power or knowledge to read the past life and future life. They can not change the life matter. Therefore these type of adikalar are being urged to make money by the people who don’t know what is reality. They are feeling afraid of god. So they believe deeply for the future and to correct the their sin.


  7. Let adigalar announce publicly no money will be taken for any purpose.


  8. I fully agree with the guy who lost hell of lot of money on this fake godmen, my family keep on putting money to this crook and even after income tax raid my family not learned. These goons thrive on the gullibility of people. There is a demand and there is a supply. I have more faith in prostitute at least they deliver goods, but this guy promise and give nothing. When positive things happen they say Amma did this, when negative happens they say you are not performing pada puja, damn nature keeps on changing and you are all part of nature, positive and negative is the game of nature and not by such fake godmen. Don’t put your hard earned money to this guy it may be useful when you require for medical help. No one can save you, it’s your hard earned money can save you. Don’t donate to such crackpot.


  9. amma is the only one amma,appa,guru,god to all of us only she will help all of us in all our problems


  10. neenga 1000 peryar vandalum thirunta matinga , he and his family members cheating the peoples in the name of god , now they r they protected by some politicians




  12. mr prabhu ,
    maybe i hail from gudu gudu pandi family ,even he doesnt collect money in the name of god ,perhaps illusion is blocking your thought process ,analyse objectectively what is the difference between you me and bangaru ,it is hard to accept a guy who has got married ,indulged in beastly acts to get children how can you call him god he is not even fit to be called a human being


  13. So why do the “Haves” go for “cleansing souls” and have nots go for “divine blessings”? Why can’t it be the other way round? Are there no poor sinners or hard working and deserving rich people? And anyway, why can’t the “Haves” also do thondu to “Cleanse souls” if they want to? Who dictates that you have to do donations for that purpose?These sort of propaganda are actively spread by your mandrams and franchise magazines (sakthi oli) to brainwash people like you.

    Spiritualism cannot be segmented and offered in such ways. As much as you deny, you yourself are backing the “market pricing” albeit in your own language. Everyone is equal in front of Almighty! PERIOD! You cannot say pay 1 lakh for a velvi and pay 5000 for another velvi as a temple, unless there is such a disproportionate amount of work /cost involved. Otherwise all you are doing is extracting market surplus. As much as your brainwashed mind will deny it. If you find this difficult to understand there is no point explaining.

    However, I perfectly agree with you on having a enormous spiritual upliftment by doing whole hearted Thondu. 100%. Everyone should take a step back from the pursuit of material happiness to understand where true salvation can be realized. I also absolutely agree that love towards near and dear is priceless. No arguments there.

    My biggest argument is that, it is under these pretenses and premises that this organization launders money. Yes people will even pay 50 lacs for a kalasa poojai. Even if they don’t have the money. Such is their blind devotion to this movement. But the point is, is that money being spent and redistributed the way it is supposed to be? Clearly not. That is why you have unaccounted money and gold sitting at a residence. That is why the godman is planning his succession by actively promoting his family.

    Your argument that this has been going for 30 years and still continues successfully and therefore is a legit organization is a really frail argument. Conmen, cults and organizations have been successful at fleecing common man for hundreds of years even. And it is not like, they never had any controversies around them. Only this organization had the power and money and connections (just like puttaparuthi) to sweep it all under the carpet. I have no doubts that there will be day when this trust will come out with such money too. No NON PROFIT CAN EVER EXIST with such money. It defies the very definition of Non-profit, charitable etc.

    You too can JUST THINK.

    And if you care to see how he grew over the years and how his institution has grown read this article from 1985. He is no re-incarnation.


  14. Bangaru Amma has said that aanmigam is to realise, know, and understand oneself…..well said


  15. 35 long years…we are marching..and the truth is …we worship god and all our brethern sakthis are leading a peaceful prosperous and litter free life..people like you thy sinners and greeders hoping to see good turning to bad will be fully disappointed even after next 10000 years…Our OMSAKTHI movement is beyond anyone is discolorued eyes to see…we are far away from those unscruplous elements….


  16. Dont imagine market forces to operate….kalasa pooja is even 50 laks people will pay and be blessed because the money ultimately goes to the poorest of the poor…further “bhakthi” and “Thondu” are different…the haves go for payment to cleanse their souls..the havenots get divine blessings by thondu…people have enormous spiritual upliftment by doing whole hearted undoubtable thondu….have a heart man to understand that in this world “not all be compared to market pricing”….how much is your love towards your dear and near..Rs5…Rs50..Rs500 ….?just think…


  17. Mr Vikram
    may be you hail from gudugudu family(by thinking wise) so you can never posssibly understand the Greatness bestowed upon common people by Bangaru adigalar The reincarnation of Adhi parasakthi,millions beleive and we dont drumbeat our holy experiences since 1980s to earless idiots who spook life…may god bless you and your gugudu family to come out to breath the air of our Holiness Arulthiru ammas aura which is filled in this cosmic conciousness..i am really sad to answer these non-existing indls Qs ..what to do…


  18. Okay. Tell me this.. If it is too personal and you don’t wish to, I respect that. Between your initial diagnosis and your actual delivery did you stop consulting all doctors and stop taking any/all medicines prescribed? Why do you trivialize that aspect? This exact same situation happened our family too. I am not making this up, because as you might have seen I have referred to the incident in prior posts. For us though, the child died after 3 months of struggle for life. The oracles he gave during his struggle, about how miracles would happen and the oracles after he expired about how this was something he knew all along and this was just one of Amma’s tests was the turning point for me (not for my family though, who just chose to remain blind). The most lowest moment for me in my life was to see my granddad and uncle (who’s kid it was) fall on the nurse’s legs to take the kumkumam into ICU and put it on his forehead, just because this man said “Intha kumkumatha avan nethiyilayum kaluthulayum vai, Amma nurse roopathila vanthu arputhatha nadathuva”. And the rest is history too. This was in Malar hospitals in 2000. And he had the nerve to say we have to sit in Velvi (rettai nagam) after that to clear our “debt from previous life” and for my uncle/aunt to have a baby. Which they did and did have a baby 3 years later. And today they claim this kid is Amma’s miracle and name it after him. I know too that the best of the doctors gave all attention for the next kid. All this is too convenient. And without guessing, I know what your opinion will be too.

    You know what, we take too much in face value. It is very easy for men like him to make predictions, claim miracles and when they work it works. Else, there is always the fall back for claiming it to be Amma’s test and debts. He is just living on law of averages and people’s own hardwork to success.

    To your points:
    * Yes you are not qualified to call me Son. There are only 2 people who can do that. You can take your empathy to where it works. I never went calling people amma, appa and thatha. Call me coward, outcast and all you wish; it is your damn wish! I know where I stand.

    * I was outraged because someone questioned the truth of what we spent. I am NOT going to react so badly, if you say my judgements are bad. That is your view again and you are entitled to one. I say again we spent 10 lakhs minimum..

    * “so writing that we have been tracking your rants and you are WITH Uthavum Karangal and you are 28 years old means we are detectives” and then you say “Son, we dont need to track you”. Make up your mind! You were trying to be a little sleuth with all your inferences about when I am posting and where I am from. What relevance did it have with what I had to say? You can deny all you want though. It would be typical of you

    * It is my personal preference to wash dirty linen in public. If you are so concerned about my family, go find them in Timbuktu and enlighten them. How does it affect the public perception, if my family knows about my rantings? There is no reason for me to address it. And it is my prerogative, how I will address it when they get to know about it. Don’t worry. You on the other hand need to address the points I raised, if you object to them, which pertains to the article and what the people reading need to know. The sanctity and holiness of this place. That is public domain unlike my family which is my individual domain. Or you can come up with the usual, we know how great this place is and there is no need to explain it to our holier than thou devotees. And talk in tangents again..

    * Yes you can say my opinions suck. I can say your opinions suck. We can go on in circles for ever. But like I said, the people who read it can figure which one sucks the best and choose the other.

    * And yes, you can compare this man with Buddha and Jesus and I can compare him with the usual fake godmen. Again it will go on forever in circles because unfortunately for both of us it is opinions from our experiences and there are no solid conclusions. But from what I am seeing and hearing from this very own forum (IT raids, people complaining about the family, the money charged for colleges and so on), i think I know where he might belong. There is never smoke without fire. And remember these are not politically motivated people talking here to create smoke. These are common people. And there are a few who will disregard the smoke as mirage as well. Time will tell.

    * Just because you say there are educated people among your lot and senior citizens doesn’t mean you have the clearest thinking. Just so you know, there are that very same people who are outside your line of thinking too. And there were very similar people who read and followed Nithyananda too.. So don’t hide behind that. It is a moot point

    * And to your point collecting money is just one evil of this place. The devotees here often take “Oracles” of this man as sacrosanct and make day to day decisions based on that. So like you say money is not everything. There are things which people lose beyond that when they decide to lay blind trust on Godmen like him

    * Truth will prevail like you say. I agree. I am sure what the truth is and I am sure you are too. Only what we think as truth is different. In 2000 years of documented history as mankind there are only a handful who were true saints. Are you placing this Bangaru with them? Just compare with the people whom YOU mention repeatedly. Jesus, Buddha and may I suggest Saibaba of Shirdi. Compare the lifestyles and how they were throughout their life. This man started as a simple teacher and he now has a trust worth, I don’t know how much. The others you mentioned lived and died with the common man. And you wonder why I call you blind. I will wait for the day the truth comes out. May be a few years away, but I will wait for it.
    * Yes you are right about one thing. Writing about Bangaru irks me. Congratulations on that!
    * And yes finally, I despise this man. I am just a regular day to day guy and am not above flaws. And you have finally INFERRED correctly, there is no way someone from UthavumK will despise anyone so much. Even if the person deserves to be. So congratulations once again!

    And you can stop replying all you want. No one ever asked you to respond initially. And you can keep “your light” where the sun doesn’t shine, Thank you very much.


  19. Disgruntledwithcheats, we are laughing out so loud we could die. oh, so sorry…sounds familiar and sarcastic… well what goes around, comes around.

    We are not qualified to call you son but you are qualified to call us and your own family members, blind bats, idiots, frauds, scoundrels….so what does that make you…the blacksheep of the family…an outcast, a coward talking behind his own family members. And you are gullible enough to say and repeat this absolute garbage that there are eyes and ears relaying messages back to Amma (sounds like a C-grade comedy script, at least ours was worthy of a Rajnikanth movie script!!! Now we know why he is a superstar)

    Ironically, when someone called you a liar for that sick and twisted theory, you write you will lose your temper. And yet you have the cheek to say we are gullible. sounds like a pot calling the kettle black!!!

    so writing that we have been tracking your rants and you are WITH Uthavum Karangal and you are 28 years old means we are detectives, trying to identify who you are and where you stay and where you work and all….well,well, well Mr Genius…are you looking behind your back already….or have you run all the way to Texas now….anyway just like you have better things to do at wee hours of the morning, we too have much, much more better things to do than playing little sleuths. Son, we dont need to track you….your actions and words will take its own course.

    you really think you can write b***shit and get away with it. We may suck being little detectives but your sheer arrogance, downright rudeness, absolutely rubbish and twisted theories, ridiculous assumptions, wild imaginations and clownish rants about our Guru and in your own words ‘wretched place’ truly SUCKS too.

    trying to help those sitting on the wall it seems…why dont you stop washing dirty linen in public as regards to your family members and as you have correctly addressed, stop talking in tangents and address the specific issues of your family members.

    What about the issues we brought up….do your family members know of your rantings here? do they know that you are calling them names like blind bats, idiots, etc before someone tells them. this is a small world (whether you are in Texas or Timbuktu) and just like you, we don’t want them to get hurt too.

    just as you are concerned about people sitting on the wall, we are concerned about your family members as they are WITH us. We know they are in the right place and with the right Guru. Just because there are fake gurus, doesn’t mean Jesus, Prophet, Buddha are fake too.

    In proper perspective, we DONT HAVE BAD INTENTIONS here…we are parents and professionals too. Amongst us, we are accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers and it has taken us time to understand, know and realise who Bangaru Amma is.

    The group of us are senior citizens and we are not gullible as you think we are. With our experience, we are once beaten twice shy and we have some sense too.

    To place on record for the discerning, Bangaru Amma has NEVER EVER requested or asked us for money although we are all pretty well to do in life. We will be eternally grateful to Bangaru for that. Money is important but not everything.

    Condemning Bangaru is not something new. Throughout the 30 odd years, there have been one too many accusations but the truth prevailed.

    Of my numerous experiences, how does one make of this. During my early pregnancy for my first child, i had problems and had to seek 4 different gynea specialists for second opinions and all 4 concurred that i should abort. Without asking or telling my problem, Bangaru differed and said, ‘Your faith in Amma will prevail”. He then gave instructions to the exact date and time for cesarean section and the rest is history. My boy is 16 now, once again, thanks for the miracle, Bangaru.

    Can the eyes and ears relay this to Bangaru?.

    Yes it took us years to really, really believe in him. We had our doubts, plenty of them too. i had gone against his advise and instructions many a time. There are many people who can ‘perform’ miracles just as there are many soothsayers. His guidance, teachings, mantras, performing poojas looks revolutionary in modern times but its really going back in time in respecting and protecting nature.

    Of course writing good about Bangaru will irk you even more. Even Jesus, Prophet, Buddha had their detractors too but time will reveal.

    Of the so called raid, its a test for us devotees as much as it was a political one.

    We are going to stop replying as it is unhealthy and we are not here to show you the light or the way. We are not going to respond anymore as you have plainly put that you despise Bangaru but for someone with Uthavum Karangal, we are pretty sure they would not agree to despise anyone. After all, Jesus said if anyone slaps on your cheek, show him your other cheek…

    Om Sakthi, Bangaru Sakthi


  20. Oh! I want to take a stab at your mind boggling questions that you have posed to us mere mortals

    Why is the karuvarai so small?
    Because the temple was started under the pretext that there was a suyambu idol there. It was under a tree and when the temple was developed it was close to the roads. So there was limited space. When the temple ultimately became famous, public roads were brought under temple area and new alternate roadways were constructed. It was not a planned temple for obvious reasons and that is why it is small. If only there was a Vivek, 40 years back everyone would have known that the man was opportunistic and utilized public ignorance to create a cult. (For all you know that suyambu idol might just be a sombu :P)

    Why are women allowed in it?
    Because that is how he differentiated his temple from the Hindu temples at that time and brought in Hindus who were marginalized. In fact it was not just women. It was basically oppressed section of the society, Women and the so called lower caste. Very similar to what Christianity offered for conversion. It was all fine and dandy when the movement started, but only when it started growing, that in my opinion, did he start institutionalizing and monetizing it.

    Why isn’t there a gold gopuram in our siddhar peetam?
    For the same reasons as I told in your first question. The temple was never built on a plan. It just was built on its own success among masses. When the temple initially started as a thatched roof obviously there was no resources/need to build a gopuram and later on that was really added to the myth and uniqueness about this place.

    So many queries, right?
    Errr.. No. If only you used the brain that GOD gave you instead of being bound to the middlemen who promise to take you closer to GOD, you wouldn’t have those queries.


  21. LOL Ananthi! I am in Dallas, Texas and I rant in the afternoon. I have better things to do at 2:45 AM. And don’t “SON” me. You are in no way qualified to do that.

    And look at our little detective here, found out the place 30kms from Chennai. I wrote that to be obvious you Einstein. No, I am not with them, but I am “with” them on principle and appreciate what they do. And there is no reason for me to go into details of how I contribute, as I believe that all charity work should be from your heart and not publicized.

    And, I do know there is a problem with my family. Thank you very much for helping me with that. In fact if you read my post, I have openly stated that. The same problem which is holding so many gullible devotees unfortunately.

    Instead of talking in tangents, why don’t you address the specific issues I talk about – like the money they collect, the increased rudeness in the temple, the IT raids, the fees structure of the college, the blatant promotion of family members of Bangaru and so on.

    This is a public forum and my country is democratic. I have a right to my opinion, just like you have yours. So yes, most devotees of this wretched place are either blind/ idiots or cheats/scoundrels. And I have also outlined why I have that view.

    Just to be clear, the reason I am ranting is that there are people who read this who are on the wall about this place and may need opinions from both sides before they make up their mind. If there are 2-3 people who do that then my time is well spent. On the contrary, people like you (typical members of my family as well) will never come out of your brainwashed philosophies and I leave you to the REAL GOD to drive sense whenever that is ultimately. I have no hidden agenda or conflicting interests. I am a middle class Hindu, who works and goes through the everyday rigor just like you to come up in life

    And I say this again “there are eyes and ears all around the temple constantly relaying information back to Amma..this is a business and like all businesses it needs intelligence to be gathered”. There is nothing “low” about that statement. You perspective is just not broad enough to consider that possibility. Either that or it just one of those made up stories which come with no source and authenticity.

    Even I used to do calculations every single time I was sitting and waiting for patha poojai. I used to do it MORE whenever I was at the Velvi simply because of the mind-boggling money involved in it. I despised him every single time we went inside that house for his “oracles”. Your “AMMA” never asked me anything. As usual, he told me how I will become great in life and he (or rather the incarnation of She) will support me. Of course, I know I will be successful genius, I work hard too. And I know what your response to that will be. “Oh AMMA, knows when to take care and how to take care of people like you”. And I say thanks, but no thanks for that. Like I always say, those dialogues only suit Rajinikanth 🙂

    One advice to you. You suck at being a detective. So stop trying to be one. You clearly cannot think beyond your limited reasoning faculties. Typing at 2:43 AM it seems, I am not 28 it seems and I am from Uthavum Karangal it seems.


  22. Disgruntledwithcheats….just to let you know that we have been tracking your posts for a quite sometime now…you are with Uthavum Karangal which is about 30km from Chennai, right.

    Son, you know what….your problem is not with Amma but your family members.

    Tell you what…we will get our devotees to do you a big favour i.e. talk to your family members since you cant vent your feelings at them, we will be most glad to do that for you.

    we wonder whether your family members are aware of your rantings (is it at wee hours of the morning…2.43am even 4.06am?) here calling us devotees as they are also one, that we are all blind bats, idiots, big cheats, fraud, brokers, scounderals as we are all in business with Amma.

    Are your family members aware that you are mocking and accusing us devotees who are running the Franchises aka mandrams and minting money??? milk money also….

    You claim to be 28 years old and yet you can even come up with something so low as this ….. there are eyes and ears all around the temple constantly relaying information back to Amma..this is a business and like all businesses it needs intelligence to be gathered….

    All Amma’s devotees out there…lets put our eyes and ears together and help this disgruntled’s family members see the light or open their eyes or look at another perspective. what say you?


  23. om shakthi Heartsick Aussie, do u live in australia, if yes please let me know the mandram address & contact number in Australia


  24. me too sir…….am agree with your also direct benefiter,am folowing AMMA’S oracle .


  25. So called Bangaru adigalar is as fake man as Nityananada, if anything i would put them in the same catergory

    i have been associated with this oraganisation for over 10 years and i have seen all the illegal and other activities that happen within the temple premises

    Please for GOD sake please believe in Sriman Narayana the only resort for everything

    please do not believe in such sudo gurus, i can’t even call them guru


  26. My statement about waiting for miracle is simple. It was a tongue in cheek statement. It is never going to happen from that place. Because I firmly believe in what I have seen happening there. I just don’t believe in this Godman. He is what he is – A cheat. But, I never said I am atheist. Please understand, Not believing in a GODMAN is NOT equal to ATHEISM

    You say “AMMA has never done any magic”. Previously, you said “No family spends 8-10lakhs” at maruvathur. I just think you are ignorant of what happens there. For many years, Bangaru was producinng kum kum out of thin air and giving it to devotees as divine. He did stop doing that after all the media attention. Please know your facts before you start trashing. As I said, he is what he is…

    Finally, nobody has to cry for me. Much less from people who know what they are talking about. It is people like me who have to cry for others who are gullible enough to loose their self-worth and their hard earned money. The close friends and family who refuse to start thinking.

    And credit to you, I didn’t intend to say you had a superiority complex with being a brahmin. I just quoted that because even though you are brahmin, you seemed to know little about spirtualism which was seen from ridiculous statements like “Oh so if you really spent so much money and really stayed loyal to AMMA, good things would have happend”.

    In my view, if you just be truthful to yourself, fulfill your potential and serve & love all life-forms you will be blessed. You will realize true purpose of life and connection to the supernatural. You don’t need brokers like Bangaru in between claiming to be Gurus who can get you closer and exploit you for it. Simple really.


  27. Disgruntled ! You have made up in your mind to take everything as negative 🙂 Being a devotee of AMMA and following the concept of “ore kulam ore deivam”(One God one religion) , I myself dont see difference between a brahmin and non-brahmin. The reason I was forced to mention and stress the word “brahmin” is completely different. It is not to meant to understand that one being a brahmin is superior in spirituality and others or not! The way you understand is completely wrong! So coming back to the reason for stressing the word “brahmin” is only because 25 yrs back brahmin families were more of more orthodox!( Some families are orthodox even now.. and I cant explain each and everything in detail here.. )Thanks to AMMA for making us understand the concept of “One god one religion” . And more over It was not easy for them to accept the concept of “Om shakthi” movement.. ! It was not easy for them to accept tamil mantras suddenly ( I am telling about non-tamil speaking people whom I have mentioned).. They didnot even know much about any Goddesses of tamilnadu( eg: Mariamma etc) . Those were the times when “dhristi” taking with lemon was itself seen very peculiar by many. But now the same people have been following Adhiparashakthi and Arul thiru AMMA.. ! As Gurumoorthy said “you be as you are”. 😀 lol.. Disgruntled ! Your statement for waiting for miracle is like telling ” Let miracle happen in my life. Only then I will believe in God”. Amma has never done any magic like bringing up various things in front of people! one word to you I can tell is.. It is wokay even if you don not believe in Arul Thiru AMMA.. No loss for us( But you will miss something according to me.. its left to you as it is ur personal ).. But never say that ” You dont believe in the power of Adhiparashakthi in Melmaruvathur or dont believe in GOD concept itself “. That will be a foolish statement ! Last thing– Money is not everything.. The place of God and Guru is something bigger than everything. AMMA has said” serve the poor” .. If you don’t follow or believe AMMA.. no problem at all.. No one is gonna cry for you! 😀 you can take good things told by her in Oracles.. That is the way you can feel nearer to GOD!If you go to orphonage and help the people there, then you will get the same benefit as you get when you do service at Maruvathur 🙂 AMMA will also feel happy for sure and that is what she has said 🙂 So just serve the human kind .. You will surely get blessings of AMMA and to be in general blessings of GOD! ( There is one GOD .. it is just different names ! You may take with the name as you like). Let AMMA bless you .


  28. Fair enough. I am just waiting for the day, I can put up my hand and say “I told you so”. Yes it is childish. But hey there is one place which was revered with similar devotion and it has come belly up with 40,000 crores. It is not long before truth comes here too. First signals have come out as the article shows.

    To your point, history has shown that society moves based not just on collective wisdom, but also on collective ignorance too. There are always two sides to a coin. People are often overlooked as stone throwers, only later does the real truth surface. There was a time people believed world was flat and earth was at the center. People who told otherwise were called stupids, non-believers and stone throwers. Today it is the collective wisdom.

    Like I said before, I will be around till the day the truth surfaces. See you then!


  29. Apologies. I meant to write E.V.R not Thiru Vi Ka.


  30. Friend, Thank you so much. People who read your response above would have understood from what background you are screaming. You be as you are, my intention is certainly not to bring any change in you and not to prove what i say is true. A movement can not change its philosophy just because one person or a few think what they think as right or wrong. Society moves on based on the collective wisdom and it does not alters its direction just because one stone is thrown on it which had created ripples.


  31. i dont know ur charges against baba are true whatever said he doesnt charge a single pie for education and medical treatment wat about bangaru ,he collects money from people,u judge peope based on their activities wake up to reality ,let not ur fear influence ur thinking,even a layman will think twice about accepting bangaru


  32. your point that amma has siddhi powers is accepted,but that doesnt mean he is god even gudugudu pandi can predict things with precision,those in india u will find people with such siddhi powers in every street corner,it is a result of poorvajanma karma some people misuse is innocent people who get exploited ,worship god adhiparasakthi not bangaru


  33. @true human.

    That statement is funny at so many levels that the more I read, the more I laugh (and get irritated too).

    So if a family spends 8-10 lakhs something good will happen?

    Under the provision of course, that you still believe AMMA. If you think otherwise, GOD will be angry that you are not his team and not help you. Coz, GOD is the neighborhood bully to whom you have to pledge daily candy supply and unwavering trust for him to protect you..

    I don’t endorse that view at all. But that is the belief you have in your head deep down. And that is why you post such drivel! And you think you know more spiritualism. Just because you visit temple and are “Brahmins” (like you repeatedly put it) doesnt mean you know more spiritually and just because I rant so much doesnt mean I know any less. You need have perspective my friend.


  34. LOL! I just saw this statement of yours..

    “If it is true then I guess the family had capacity to spend 8-10 lakhs !!!! And if the family is still an ardent devotee of AMMA then I am sure they would have seen something good happening to them .”

    I have this to say. This is a forum for discussing Bangaru. Stick to that. I think I know my family better after all these years. May be just may be also know how we paid for it and what good happend to us? You don’t have to give your “oracles” on how we are now.

    And for your information my family (all except me) are still ardent devotees. Visiting temple at every possible chance and doing all the “good” things. And they don’t know I have this views about the place. I just keep quiet because I can’t say all this to the elders of my house. May be that is the mistake. May be I should rant there, so some good will come out of it.


  35. @ true human. I will Not contradict all the spiritual things you say. Frankly, I don’t have experience with miracles and like you say I will wait for it happen. My opinion as of now is non-belief and I will express that. But, I will wait for the miracles to happen too. Afterall, I am not someone who doesn’t want good things to happen to me or society. And neither do I mean bad things to happen to the society. If like you say your GODMAN is true, he will realize my intentions and I am not worried about them.

    What I will contradict with you is the principle of collecting money. I have told why so many times. Put it simple, the organization runs as a charity. So it should be accounted for and wealth redistributed. If as you say, it should be considered as Kaanikai (or in plain layman’s language Gift) then it is no longer a non-profit and this organization should be treated like any other and incomes filed/taxes paid. Otherwise the fact remain it is a money laundering institute. Just because you say the guy is GOD re-incarnated doesn’t make him above the law. Even Rama/Krishna when they were humans were bound to the law of the land. Bangaru is NO DAMN EXCEPTION!!! EVEN IF HE IS GOD!

    And I will lose my temper if you call me a liar about the money we spent. Here, check it for yourself. We did 5 years of Velvi at the soolam and rettai nagam before that continuously. Rettai Nagam is 50,000 rupees and Soolam is 1,00,000 rupees. Instead of telling it can’t be possible, go see for yourself in the temple next May. May be even sit in that Velvi. We were asked by your “GURU” to do that because of family problems. If you need the exact problems (then I can tell his exact oracles too) e-mail me and I can share. I don’t want to do that in a public forum. And for having putra baakiyam we were asked to do anna dhanam every year and my family used to/still donates about 25-30K every year. If you think i am lying I will tell you details as I was there twice when the payment was made. It is in a small booth right opposite to the place where the actual anna dhanam will be most of the time, in front of the temple.

    Please ask any of your “Sakthis” to say if this does not happen. The fact that families pay so much for velvi year after year. I have better things to do than to rant on a random issue on an online forum which I have no concern. I do that for a reason. Stepping back and thinking, may be if you actually realize how much money is collected each year you might understand slightly why I am ranting so much. You have no idea when you say no family spends 8-10 lakhs. So many do including mine!! FACT buddy! Just visit during next Velvi and ask the price for each velvi type and see how many velvis are there. You will be surprised how much money is collected in that one day!

    I am ranting because, my family has been hurt repeatedly and still don’t learn because they keep talking ideologies like you. I can’t vent out feelings at them and so I am doing that at this forum. Peace out..


  36. @ Gurumoorthy. I appreciate you taking time to reply. I am a non-believer, but I was not always a non-believer. There are some fundamental flaws in what you say.

    Your basic premise is that the movement in Maruvathur does not offer basic amenities in exchange for a conversion, but rather empowers people within the religion itself. Honestly, I don’t see a difference in “religious prostitution” between Christianity and this movement. You offer the premises of equality, food and medical service in return for a devotion to your so-called spiritual movement and Christianity does the same too. Only the source for funding this movement is different. At least Christianity does not demand gullible devotees for money. They are well funded and their only aim is to convert as many as possible. Whereas the melmaruvathur philosophy is to create a society which funds the movement itself and create enormous surplus for those running it.

    Please don’t tell me religious conversions were not successful in TN because of this movement. It is an ignorant statement. First Christian missionaries have a very decent level of success in TN. It is probably one of the most successful after states like Orissa. Second, melmaruvathur devotees form a fraction of the total TN mass population. Their resistance to conversion is not enough to simply define success/failure of a religious propoganda. Third, TN always had strong Dravidian movement starting with revolutionary thinkers like Thiru Vi Ka. They not only created self-reliant thinkers with Tamil pride they also abolished so many other supersititious beliefs which held TN. If anything they deserve the credit. Don’t take credit for things that do NOT belong to you (assuming there is credit to take in first place).

    About the educational institutions that “AMMA” created. I will give you the truth. Those colleges make more money than a lot of city colleges in Madras. I personally know friends who study there (Engg coll), know what fees they pay and how it compares with other schools. I myself tried getting admission to this college, found it to be more costly than a college in Old Mahabalipuram road (where I ultimately studied) in 2000 and chose it. These institutions are just provisions to keep the movement going and mask of charity running.

    Your statement that every family is allowed to perform velvi is long gone one. Only families with money can perform velvi. Do you think everyone can perform velvi at the “Soolam” kundam. You have to pay 1 lakh. Why the disparity? Why not have one price for all velvi and let everyone access it equally as your movement preaches. They won’t because that is business basics. Having a tiered offering to harvest maximum economic surplus of the customer (in this case a devotee).

    Your statement about donating money is very true in principle.I like it. I would donate too, we owe that much to the society that we should not question and count how much we donate. It is also our duty to ensure that the money we donate reaches its intended purpose. So, don’t tell me we should not question how the money is being spent because it is spend for “God”. You yourself say “Administrative Lapses” are a strong wake up call. That is a very gentle way of putting it. Do you think “lapses” will cause crores to be sitting in private residences? This is a well planned money laundering institute.

    It is not only true that any Raman, Easwaran or Suppan can’t revolutionize the society. It is also true that not just some random Raman, Easwaran or Suppan can fool the society like this. That is why we have Gandhi, Mandela and Buddha on one side and slightly more people in the Dinakaran, Sai Baba and Bangaru on other side. But as Raman and Suppan we should be able to distinguish between the two sets of people. Just think for a moment: What kind of assets did Bangaru family have 30 years back? What do they have now? They don’t run any business. At least legally. They do only “service” from this religious movement. It is impossible to be a religious social worker and amass so much wealth. There are people who have been that remember, the real selfless people who in spite of the mass trust and following kept their focus on social service for years. Bangaru is not that. I am sick and tired of his godly proclamations.

    All said and done this movement does have its positives. I would totally support this movement if:
    a) The Godman publicly acknowledges he is just a spiritual leader and stops saying he is an avatar of goddess. That includes removing chants in his name, washing and worshipping his feet and him coming and giving oracles and claiming miracles. All that is bullshit
    b) All facilities/resources in the temple are equally accessible to all. No special prices for different velvi options or different arul vaaku charges
    c) No promoting of his family as divine family who do spiritual work too.
    d) Every single paisa collected through Hundi or through any other means (anna dhanam, donations and like) are accounted for every year and audited. Just like every Non-Profit organization should be

    In essence, make it a temple where only the basic philosophy is followed and no frills are attached in truth. Or put it simply, run it like you actually claim it is, instead of using that as a cloak and laundering money


  37. Shakthi Gurumoorthy ! There is no use of explaining all these non-believers! They have no clue about the experience that one has had from Adhiparashakthi and Arul Thiru AMMA. The feeling is unexplainable !They feel we all are fools without any knowledge! If we say we have got personal experiences they will not understand and they say “it is natural .. it happens obviously and simply you people name it as a miracle etc etc” we cannot tell them everything on this open forum. First of all why should one expect charity from Adhiparashakthi trust? Is it because one puts money in hundi and pay for seva like abhishekam and padhapooja. Why don’t people think it as a Guru Kaanikai while doing padhapooja! Well to be frank one gets the same benefit when one visits the temple and has Amma’s darshan and surrenders oneself to Adhiparashakthi. It is a devotee’s wish either to do seva as it is in all other temples ! Now when one performs kalyanaothsavam at thirupathi, does one see whether the money you have paid is being used for charity !No one expects all that because it is for God and we do seva for our benefit! Here what is to be understood is the experience a devotee is having at Melmaruvathur ! It is not the experience one has during padhapooja where devotees are astonished about “How AMMA knows everything!” It is something that happens to a devotee in his everyday life 🙂 There is upliftment in every part of life. There are so many personal things that have happened in my life and in my family’s life too… we are from a brahmin family(that too Non- Tamilians) from Bangalore. Even I have been seeing AMMA as a ardent devotee from my childhood . There were times when even I had doubted AMMA.I can also say that I have seen Maruvathur from all angles! But now I realise the holiness of AMMA ! When time comes even the persons like disgruntled will start believing ! I have also seen many families who are also devotees from more than 25 years..Many other brahmin families too I have seen who are devotees from 25years.. Believe me none have spent 8-10 lakhs till now 😀 I do not find truth in what disgruntled says ! If it is true then I guess the family had capacity to spend 8-10 lakhs !!!! And if the family is still an ardent devotee of AMMA then I am sure they would have seen something good happening to them .

    Atlast i would like to add something to all Adhiparashakthi devotees.. Shakthis there is no need for us to defend AMMA. Let us follow the path of dharma – Lets do our selfless service .This is what AMMA has always said.


  38. Adhiparasakthi spiritual movement had done a revolution by making people realize spirituality on their own. No other spiritual guru is so far able to achieve what many where teaching for several hundreds of years. Without any caste based qualification now people are able to enter into the sanctum sanctorum, perform worship, chant mantras in Tamil (or their own mother tongue), perform velvi, perform kumbabhishekam. For every occasion in the family there are different velvi procedures offered by the sitar peetam.

    Through every Mandram (weekly worship centres) there was a silent revolution happened all these thirty plus years. enormous amount of social work is being done apart from the spiritual self reliance. Even the hard core hindu (brahminic) organizations had openly admitted that in Tamilnadu religious conversion was not able to succeed as compared to the other states due to the fact that Adhiparasakthi spiritual movement is accepted by among all sections of the people.

    Melmaruvathur is one place where a spiritual seaker could attain what he wants through either of the following ways karma yoga, raja yoga, gana yoga. Many of the Gurus had visited and enlightened by the blessings of Spiritual Guru Amma. there are so many Nayanmars who are living in this world, yes one could see people who are living the life style of Nayanmars. Apart from those who seek Amma’s blessings to get relieved from their chronic ailments, attain worldly hieghts there exists a crowd which constantly keeps attaining spiritual heights through Amma’s guidance and blessings.

    Amma had established educational and other institutions with the intention of serving people, which is still being met. one could see in the upcoming years that these services reaching several hundreds of thousands. Achievements of Adhiparasakthi Spiritual Movement are simply not something which is possible for any Raman, Easwaran and Suppan. The almighty has achieved all this through His Holiness Spiritual Guru Bangaru Adigalar.

    Money one earns by using the natural resources, knowledge acquired are all because of God. So donations are to be made without thinking i am giving my money. All donations or offerings to God, Guru or fellow human beings are a small part which is being given back to God. One can not keep thinking about the offerings and feel proud or keep questioning on how it is being spent. In other words one has no right to question the money offered for doing spiritual service. Unlike religions which indulges in religious prostitution by asking weaker sections of other religions to come to them by offering food, medcine and education free through the money which is being brought from abroad to demolish the spiritualism existing in this country, Melmaruvathur relies on donations given by people belonging to this own land. Administrative lapses which led to this page is a strong wake up call for the administration of the trust to embrace law of the land.

    Amma lives in humility, Amma does not control any of her Children (Devotees) only guides, by using which how could they be better human beings and social contributors but never compels. It’s upto the devotees wisdom to understand what Amma says and follow it in their lives. Inspite of all the mudslinging Amma had remained undetered all these years and had proved that she is a supreme soul. What this movement has done to the people is a no mean task. In the coming years it is going to get extended to reach several more. All who write dirty in this page would become silent by then.


  39. No Religion. Ok fine. Then what is it? May be another fancy name? A slogan? What is the underlying princinple though? The same as that of a religion. It doesnt matter what you call it.

    If you choose to call a goat as tiger, doesnt mean it will start hunting. It will still be hunted.

    And FYI, once an IT raid starts, you are answerable till the raid ends. You can’t leave, no one can enter until every pin is valued. FACT buddy.

    If anyone is fanatical it is you. Towards you so called guru


  40. See sudha, I am extremely glad about all the points you make. Really. You are among the few who at least think.

    The only point I have a tough time accepting is everyone is pressurizing bangaru and that is why this is happening. It is just not logical at all. Just for a moment add your clear thoughts, just a possibility that bangaru is involved in this too. Think for a few moments even if you disbelieve and you might see the truth.


  41. I will try to write like you Jayakumar. Read and let me know how it is, okay?

    Nobody has any right to talk about Bangaru. He is a big cheat who has made living making money of gullible people. People like me have all been burned by our bad experiences with him and he has done is to try and make money. People who are singing his praises should have a little more awareness and then talk.


  42. You are living in India. In case you don’t know all income (gifts & otherwise) have to be documented and accounted for. Else your AMMA has no rights over that money and can be prosecuted. Now does that happen all over the country? Of course not. That is the curse of our country and that is why our country is where it is and not where it should be.

    For you the melmaruvathur fraud is AMMA. For a lot of people Poes garden fraud is AMMA. And that AMMA’s devotees also talk out their a*se just like you. Just saying you know. Its all about levels of stupidity. You are just one level above the other AMMA’s devotees. Blind Bats..

    No rights it seems. Talking like a kid who was given a candy and asked back. Idiot.


  43. I am laughing so hard reading this. So annadhanam was conceptualized by your so called “AMMA”? All this matching of sinners & sufferers has been on for thousands of years. Your so called godman has institutionalized it, converted it into a money making machine and made gullible people like you talk sh*t like this. It is absolutely amazing only if you have not seen world beyond that place. Instead of driving 90 kms from chennai, drive 30 and stop at Uthavum Karangal. Now what happens there is absolutely amazing.


  44. You have no clue what my family lost. More than money they lost self confidence and capacity to live life on their terms. Not saying my family didnt spend money. On an open forum, I am saying this. We would have easily spent 8-10 lakhs in the last 8 years and that is NOT disposable income for my family. At one point, my granddad took money for credit to pay for Velvi. So stop harping without knowing what gullible devotees actually go through.

    I have every experience of Maruvathur. I entered the temple at a tender age of 8 and I am 28 now. I’ve seen it as an ardent devotee, as a skeptic, cynic and as a hater. If you like to look beyond the few bones they throw at your side to keep you barking, you will see the truth.


  45. because you are direct benefiter(financially) from the ACMEC Trust… you say that they are good people.

    what where they 60 years back and now what they are????? are that bangaru family basically rich??? In the name of service they are exploiting people. in terms of money and physical work


  46. Hello mr.digruntled,
    did ur family pulled down to poverty by giving money to “AMMA”…. and

    for all those who had commented on “AMMA”s family:
    Don’t always believe what others say….try to experience what happens @ maruvathur…..

    The entire family is concerned about the welfare of the society rather than thinking about them…

    I am one of the direct benefiter(financially) from the ACMEC Trust….


  47. Thambi!!!! I think the college is the best place to talk to students coz they know what is happening on the inside and UNLIKE THE MASS that is following blindly for 30 years these are young minds which are open to see what is happening.

    You guys should document activities how much spend for college, how much spending actually happens in the SO CALLED fake charity and let people know how they are fleeced.


  48. There you are shoocky! People like you should come out and talk. You can tangible evidence that nothing that happens in that institution is charity.

    Although people will tie your events to student indiscipline (some might be true too), it is people who are on the inside and disgruntled who can offer the best evidence.

    Please post more specifics. Like your fees, capitation fees for management quota etc. And also about the hospital how much of it is actually free and things like that. It may just MAY drive some sense into the red clad mass which has lost thinking capacities.


  49. You have two choices “sarvam shakthi mayam”

    Start thinking with you head (or)
    Go start writing dialogues for Rajini movies 🙂


  50. I would urge you to look beyond what you see. While this institution started off humbly as a temple which created equal opportunity for everyone, the institution started feeding on its own popularity in the most blatant way possible.

    None of the education initiatives are free or “near free”. Almost all the charity work like anna dhanam and temple work are done by gullible devotees. The remaining little charity that they do through the medical institute (which is not ‘free’ either) is miniscule compared to the money collected round the year from the temple. All this money is accrued by the trust which is nothing but a crass cover for the scoundrel adigalar and his family. As much as you would like to live in denial that it is only the family and not the Godman, you have to only think a little beyond the obvious to understand the truth.

    I am not going to touch on your point about conversion and counter – conversion. For me, both the institutions have the same goal – Create hope among gullible masses and exploit them as much as possible. So my hatred goes to institution in maruvathur and the christian missionaries.

    To picture Bangaru as a robin hood is the worst as that is exactly his goal. You have to understand that the money spent there is not just from the rich. Hundreds of middle-class and poor people even take credit to pay the temple as they feel that is the way to settle their “genma kanaku” and that is the way to get “AMMA”s blessings. And then the money collected is not fully distributed as a charity institution should. These accounts have to be audited like any for profit organization and I am sure you will find money laundering in large scale.

    The ingenuity of this business is that it cleverly exploits the common man’s sentiment that God/Elders are above question and only complete blind faith will lead to good things. Once you do that blindly you are ignorant to rational thinking and it is a downward spiral from there.

    But I can say with satisfaction the cracks are beginning to show in the organization with the ageing of the lynch pin. Of course nobody is silly to believe that incarnations happen throughout a family. So after Bangaru who? They can’t just let this cash cow and its huge franchise network die.

    There will be a day when out of desperation this trust will try to do something stupid or like in putaparuthi the day after bangaru you will see a trust worth thousands of crores which will be controlled by a closed set of people.

    OF course the devotees like Sai’s will keep living in denial pointing to the peanuts thrown as charity. But at least the menace will end and not hurt future generations.

    The same however cannot be said of the Angel TV crowd though. They have created a beautiful idea and impressed the masses that their family is blessed and therefore created an option for continuity. So God knows how that is going to end! Hmm.. If only people can worship God and not be so gullible to fall for godmen..


  51. Ha! After reading the posts and trying to reply individually, I realized a pattern. There are three groups of people here.

    * One – Everything associated with maruvathur is fake and wrong. I am associated to this group.
    *Two – You say Adigalar is great like he has every been. It is the establishment around him. I have hope in you guys you know. Any establishment which gets power and money by illegal means will blow ultimately. This establishment started humbly. This man started by changing the “temple” establishment for common man and eeked out a living. Allowing women, tamil mantrams and so on. His work was appreciated. The success offered an avenue to earn money which he successfully exploited and now is seeing it grow out of control. It will explode and when it does the people in this group will realized and reflect. You will be sad you were taken for a ride but you will come over. I am really happy to see this group is growing as seen from this forum itself.
    *Third – This group blindly says you never question anything. This place is always great and will always be. I will like to split this again into two groups. One where my family will fit. Hopeless, gullible, thoughtless gits who inspite of their education want to throw money and strength at this laundering institution. YOU LOT WILL LIVE IN DENIAL FOREVER. Even aftrer he is exposed. You will find the vague literary references from past, compare him to Jesus and Rama and say truth will triumph ultimately which you will never see. Unfortunate, but the truth.
    The second part of this group are the culprits. You know everything that is happening. You are one among the hundreds of franchises or mandrams around the world. You have to spread the word or the miracles to keep the aura going and bring people in. Because only as long as the belief exists can you cover your laundering in charity and live off it. I hope there is a way to nab each and every one of you and put you behind bars. You are as disgusting as every corrupt politician and criminal. Actually worse cause you disguise it as service and cheat. At least the politicians don’t attempt a coverup and are blatant so we know what we are getting into.


  52. Really?! You come up with an article by Subramanyam Swamy of all people?Clutching at Straws is what you are doing. May be the reason for the raid was politically motivated. No one is denying it.

    But why do you think the politically motivated guys resorted to IT raids for vendetta? Why not frame something else? Because THAT IS WHERE IT HURTS! The politicians know about the money they did not get and hence the raid. There are secrets there and exposing them would cause the biggest damage. If it was truly a non-profit, charity organization with all accounts truly documented then why would they do the IT raid? Wouldnt they know its a waste of time and try to degenerate in someother way?
    And before you say maruvathur came out successful from the raid, please read and figure how many crores were seized.
    The motivations for the raid might not be great, but the underlying truth comes out this way and it is great.


  53. My Friend. Please don’t ask others to stop pointing fingers when you doing exactly the same at him. Pointing fingers especially at injustice and cheating is absolutely necessary. I agree his pointing fingers could have used better language but the pointing needs to be done.

    And I perfectly agree to you point. The world has to think twice before workshiping all human incarnations or incarnation claims. Including this one called bangaru. I have not seen another incarnations so I can’t comment. I have seen this one in blood & flesh and all it does is cheat.

    Even if the incarnations mentioned by you are truest Godly incarnationss that doesn’t justify your analogy. I can perfectly in your same logic draw a comparison of this man with Nithayananda and say he is a scoundrel. It is just a waste of time.

    What matters ultimately is the truth. I have enough personal experiences and family experiences for 15 years to know he is a certified cheat.


  54. Did you know there are eyes and ears all around the temple constantly relaying information back to the so called godman? Next time you are sitting out the house where he does the arulvakku waiting for your turn. Just observe. Just see how many “thondargal” keep crossing that area constantly seeing and listening. This is a business ananthi. And like all businesses it needs intelligence to be gathered. I know what your response will be. Save it! Just letting you know there is another perspective so when things blow you are nor surprised. Unless you are already involved in one of the Franchises aka mandrams and minting money.


  55. *correction – 20-50 RS about 30 years ago being equivalent to todays 1000


  56. “Almost all the volunteers behave in a rude manner and AMMA herself had told in an oracle that out of these red clad devotees,only 5% are genuine,which seems to be practically very true”

    What do you mean there? Can we think a little deeper here. Why would there be non-genuine devotees volunteering in the temple? As far as I know you don’t get paid or get paid peanuts. No non-devotee will want to work and even if they do, the temple has millions who would work for God for free. So why would they still be there?

    Why would that guy say only 5% are genuine as if he can’t control it? You mean to say the trust and its members are overpowering an incarnation of GOD? And he can’t do much about it?

    His statement should be read like this – I know there are lot of Goondas around. I have to employ them so I can control whats going on in this temple. I have to maintain certain order which is key to running my business. I could do it earlier with just devotees. But now with raids and media snooping I have to employ goondas to put them in place.

    “Earlier,there were no demand of money for ARULVAKKU and it started off with just Rs.2/- per person and that too at midnight.
    But now,it has been linked with ABHISHEGAM due to swelling crowd,and it is difficult to get ARULVAKKU.
    Even for PADAPUJA,the amount of Rs.1001/- collected cannot be just given by all and inspite of people lining up to meet him with this,he does not speak”

    Really? Can’t you think? 30 years before if he demand 20-50RS(equivalent or close to todays 100) do you think anyone would have trusted him. He would have never imagined his business to grow so much. So he managed a meek living. now with his fan following he can demand and there are souls to believe it. And that 1001 number is just entry. You are asked to perform abhishegams, anna dhanams etc. and attend festivals like adi puram.. It is just plain money laundering yet concealed brilliantly.

    What makes me happy is that things seem to be changing. When an ardent devotee like you admits to mishandlings albeit by family members and not by the scoundrel himself things are changing. The day is not far when things come to light.

    Finally, I have to say eventhough it will be tough for you to believe, I am not an Atheist. I simply detest cheats like this man, puraparuthi bee hive and nithayanandha with a passion


  57. Divya,

    Sorry for digging this up after a year.

    You are the ‘typical’ devotee of that wretched establishment. And the worst part is, my household is full of people like you and for the sake of respect I can tell them directly all that I am going to tell you.

    I have been visiting this temple against my wishes for past 15 years with my family. And I know they always milked money for “patha” poojai, adi puram, arul vaaku, yaagam and everything on the tamil calendar. It has been just in the last 5 years like you say. For yaaga kundam my family has paid 1 lakh every year for the past 5 years and around 50000 everytime before (for the soolam yaaga koodam). And apart from this their request for donations to anna dhanam every time you get arul vaaku and donations to other events. The amoutn of money they get out of a single event like the Yaagam they have in April/May is mind boggling!

    My family for all the trouble they faced, never had the spine to face it by themselves. They needed a psychological/mental support that someone supreme was going to take care of them. They are ardent devotees who ask for arulvakku before they move a pin. And the man who does the oracles always has this to say “Amma kooda irupen. Eduthu kudupen, nadathi vaipen.. Oh ho nu varuva” for every single thing they ask. Or something similar.. A generic statement which I can say.. But as followers my family can get blind. When something simple happens like getting cure from typhoid or getting good marks in board exam (after all the medicines and effort from us) it is labelled as possible only because of amma. When a child dies prematurely in our house or we lose life saving in a business after a contrary promise from amma, it is conveniently labelled as genma kanuku. Disgusting to say the least! I know what the response is from you.. Here is all I have to say to that, my problem is with the man directing person’s judgement wrongly to enter business dealings or commit to things. Without his ‘blessings’ people involved would have made better decisions without believing in the fake godman’s oracles and we could have limited so much damage. Simple errors which I at the age of 16 could tell were wrong, were championed as amma’s ideas and having that guy’s grace and all our life savings were lost.

    You say he has been doing service for 40 years and only now is money being asked. Let me tell you this. Money was always being laundered. Only now thanks to the worldwide fame due unrestricted communication and a mass following they can demand more. And like any establishment with money and power gathered illegally it spirals and grows out of control until it explodes. The establishment is in the growing phase. It is starting to crack. When it explodes be ready to face the sh*t that comes from inside

    To everyone who goes on about charity. Please.. dont kid yourself. The college is not free. In 2000, i was looking to get a seat in DOTE II. This college fees structure is on par with colleges like Hindustan and Satyabama. It is a MONEY MAKING instituion not a non-profit. Of course there are going to be a few ‘charity’ seats to create the image and brand equity. I have my own friends from primary to high school who went to this college and tell stories about money laundering in these colleges. The hospitals – I don’t have a personal experience. Even assuming they are completely free (which I am biased to say they are not) it will just be a loss leader for this money laundering business. The anna dhanam done every day will not cost beyond a few lakh rupees which pales in comparison to what they collect. (You also have to consider people donate tons and tons or rice/dal etc) There is a separate warehouse to store that and I am sure you have seen that. My point is there is no expense for that, so the money they collect really isn’t spent anywhere. All the work in the temple is done by gullible devotees in the name of “thondu”. And it makes me sick to say I have done “thondu” too. It really was not my choice. I would have been much more satisfied spending my time at a place like Uthavum karangal.

    This business is unique. They never demand money explicitly. The demand is implicit. A devotee feels it is his duty and donates. What he gets in return is fake ‘hope’ and satisfaction of ‘charity’ when in reality a portion of it is spent to keep the cover of aanmeegam and service and the rest is laundered. and no IT! at least till this raid. He is no way different from the beehive head in putaparuthi or the scoundrel nithayanandha. It is just about levels of sophistication, connection and power that you have managed to build.

    To people who talk about miracles – most of the stories you hear are from the franchises or “mandrams” which operate throughout the state and in other countries to keep the marketing going. You know they sell “hope” so the aura has to be around it. Half the stories in ‘Sakthi Oli’ are pure Bull crap. Rest are stories from souls who attribute their daily success of hardwork to this place.
    To those who personally experience miracles.. OPEN YOUR EYES. It is your effort and God’s blessing for your effort. Not the godman’s miracle. I am not an atheist or non believer in reincarnations. But that doesn’t mean I believe every Tom, Dick and Harry who claims to be a reincarnation. These men are simply scoundrels who abuse belief in a normal human and take full toll of it.



  58. well said TrueHuman. Spot on. You have Amma’s grace, truly. om sakthi


  59. there was once a young man who was waiting to do paatha pooja for AMMA. Whilst waiting, he started counting the number of people waiting to do the same and calculated the amount too. Upon seeing Amma, the first thing that Amma asked him was what was the amount he had calculated whilst waiting. Amma knows everything including your queries and to know why Amma is silent, time will make you realise, understand and acknowledge the facts and practicality of life. Why is the Karuvarai so small? Why are women allowed in it? Why isn’t there a Gold Gopuram in our siddhar peetam? So many queries, right? Till then, Amma is all for the poor, all for empowering women and all for unconditional service to mankind. Just have trust in Amma.


  60. See, now chitra pournami, is nearing, imagine the kalasa pooja rates 1010 rupees to 5000 rs/- , oh god what a jump, how can poor people pay so much…. what kind of spirtuality is this? Do they think at least about poor people and other middle class people, it simply shows they are covering up the losses, i am a beleiver of amma, i really wonder why is he silent


  61. B4 speaking about annadhana @ Melmaruvathur think of the logic of this process. It’s absolutely amazing. A sakthi (devotees are called sakthi) prepares food for the human and AMMA makes another sakthi to eat this food and get satified. The food eater blesses the food preparer. here AMMA makes the food preparer to get rid of some sin committed @ last jenma to the food eater. AMMA matches those people who all committed sins to whom they the have committed sins. Isn’t is amazing???
    Leaving all these excellent setups don just curse of some small difficulties>>>>>.


  62. comparing amma with sai baba he is far away good
    sai baba homosexual and cheap magician who cheats is followers with tricks, but amma is not indulging in this kind of moment so amma is better than sai baba


  63. My Friend.True Hindu… Stop pointing fingers towards others…. wake up.. Learn to respect other country and their people first.. The way you are speaking directly shows the mannerism you have learnt.. first correct it.. Who told you that Om Shakthi devotees are praying human being first of all .They are matured enough to pray Goddess Adhiparasakthi and her incarnation as Arul Thiru Bangaru Adigalar. If it is the case that we all in the world have to stop praying incarnation of GOD in Human form then the world has to think twice before it prays all the human incarnation of GOD like Lord Rama, Krishna, Christ,Prophet Mohemmad,Mahaveera,Buddha..and the list goes on my friend.

    Have a great Life ahead friend.. This is what my country INDIA has taught me.. My country has taught me to respect other country . More over I think you are lacking behind current affairs friend.. Check out in any field it is India which is constantly shining and fastest developing country.. 🙂


  64. stupid indians..
    when all of you will stop praying to a human being and concentrate to your own nation development.
    this is the main reason why your country still a 3rd class in the world although India full of opportunity.
    wake up guys..
    Work hard for your country!!


  65. Adigalar only has claimed that he is doing his duty as god’s servent to the people. Come to melmaruvathur temple and then speak.


  66. The truth is already out, son. Bangaru is the Living God and is the human form of Adhiparasakthi.

    Let nothing fool you about that fact. Who is cheating whom? Dont be blind to the truth. Dont be misled. Dont listen to rumours. All this are politically induced. Just because a huge amount of donation was requested and politely refused, politicians do what they think is best but nothing can and will hide the truth. the truth will always prevail and the truth has been revealed to the believers.

    Come and experience the revolution taking place in melmaruvathur where there is no racism, no caste system, where there is no need to convert, no politics, no terrorism or this is the only way or this is the only right path….

    This is the place where all humans are equal, one blood, one mother, where nature is supreme, where service to mankind is worship.

    Always keep this in mind of Amma’s arulvaaku which goes something like this…

    Ennai yehmaatra ninaithal, En maatram than nadukum…

    om sakthi adhiparasakthi


  67. They are cheating people in the name of GOD….all truth will come out one day


    Lokaha samastha sukino bavanthu.
    This is Kaliyuga, only money speaks madam.
    wake up !
    You are a big donor , you get more time to talk, you are a ordinary human being , then we get 2mins to talk.
    All sadgurus are like that these days.
    As i have done major research.
    These days difficult to trust our own shadow.




    Lokaha samastha sukino bavanthu.

    This is Kaliyuga, only money speaks madam.
    wake up !
    You are a big donor , you get more time to talk, you are a ordinary human being , then we get 2mins to talk.
    All sadgurus are like that these days.
    As i have done major research.
    These days difficult to trust our own shadow.


  70. Yeah , Divya is doing her best to convince people, that Amma is Divine. 🙂

    I also believe Amma is divine and true, but Divya everybody can’t think and be like you or me, each individual thinks and does his things in his own way, definitely we should analyse what exactly is the truth.
    I believe 100% what people say about Amma’s family.
    If there was no fault from their end, why should they put rajiv gandhi , sonia gandhi ,zail singh,jayalalitha ,rajnikanth poster and banners outside the temple.What are they trying to prove? That these big shots come here !!!!!?????psychologically they are trying to convince people and trying to cover the truth. that is all.
    People should feel it,psychologically why should one try these tactics?
    Amma is great !!! but unfortunate to know his family members are completely different from what AMMA is !!


  71. Amma is true, but his family members are too greedy and after money.
    Lakshmi Bangaru Adigalar, Senthil,veera ragavan all these people are greedy ,GURU Bangaru Adigalar is innocent and is like lotus surrounded by weed plants like lakshmi bangaru adigalar, sons and daughters.
    Amma is good surrounded by bad people.

    That’s unfortunate.I beleive amma and adhiparashakthi, but i definitely support his family members who are greedy .


  72. True. There is power in him, but nowadays looks like his family is forcing him to demand money from bhaktas.
    Guru Amma is like cash cow. He is being misused by his wife, cousin veera raghavan and his children.
    Except his son inlaw Dr. Ramesh, everybody are greedy.
    Dr.Ramesh looks more sober and decent with no greedy intentions.


  73. maatha, pitha, guru,deivam. when an infant born to this world, maatha is the first person in the childs life to nurture him and to love and care him. through maatha the child get to know his father secondly in his life and by his father the child get to know his guru and stays in guru ashrama and finally guru shows him the path to deivam, the true divine self within him. it’s the child who should step forward to deivam, the guru will only show you the way. this is the real meaning of the adage. Amma told me that i should always respect my parents in all situations but not as superior to deivam and she told me that i can accept her as my guru and she will teach me everything, later on as deivam and finally as parabrahma who will lead me to mukthi. you know in this kali yuga, just worship deivam as your guru by reciting their mantras. before amma, i was worshipping vishnu i recite his mantra and asked him to be my guru. after some months passed by he appeared in my dreams and said that since i accept him as my guru he will lead me to parasakthi, the mother of trinity and he revealed the divine essence of amma as parabrahma and since then i only worship her as the true god and other deities as her children who are here for different purpose. don’t hesitate to ask more about amma, i shall reveal her inner secrets t o her true devotee. OM SAKTHI PARASAKTHI ANNAI ATHIPARASAKTHI.


  74. I completely second your thoughts shakthi Aanma.. When a devotee who has seen Amma from 4 years believes in her power so much. but our friend seems so ignorant on his part of not realising her Incarnation as Bangaru Adigalar. It shows his ignorance of not knowing about Amma and the history of Melmaruvathur Adhiparashakthi properly. I request Thuraiswaran to read the book ” Annaiyin Arulvakku” which is a collection of all the oracles given by AMMA and in that please go through what she has told about Shri Bangaru Adigalar.. I all have realised the powers of AMMA through Adigalar from past 20 yrs.. We wish you would surely understand the INCARANTION as Bangaru Adigalar 🙂

    Sarvam Shakthi Mayam


  75. When you say you can talk to athiparasakthi in your dreams, that too just after only 4 years for worshipping amma, i say sincerely… well done, son.

    But for people like me who have worshipped adigalar for a good 30 years, its rather ignorant and arrogant on your part to tell us to stop wasting our time following the adigalar and try to seek the true divinity.

    To put it mildly, i worship the very ground that adigalar walks on. If your experience of only 4 years enables you to talk to athiparasakthi, in my 30 years with adigalar, i have seen HIM say and do things that only Athiparasakthi can.

    When you say ‘in sannathi, the priest does not even show arthi to amma’, I wonder which place you have been because there is no priest in maruvathur.

    If the adigalar is so well politically connected as the article indicates, how did the raid come about then?. Could it be that the whole raid was politically motivated?

    I am not writing this reply to change your views but one should remember the old adage of maatha, pitha, guru, theivam.

    Jesus made us realise the Father, Muhamad about Allah and now Bangaru about Amma Athiparasakthi.

    Guruvadi Saranam, Thiruvadi Saranam


  76. are u guys stupid, don’t u realise the miracles happened in melmaruvathur is bcoz of the grace of divine mother athiparasakthi not that banggaru adigalar. you should call the true devi as amma not him, i do agree he has the oracle power of amma but not anymore since he developes his attractions to worldly matters such as money. if the cash found in his house is a donations from others then why he did’nt cash in in bank of temple account. the IT officers did’nt find any cash in or withdrawal of the money from the temple know what i’m a mad devotee of athiparasakthi and i’m in malaysia, i came to melmaruvathur last year and i was shocked when i see all the banners of banggaru and his wife but amma was nowhere to be found it seems that banggaru is superior to amma and in sannathi the priest did’nt even show arathi to amma. i was deeply hurt and in that time i take a vow that i will not return to this land until the name of the real mother is honoured again. i believed that everything happens is according to amma’s wish including adigalar being caught, she knows who should be treat as how. i have studied vedas, puranas, tantras an geethas and i know better about athiparasakthi, even it is said by agathiyar that even navagrahas can’t stop her, it’s her who can turn situations as per her wish, so stop wasting your time following the adigalar and try to seek the true divinity infact i am worshipping amma for 4 years only and i recite her mantras everyday with lalitha sahasranamam and believe it or not i can talk to her in my dreams and i saw her as bala parasakthi in my dreams. OM SAKTHI ANNAI ATHIPARASAKTHI MAY ALL THE HONOURS BE TO MOTHER PARASAKTHI.


  77. Infact they will cover i up and again start cheating people, they will cover it up by saying its all media and blah lah.
    Lakshmi Bangaru adigalar will be going around world tour using all hard earned money ,earned by guru bangaru adiagalar, we people of india are sponsoring for their japan trips etc etc.
    Amma is innocent,but this fat balloon lakshmi bangaru adigalar and her sons are number one fraud.

    Their son in law Dr.Ramesh is far far better than the gang out there.

    We should all try seeing god in our selves.


  78. shakthi vikram.. plz never ever compare AMMA with nithyananda…I am sorry to say this..If you really had known about AMMA’s history then you would have never spoken this…I dont wanna comment about AMMA’s family.AMMA will take care of it ..
    but AMMA is just too great..
    What money is AMMA charging ah?? is only from few years..I have seen AMMA from my birth..almost 20 years..My parents have experiences of more than 25 years..GO and see in other temples…They charge u thousands of rupeess(around 10000) or 5000 and when u do some small grand pooja calling all ur relative in ur home all charges will come around minimum its not such a large amount(Rs.1010)..and tat too only for the sake of charitable hospital.. n the benefit u get cannot

    If AMMA was money minded then by today she should have increased the charges for seva n padhapooja..but naaa..its same from past so many yrs…..This shakthi peetam is from 40yrs…AMMA is running this Aanmeegam from 40 yrs..So please analyse before u comment with half information about AMMA…even we all have gone through some sorts of doubts before abt AMMA( and we r guilty for that today)..but now we have realised the truth that she is the avatar …


  79. dear mr srinivasan,
    first of all ,how can u call a human being as god just bcos he has siddhi powers ,he cannot be called god ,every human being has the potential to develop such powers.moreover he is not above desires ,he has got married


  80. it is a funny game,one cannot hide facts,india has produced great saints in the form of saibabas etc

    there were millions of devotees for these saints none of them had a black mark against more point,all these saints lived a life without desires but in this case mr bangaru has gone against saints tradition by marrying and accumlating money .


  81. u are 100% right,if he is really god why should he charge people for washing his feet ,people are victims of their own ignorance ,they should not believe in siddhi powers,which occurs bcos of poorva janma karma take for instance swami nithyananda,wrongdoers should be punished


  82. shakthi vikram…

    AMMA knows what to has to be done…and when it has to be done..Without reason AMMA will not do anything..there is always a reason for her doings..

    sarvam shakthi mayam


  83. dear krishna,
    if ur point is true,why is amma not taking any action against his family members


  84. It is a sad plight that the pious and simple Adigalar was subject to this rigorous test of passing out of the blame.
    The name and fame,he had earned for the past 50 years had drained down fastly and now only the negative things come up1

    We are all ardent devotees of the temple for the past 30 years and needless to say,many miracles have happened in each of our life.AMMA is truly personified and never demands anything in return unless otherwise we specifically offer out of our love to him.

    I remember that during one ARULVAKKU (which is very rare to get now-a-days),after concluding the oracle,she just told that small amount may be required for hospital expense (at that time hospital project was just on discussion stage),and he also told that the money will be organised by him only to be given.

    Surprisingly,we got a dividend from a Company which was unexpected and this was given to the above cause promptly,without any hesitation.

    Also,AMMA is the one and only available as a saviour and whatever his family members have done is a mudslinging to him and his chastity.How can an individual develop this one tiny rural village where buses even refused to stop 20 years back now boasts of an University/Proposed Airport etc.,

    Through this,I would also like to advise AMMA’s family that whatever happened has happened.Atleast they should try to arise out of the shell they are in,and try to atleast practice what he preaches!


    This is sequential to Lord Krishna asking Duryodhana whether he requires him or his army for the war.
    Duryodhana prefers the latter and is finally eliminated.When AMMA is with us,what more do we require!
    Atleast the family members should think as per their conscience and throw off their postings with immediate effect-nominate third persons as trustees and should never interfere in the day-to-day administration of the temple at all-let them come and go as a common devotee.

    I have also witnessed all that earlier said in the mails.
    Goons look-alike throng the premises and shout all gullible devotees not to sit here and there.
    When a devotee visits a temples,it is for his pure personal satisfaction that he comes.
    These so-called MANRAM volunteers behave with much audacity and behave in a nasty manner that a new comer will be ashamed that he should not have visited at all.
    That is the prevailing situation as compared to what it was 30 years back when there was only sand as flooring and open space all around.
    There is no courteousness in the volunteer behaviour and it is obvious that they should be specifically trained in courtesy part,which is vital for a volunteer.
    Almost all the volunteers behave in a rude manner and AMMA herself had told in an oracle that out of these red clad devotees,only 5% are genuine,which seems to be practically very true.
    Earlier,there were no demand of money for ARULVAKKU and it started off with just Rs.2/- per person and that too at midnight.
    But now,it has been linked with ABHISHEGAM due to swelling crowd,and it is difficult to get ARULVAKKU.
    Even for PADAPUJA,the amount of Rs.1001/- collected cannot be just given by all and inspite of people lining up to meet him with this,he does not speak.This shatters the confidence of people who come sometimes as far as US or Malaysia and they console themselves and go telling that atleast they had the previlege of seeing his face-that is the practical situation now.

    To recall his miracles,his mother was bed-ridden and no one knew when the passing away will happen.He was on a spiritual tour and he made himself available to ensure,that only after his arrival did the soul departed.
    The earlier miracles of Vedanthangal Renuga Parameswari Amman’s neck turning to see him and the sudden appearance as ADHIPARASAKTHI @ Marina Beach in 1988 (with him disappearing for a few seconds from the dais) after conclusion of ULAGA AANMEEGA MAANADU stand testimony to the fact that none can deny him as an ordinary human being,and indeed the soul in him is of ADHIPARASAKTHI.
    To sum up,my personal conclusion shall be:

    a.His family members to refrain from all activities of the Trust and other Institutions with immediate effect.
    b.Nominater personnel from outside source,as per AMMA’s advice.
    c.Ensure that PADA PUJA is regulated without any hindrance and not to collect all the offerings at the gate itself with out he,getting anything.
    d.Come and visit temple like a commoner.
    This could be the best remedy that a family like AMMA can provide to him and to the society.


  85. ya only who cheat people must be punished..




  87. i am a devotee of amma from past ten years.
    everybody knows the truth, amma is great and divine, but definitely we cannot cover amma’s family as diivine.
    most of them who come to melmarvathur talk and have analysed amma’s children behviour. amma’s family are all money minded , no doubt about. we can’t cover it up by saying they are very good.
    only amma is simple and crystal clear. children are aggressive and wife arrogant.

    It is a lesson to amma’s family, and i think its amma ‘s VELAYATTAL (GAME) in order to teach his kids what is honesty and how to be more humble and soft .


  88. sir,
    Amma is the only Avatharam Nobody can’t break Amma’s fame.SHE IS AVATHARAM.ONLY ONE nobody has rights to give comments about god because all of them God’s children.some children may be naughty but mother only forgive all those naughty childrens do’t do like that .SHE IS POWERFUL GOD.


  89. When AMMA has said several things in my life several years before it could occur, it is puzzling to me why AMMA did not avert this.
    A possible explanation in my mind is that AMMA treats Her/His family like any other family. No differences. So may be AMMA wants to teach a lesson to His/Her family when they cross line. I am saying this because I am reading reports that His/Her family are NOT behaving as a true AMMA’s family.
    Who knows
    Siths Pokku sivan Pokku
    I go to Melmaruvathur for spirituality. These news are only lessons to me in my uplift
    Om Sakthi


  90. we trust in amma,because we trust amma,we trust ammas family.amma is more wise,she knows everything.sure she know how to handle things.ellam valla taye,anaithum ni arivai.(pattiram amma) sulchigal sutti varethe.kalai eduthe vide. om sakthi. guru vadi saranam,thiru vadi saranam.


  91. Thank you for this.


  92. IT raid conducted on Melmaruthur educational institutions is an obvious attempt to malign medical, spiritual and various social services offered by Adhiparasakthi spiritual movement.

    Which authority in India or Abroad is going to conduct similar raid on trust run by political parties who have also benefited during Ketan Desai run MCI. Why very few institutions are raided what about other institutions and their accounts, are they all providing absolutely correct accounts. Just because some political party’s demands were not met IT raids are conducted.

    People are no more blind folded to such black mailing politicians and their ulterior motives. Till this time no official details about the raids and money or other forms of assets recovered are released to public by government why media is so keen on publishing some unconfirmed details.

    What is the background of the family rulers, what are the sources of their incomes. Before two generations what were the assets their forefathers had for them to become part of the worlds most richest list.

    I see this raid as an attempt by anti Hindu forces working along with brutal so called Dravidian forces to bring disrepute to Spiritulal Guru Adigalar.

    Please read statement issued by Mr.Subramanyam Swamy, an eyeopener


  93. After hearing the news last week, i booked a flight to melmaruvathur and just returned to malaysia.

    this seems politically motivated and media exaggeration or sensationalism.

    things are normal there and the crowd on saturday and sunday was as usual jam packed. followers are not concerned about this raid.

    Our guru knows everything inculding this raid just as Jesus was mocked and crucified but why didn’t the son of man prevent it. Our guru does the rolling on the sand every year to purify it…

    Amma’s message to all devotess…ithu 40 varusham katti kaatha aanmigam. ithu oru sithaadal than….neega irukum varai enakku enna kavalai…naan irukum varai ungaluku enna kavalai.

    This is not the first time our guru has been tested.

    For allowing women into the sanctum sanctorum, for being a simple man who is married with a family, for the tamil mantras, for laymen to conduct prayers, for the service to mankind, for turning a remote and obscure village of melmaruvathur which didn’t even have a bus stop then into a virtual city now comprising a hospital, train station, schools, colleges and creating jobs and livelihood to the people etc etc…. how many of us know that in the last 7 years, our guru has adopted and fully funded 65 special children in and around maruvathur and hired speech therapists and pyshiotherapists to coach and assist them which costs nearly 2 lakhs a month…. there is much, much more service being done in the last 40 years but who is talking about it now…

    To ignorant people, the day will come when the world will realise who Bangaru of Melmaruvathur is. I’m afraid it will be deva ju all over again just as what happended to Jesus of Nazareth, Muhammad, Gauthama etc during their earthly lifetime.

    To all our folowers, keep up the faith and never let HER go at all times.

    om sakthi..aathiparasakthi


  94. hmmm I can say only this shakthi leena I believe in AMMA..I have heard to this arulvakku from a shakthi ..ya..but I have heard this even from shakthi oli..and shakthi yugam..and I believe its true only because it has truth in it..isnt it??
    ..yes it is the God who does every thing…we are just puppets in the hands of God..that is what is said in arulvakku.and this is what even annamayya says.that “It is all doings of God”…I agree with you that her family members may be doing injustice.but not AMMA..even we have been worshipping AMMA from 20 yrs..and have spoke to her many times..i think it is only once she had said to do abhishekam…all other times she has blessed us with her good words and all her assurance has come true……she never asked us to donate anything..Well it is upto u to believe the arulvakku…but I can 100% guarantee you that it is not manupulated..I assure you..and I am not a girl to believe superstitious..It is really nice to meet so many devotees of our AMMA here..cheers to all…and shakthi leena dont worry AMMA will surely look after persons who will do injustice….dont be afraid to go to her..I guess we both should stop the argument ..lets rejoice what AMMA has given us..nice hearing u..


  95. Nagraj is right, i agree, after analysing a lot, truth is reflecting slowly.


  96. True Divya,
    But did you hear amma saying arulvak directly to you,if so then great. If it through some shakthi , there is major possibility of manipulation of every word. I say this because Amma speaks to our family very well, and he himself has said that Sai,and all sadgurus are , he doesn’t differentiate and he says all are one.People outside say different things and try to create somekind of superstious belief in you. Direct perception with bangaru adigalar is always the best, than listening to others stories.God knows how much they cook up.
    I believe in amma and i am surrendered to amma, but i dont support amma’s family , bcos i have seen amma’s family (wife,sons) etc funny body language with people and big show offs displaying gold etc, mis use of funds, they don’t give any receipt for abhishekam or for homa or yagna we do.they just give you one small card board card kind with a number on it.also there is lot of money extraction going on.
    nowadays i am scared to go amma,cos everytime we go we have been told to things or donate money,if there is lot of incoming money ,one can donate..else how can you, i love amma ,but from past few months scared to go there because of extraction…
    lets pray that amma should be safe, but if need be family members who are number one fraud should be punished. amma is like lotus,but around dirty water


  97. hmmm probably I have no rights to comment on this issue as I properly dont know what the truth is about AMMA’s family members..but I have heard negative comments about them from many people..??..I havent verified it..but would like to say just one AMMA has come in the form of HUMAN.Henceforth what ever it is she has to act as a normal human here..It is like Lord Rama under going vanavaasa though he was GOD and knew everything ..but we the people like shabari have to make the best from this Avatar of AMMA and make our life peaceful and satisfactory..If we truly pray her wholeheartedly like shabari She will really show her blessings ..Amma has never changed..will never change..her blessings are always with us…It is she who gives us the money…I recently heard this arulvakku of AMMA from one shakthi..that really gave me the insight..It states like this..”Akila Andamum Naan! Atharkkul Nee! Unakkul Naan! Nadanthathum, Nadappathum, Nadakkaviruppathum Anaithum Naane!”.. “Kallaal Adippathum Naane! Kallaal Adipaduvathum Naane!”..true isnt it..


  98. Money given for Anna Dhaanam is being mis used and use bad quality rice,say 22 rupees rice, but they collect 32 rs per kg as anna dhaanam list that is given in the temple.

    Better do Anna dhaanam at other temple, than doing here.
    Sentil 2nd son of Bangaru adigalar is mis-using money to build houses fo his kids.
    When i went for Paadha pooja, amma wants to talk, but there is a rat behind amma called veera raghavan, who collects money and he is lakshmi bangaru adigalar cousin who keeps track of amma, though amma wants to talk to his bhakta, veera raghavan says enough enough go now,your turn is over, they hardly give 1 minute to talk and interact with amma.
    Why is the question ?
    Amma has also changed , bangaru adigalar is not same amma, now he collects money and extract as much as possible, because of his wife lakshmi bangaru adigalar.
    i beleive amma, but henceforth i think i prefer seeing amma in my own ishta devatha.


  99. Amma is innocent, but his his fat wife and 2 fat sons who look like GOONDA are the main who collect money for homa and yagna, say one lakh per homa,25k per homa, does god collect money? it is amma’s wife who pressurizes bangaru adigalar to collect money, so that she can build an empire for her grand children and her side relatives.Amma is scape goat here and innocent. Lakshmi Bangaru adigalar is the main culprit and big fraud.
    Does a guru require a empire ?
    Please think.


  100. There is some truth in Sheik’s comment.

    There is no complaint against Amma himself but there are complaints against his family members which have been circulating for years.

    His family members use his credibility and prestige to hide their own doubtful activities.


  101. Trustees are all fraud there collecting big money.
    Only Amma is good and pure. But unfortunately his family members are all big show off’s and extract money.
    Because of direct interaction with , i know what they are.they MULUNGAALI’S. We support Amma , but not his family.


  102. Amma is good, his family members are hopless.
    Because of them Amma is getting bad name.


  103. I am an ardent devotee of amma, i have complete faith in him ( bangaru adigalar), but amma’s family members are the one who is pressurizing to collect money from people. Amma’s family members like his son,wife are number one fraud. Amma is pure, but his trust members r hopeless. Amma is like a LOTUS surrounded by WEED PLANT.
    I support Amma, but not his family.
    I think Amma also should stop demanding people to do Yagna/Homa and collect money.
    That will help a lot.


  104. Painful for anyone who believes in AMMA!!

    Hail AMMA’S GLORY!!!

    Media wanted to earn more popularity by using AMMA..They wanted to show they have discovered incredible happening s but in vain it’s full of false information and 200 % exaggeration.

    Trust may not have paid Tax correctly.. this is nothing to do with AMMA, he spends most of his time with people and their developments and not with accounts. There are officials to do this. But the Media projects that AMMA is responsible for all this which is rubbish.

    Institutions all over Tamil nadu underwent raid and they projected Melmaruvthoor since they did not get any other reason to spoil AMMA’s name…they did not like the growth of the insititutions.There is definitely political influence behind this!.

    There are infinite numbers of families benefited by AMMA. The media can never erase the faith on AMMA to such families. We have been a part of this Sakthi yugam for past 30 yrs. To anyone who has seen AMMA and is benefited by her will undeniably understand her love and care to Society. It is because of this single person the world notices where melmaruvathoor is located in India. It’s not a sudden growth; After 35 long years of hard work AMMA has developed this wonderful city (not village anymore). People/Govt only speaks about women empowerment…One can visualize this in this city.

    Silently AMMA has done innumerable good things to the common man without advertisements. He never wears Kavy, He never gives lectures ,he never wears any ornament ,He resembles the common man.

    To the Devotees: Never feel bad…All that had happened would have been known to AMMA ahead of time but she did not do anything against it. She is teaching something to all of us(Even God , on earth must undergo difficult times true/not ).this is what all our PURANA’s preach… Let us all be patient enough to cross this difficult time…Lets all pray for AMMA…

    Gurvadi Saranam!! Thiruvadi Saranam!!

    Long Live AMMA!! And her Glory!!!


  105. Dear Readers,
    I fully endorse the view of Shri Heartsick Aussie. Without money there is no politics and Spiritual Movements. The way politicians are enriched by donations they are receiving from their party members, industrial institutions are well known one. How they are spending during election period the whole world watching in every election festivals. Now, the Holy Guru is raided at the pretext of IT. The guru for the last 40 years admired by the renowned Tamil scholars like Madurai Vice-Chancellor T.P.Meenakshisudaranar, A.S.Gnansambandan through their writings. The socalled spiritualism with language barriers for Tamil who do not know sanskrit have been praying the Adhiparasakthi through Tamil. What the Lalitha Sahasranamam says, the same with Vallalar’s potri agavals and Abirami buttar verses simplified by the grace of guru. They are recited meticulasly by thousands of devotees throughout the world during weekly assembles at these Mandrums for the welfare of mankind. A great farce is the voluminous black money amassed by our indians is simply lying inspite of poor and middle class citizens requiring to bring the same India for construtive purpose whereas all the money received through devotees for the constructive activities in the temple orgn. have been raided. It is requested government may bounce on the black money holders in switzerland and get publish the names of the black money who deposited in the foreign country without any further delay.
    That will be most beneficial to the country and we need not to beg foreign country. Let our Hon’ble PM,FM, External Affair Minister and GOM have an agenda to bring all black money deposited in Foreign countries and within India for the benefit of our poor bretherns and whose standard is BPL.


  106. Thank you administrators for giving the above link about Acharpakkam hillock….Its great to hear that even you people have been blessed by AMMA..Truth at Melmaruvathur is present from past 40 years..No one can change the truth..We are from bangalore..and from orthodox Brahmin community..We have realised the presence and greatness of AMMA and are her devotees from more than 20 years..So for devotees like us nothing can stop worshipping Goddess Adhiparashakthi and her incarnation..Nothing can replace the sanctity of Adhiparashakthi and Arulthiru Bangaru Adigalar..


  107. Dear All devotees of AMMA dont wory for anything its all the game of Amma itself.This is nothing but small test to all devotees given by AMMA.Dont leave your hope on AMMA at any cost.We the people know the truth of AMMA.That is enough.Amma has done many miracles in all our lives we should not forget till our last breath.Amma You will win,because your GOD.


  108. Devotees of Amma dont believe anything.More over Amma will have this much money because it is given by the people who love Amma.Crores of devotees including me donate money to Amma as thanksgiving.
    We help Amma in her sriritual movement.We the people(devotees gave this money to AMMA as thanks giving to help the needy.This money is given as GURU KANIKAI TO AMMA.IT BELONGS TO AMMA ITSELF.NO ONE HAS RIGHT TO THAT MONEY EXCEPT AMMA.AMMA IS ALWAYS GREAT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARULTHIRU BANGARU ADIGALAR IS ALWAYS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  109. Nobody has got any right to talk about our AMMA,she is one and only one who has brought all the devotees under one slogan, we all are followers of AMMA because, we all had our own good experience with her and not anything else. Poeple wanted to talk, just know a little atleast about AMMA and then utter a word.


  110. Hi we as the follower of our Guru we knew what is happening at Melmaruvathur and We are traditionally follow the spirituality at it’s maximum starting from my uncle (say 3 generation).It is purely conspiracy of other institution founders mainly by other religion personnels and influenced by spolit old politicians looking for a petty cash in Crores which is a huge amount for those instituition run by charities at Melmaruvathur.
    Those who are looking for this money actually begged to AMMA for their lifetime ambition/dreams which they lost/could not make into, previously.
    As we know all the bad demons will get destroyed finally by the god’s avatar and His Holiness Bangaru Adigalar is the Avatar of Adhiparasakthi and she cannot tolerate all the activities of those behind these drama.
    Please don’t give bad comments and act rensponsively to the community.


  111. What is posted on this blog is copied from the two newspapers mentioned, The New Indian Express and Deccan Chronicle. Nothing else has been added. If you are offended by the news items, then take your complaint to the newspaper editors.

    This blog administrator has visited the Adi Parashakti Temple many times and is very happy to have had the Devi’s blessing.

    It is understandable that the Amma’s devotees are upset by the events described above. They are advised to go to the state authorities and demand an explanation for what has happened. The comment by 108 is on target: Hindu institutions are being systematically harassed while Christian institutions that have openly flouted the law have got off scot free.

    Inculturation: Crime And Cunningness Of Catholic Church – B.R. Haran


  112. sir Aron and 108..i understand your concern that hindu temples are the only one getting attacked..there is also a point in your saying..m sorry I misunderstood the meaning of infiltrators as IT officials..m sorry..but here i can say its really true to see SRI BANGARU ADIGALAR as incarnation of adhiparashakthi..there are so many post rather than pointing to you both will point towards all those who are posting against AMMA…sorry for misunderstanding you both..This is mistake is the result of my mood which is upset because of unnecessary blaming on a truthfull person like Bangaru adigalar whom we have seen from decades..Its unfair game being played against him by the media and whomso ever involved… but once you both must go to maruvathur..its really a very holy place..


  113. Mr.Aron and the anonymous Mr.108….If the infiltrators are so much carefull about watching and recording everything then what steps are they taking to raid all the politicians..just dont comment based on news ..even the IT dept is a slave of Government..It is subjected to pressure from politics..instead of simply commenting whle you were on the way from Bangalore,you should have visited the place..if time permitted you should have checked out with the devotees there with their experiences who come from far away places to do service there…

    There is a saying in kannada “prathyakshisi nodidharu ,pramaanisi nodu” which means “Before believing what ever you have seen or heard ..first you verify it and then believe it”..

    I pity all of you who have failed to verify about Arulthiru Bangaru Adigalar…Whatever his sons may be..dont point the finger towards AMMA..he is just great..Even we people are going to maruvathur from past 20 years..we are worshipping Goddess Adhiparashakthi and her incarnation as Bangaru Adigalar only after clarification of all the doubts that prevailed in our mind.We are fools over here to blindly believe things as it is…..The peace of mind you get from melmaruvathur and from seeing his Holiness Bangaru Adigalar cannot be matched with any amount of money..There have been many athiests who have tested AMMA .Today they are ardent devotees..Dont involve anyone here not even his family members..You have to believe AMMA and only AMMA..why are you people putting up all the things on AMMA if you have found difficulty with any of his family members..

    AMMA is great..and the whole will surely come to know one day..The history of Melmaruvathur is from 1966.We know what our AMMA is?..stop being ignorant by simply commenting against Arulthiru Bangaru Adigalar.


  114. Dai ningallam ethana samiyar emmathanalum thirunthamatinga………………….

    Nanum athe collegela 4 varusam vinunga panna kuthaiellam pathu veruthu poi vanthuten.

    vidungada ippavavathu intha tirutu pasanga vesam ellam kallayatum.

    Poi avanga avanga amma appa kalla vilunga intha tirutu pasangala nambi nasama pogathinga.


  115. Bharata Bharati !! You have mentioned that Mrs.V.Lakshmi is the head of the huge empire of RELIGION, education, properties …

    First of all, please note that there is NO RELIGION in Melmaruvathur. We as AMMA devotees follow the principle of ONE MOTHER – ONE COMMUNITY.

    Bharata Bharati !! You have mentioned that “sleuths managed to grill him till the early hours of Saturday”..

    AMMA has waited in the temple premises till the search was over in all the Adhiparasakthi instittutions. Are you trying to say that the investigators were questioning throughout the night. Come on yar… we all know the general procedure followed in such search operations.

    DON’T GIVE SUCH FANATIC COMMENTS. We as AMMA devotees believe in unity and equality .


  116. You are thinking right, Aron.

    Only Hindu institutions are under the scanner. And only Christian newspapers like the Deccan Chronicle give the matter full page coverage with colour supplements.

    This attack is possibly related to the illegal Christian centre coming up on a hill near Chingleput. The district officials have taken no action against this Christian centre though numerous complaints have been made and their occupation of the hilltop is illegal.

    But there are other factors to be considered as well. The Bangaru Adigalar was originally set up by an anti-Brahmin Dravidian political party and has good political connections.


    Sri Sri may be at the top of the attack list now.


  117. While on a trip from Bangalore, passing through Melmaruvattur, I said this in line of a topic we were discussing- Planned debunking of Hindu ‘Godmen’ and phasing them out-

    “If you wont believe just watch, with clock like regularity- a scandal will come out reagrding this Temple Swami too”

    My friend asked how I say so ?

    There is a pattern at work here, and as we are talking, the infiltrators would be recording everything on the goings on, and as soon as they can get hold of something, they will scandalise and the media hatchet job will do the rest of the burial.

    Also note- the swelling crowds, and the immense obstacle that they- pointing to Churches that had sproted all around- feel as an obstacle.

    Understand however big the Hindu sects are fragmented and you can always finish them off one by one, for none of the others will come in aid of each.

    If I were that Godman I would be watching extra alert about my company and give no room for complacence.

    With so many women devotees, it seems he was so impeccable and conducted himself well- so I even predicted- with him it might be a murder of someone or financial.

    That exactly had happened- or made to happen.

    This framing can back fire. He has such a grass roots support that they might supply exactly what Hindutva forces lack so far in tamil Nadu- that is if the RSS and BJP are not dumb to let pass this most obvious Scheming at the behest of the Churchianity.


  118. OM SHAKTI




  119. People who are a devotee of this red clad group, I pity you. I studied in their engineering college. The college MD Anbalagan, he is an arrogant human being. They instill fear in the students, to claim that they are running a disciplined institution. I so wish they arrest that arrogant group. I mean his father and his mother as well. There would be gundas roaming in college campus in jeep. I saw this anbalagan slap a friend of mine in the class room when we were in our 3rd year engineering college. He is an uneducated ***.. wish i could use some abusive language..There is a area behind our college building where none of them were allowed and was secretly guarded by gundas. No one knew wat was happening there. I so wish the college trust is taken over by govt and the CBI investigates more. there was enen a student who committed suicide


  120. i m the follower of amma for the past 21 years..this is the wrong case which has been filed on AMMA to spoil the name of AMMA..definitly AMMA wins the case…


  121. I am a devotee of AMMA for the last 32 years. It is very unfortunate that there has been IT raid in the temple, which was not the case atleast for 30 years. Very surprised !

    The trustees are very honest, sincere.

    The trustees will win the case and come out with clean name.

    Om Sakthi !


  122. I am a youth who has lived most of his life in Australia. After a number of years of self interrogation and questions about the authenticity of Arul Thiru AMMA or Bangaru Adigalar (mainly due to my strong belief that it is better to follow no one than follow the wrong Guru) I, like thousands around the world, became a red-clad devotee attracted by the precept of the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi – that is One Monther –One Society.

    The pull factors for me towards Arul Thiru AMMA’s spiritual movement were:
    – equality for women and the marginalised in entering the Sanctum Sanctorum and conducting all Pooja activities (Yagna etc) which are otherwise restricted to a certain class within the society.
    – A temples being more than a worship centre. Instead of building large Gopuras and ornamenting it with gold, every cent is given back to the marginalised in the form of free / near free education, medical facilities, self employment to the poor and so forth.

    Prior to my first visit to India / Melmaruvathur at the age of 23, I envisaged this temple to be similar in size to famous temples such as Kanji Kamatchi, Madurai Meenakshi etc. When my taxi driver woke me up and told me that we have arrived at Melmaruvathur I was shocked. I was shocked to see a large tin shelter and a small Gopuram and thousands of devotees clad in red dress. The temple was tiny in comparison with the number of devotees who visited this temple everyday. In stark contrast, hectares of land were devoted to building schools, colleges and hospital to serve the poor in and around Melmaruvathur. (this land is that of Arul Thiru AMMA and HIS ancestors only). Needless to say, I was impressed or for that matter any new visitor would. A small village unknown to even those living in India has been put in the world map by the sweat and kindness shed by Arul Thiru AMMA on all HER devotees. Even in a developed nation like Australia we struggle to provide adequate medical infrastructure to all its citizens. Arul Thiru AMMA has done what most Governments can’t do. All this, with the cents and rupees lovingly donated by the devotees to the charitable service of their choice at the ACMEC Trust office.

    Finally I thought Hinduism has got it right. It is catching up with what Christianity has been doing so meticulously well for centuries to promote their religion in impoverished countries via building Christian schools and hospitals and provide service to the marginalised with (one of) the aim of religious conversion.

    In South India, through AMMA’s Mandrams and Sakthi Peedams this conversion has been reduced to near zero and in many cases other religious personnel have been attracted by AMMA’s teachings which are not specific to any religion – the religion of equality – One Mother One Society which is made up of Humankind. AMMA’s teachings via the thousands of Mandrams and number of Saktih Peedams have opened the eyes of many Hindus about what Hinduism really means. This has made many converts to reconvert back to Hinduism.

    I sincerely hope the investigations are done with good intent and not with any hidden motives. Let the axiom “better ten guilty men go free than to convict a single innocent man” be upheld. Should the man- made law fail the Universe will inevitably take the law into its hands.


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